That’s really soft why is that because we actually measured it at 260 kilometers an hour gps speed that’s why uh i i just i can’t i just don’t understand it what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by ototopen now my name is max and today we’ve got the all new fourth generation audi s3 to review to drive and to show you guys and today well

Of course we’re going to take a lap around it i’m going to show you a couple of new and cool things on this new audi s3 and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video so you never miss one and you

Can also follow us on instagram if you like for some behind the scenes footage alright so as i said it’s the fourth generation audi s3 and it is all new and it is well you do see that it is a new car and it is sharper than ever if you ask me i think this is a very good looking car especially those new headlight units combined with that grille those lines on the

Bonnet as well the aggressive air intakes down there i think this is a very very good design one problem i just noticed that this this is real this is functional this air intake and this is not that’s just closed that’s a shame don’t like that but i do like that one i think that looks better as well but i think that they closed the other one for uh emissions

Uh stuff anyway new grille with that new shape we saw on the audi a6 and a8 as well this car has we don’t have a spec sheet so i don’t know exactly which options this car has but i’m going to take a guess an educated guess that there are multiple black packages available on this car because this as standard is silver around the grill but this one has it in black

So are the mirror caps and these parts down there but the audi logo and the s3 logo and the tailpipes are chrome so i think you can go even further with another black package which would black that all out because i did see that online so i do like the fact that you can customize it like that as i said new headlight units as well with a completely new design

With this extra part of leds which i do think looks cool uh i just yeah as i said it’s a nice and aggressive front and we’ve got some closed off intakes here as well i thought they used to be open but anyway the wheels we’ve got a new design wheel as well i do quite like this one it is an optional wheel this is 19-inch as standard you get the 18-inch wheels

And we have optional red brake calipers as well as i said we’ve got those black mirror caps and at the rear new rear lights a new rear bumper with a built-in diffuser as i said chrome tailpipes which are completely real that’s a real exhaust yes good job audi they do know how to do it because the audi s6 tdi has basically the same tailpipes but they are just

Closed off this has real old-school tailpipes it’s not even a part of the bumper it’s just an exhaust who would have thought that we would be so excited by just seeing a couple of real tailpipes okay so the engine uh this is where it stops being new basically it is the ea888 two liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine we see in well across the range of vw

Group products that’s really soft why is that that’s weird with some red accents and well there’s a story behind this or well there’s a story here it delivers 310 horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque which is 10 up from the last one which had 300 horsepower which is 10 down from the one before that which also had 310 horsepower so they had to cut it down

To 300 for emission stuff so the zero to 100 time on paper went from 4.6 in 2018 to 4.7 in 2019 and now with this 2020 2021 to 4.8 so it gained 10 horsepower and it lost 0.1 of a second from 0 to 100 which is strange but we actually measured 4.7 in these conditions which is wet so i think in the dry you would be able to do 4.6 but on paper it’s 4.8 which is 0.2

Of a second slower than the last 310 horsepower s3 which is weird i think this color i don’t know if you can see that without these under the bonnet we’re going to check really quickly because i really like this color no i don’t know which color this is so if you like it go look it up online because i do think that it fits the s3 really well we’ll start it up

So i can straighten the steering wheel and close the door this is a big step up this is all new and well i have to say i think this is very very successful i think this is really really good and cool uh modern and luxurious it’s just it takes all the boxes for me now there are a couple of things i want to show you one is the door because i absolutely love the

Way they have incorporated all these angles with that aluminium here which uh goes into the door handle which is really nice and then this door handle that goes down in the same angle again it just it just all works really well uh we’ve got these seats which are really nice as well the s seats with alcantara and neva leather with that nice stitching in there

Yeah it’s a really good seat it’s a good compromise between sportiness and comfort and another thing i want to show you is the dash because there are a couple of really cool things in here firstly these two vents i really like that it gives you this cockpit feeling almost like you’re in a lamborghini huracan or something like that it’s just it just works really

Well below that we’ve got the screen of course you know that from other audis and then we’ve got the rest of the dash again with all those different materials it just all works really well and another really good thing is that we’ve just got the climate below that with buttons i’ve said this in my a6 review i think the new a6 which has that double digital dash

Touchscreen this is better you want to be able to just press a button and and just work it when it’s at night and you’re driving you don’t want to touch and feel everything it just doesn’t work this is better climate should always have buttons that’s my philosophy this is well we know this this is all good and then down here we’ve got a new gear lever which

Seems to be all the rage now to have this little button which i don’t really like i prefer just a gear lever and we’ve lost a manual so you can only get this car with an astronautic gearbox the last one was also available with a manual gearbox um and then we’ve got the volume well the audio button right here so you’ve got your volume uh mute next previous and off

And on and it is like i’m operating an ipod from the 90s or the zeros that’s the same button you turn it around you swipe around it to turn on and off the volume and you press r it just what is that what’s what’s wrong with a regular knob i just don’t understand the need and the the the want for invent reinventing things that just work fine we’ve got a little

Button on the steering wheel a little wheel that’s why oh i just i can’t i just don’t understand it okay here we go we’re going to take it for a drive and i’m going to tell you why this is the best port hatch in this class because it is sort of in a class of its own with the bmw m135i and the mercedes amg a35 we’re going to go to dynamic mode because my throttle

Is completely dead okay here we go because those three are the most expensive ones they are only available with an automatic gearbox four-wheel drive i think that’s a little bit of a class on its own they have broken free from the traditional hot hatch which should always have a manual and front wheel drive if you ask me it should be light and it should be fun to

Drive this is none of those it is heavy it has an automatic and it has four wheel drive the quattro system but it’s the whole deck system which means that uh it only powers the rear wheels if needed but from those three i think this car the s3 has the best sense of what it wants to be it’s the most clear to me what it wants to be it’s a very grown-up hold hatch

Which is very suitable for businessmen going to work really quickly and i think that audi have nailed that i think they well they nil those kind of things more often but with this one i just really like it because of that because it just works the way it should work it is very nice in here it’s comfortable when you want it to be comfortable we’ve got the optional

Adaptive dampers in this one which means that it’s 15 millimeters lower than the regular a3 and it has adaptive dampers which means you can switch between comfort and dynamic okay sound check no i didn’t forget to turn on the exhaust or something that’s it in dynamic mode exhaust sound is well practically absent um but that too contributes to my point i think

This is the ultimate daily driver hold hatch the drivetrain feels familiar uh but it does its work it won’t surprise you but it it doesn’t work well the drivetrain also feels less like empty uh or light than the drivetrain in the a35 the amg which just feels like there’s nothing happening and it has to work too hard this is relatively effortless and the bmw m135i

Well the traitor car that has given up its six cylinder and went like everyone else is better to drive i think that’s the best to drive of the three when you look at handling and attacking a b road but it just it doesn’t hold a candle to this one when you look at the capabilities to drive it every day to drive it fast and i prefer this interior too and this car

Has the estronic double clutch gearbox the amg has a double clutch gearbox and the m135i has the asyn automatic gearbox which is rubbish so on the autobahn again we are businessman going to business and you should be able to travel at speed in relative comfort now top speed 250 kilometers an hour limited or you are limited by the van that’s in front of you that’s

Also an option at audi but we’re going to remove that option now and floor it again here we go so this is where the drivetrain feels impressive because it doesn’t really feel like a two liter four-cylinder engine it it keeps pulling all the way to its top speed of 250 kilometers an hour allegedly because we actually measured it at 260 kilometers an hour gps

Speed which is really impressive so here we are at 260 on the speedo it is comfortable it is relatively safe you don’t hear the engine anymore but that is 266 267 on the speedo which just i just love that i just love it when a car surprises you and overachieves especially when you look at performance now as i said it doesn’t really feel like a a meager two liter

Four-cylinder and audi has tried to make it sound like a five-cylinder so when you have it in dynamic mode this works best if you drive at like eighty percent throttle what it was what was i looking for the automatic mode there we go so this that fake sound is i think it’s coming through the speakers but it’s not too intrusive it’s not too loud and i really like

That especially after driving that ford focus sd recently which was just hilariously bad i think this is so much better it’s a little bit more in the distance and they’ve definitely tried to make it sound like a five cylinder so listen to this yeah they they definitely tried to put a little bit of an rs3 sound in there which on paper i would say well why would

You do that but in real life it kind of works it it’s kind of fun especially because the exhaust is completely quiet so you do need something of a sound now uh performance-wise 100 to 200 this car actually performs really well we recorded a 12.39 second 100 to 200 which is almost a second quicker than the previous s3 0.8 of a second quicker than the previous

One so i would say that is very good here we go for one last pull it’s it’s it’s just a really good car it’s just a really good car and i don’t know if this is because i have grown up as well but i i really appreciate the grown-up character of this car it doesn’t try to be a hot hatch as much as a bmw m135i it’s it’s okay with what it is and it’s very certain

Of that it just feels very like a very confident car it’s not flamboyant but it’s dignified and i really love that and it’s dignified because without even trying or it doesn’t look like it’s trying it’s 1.1 seconds quicker from 100 to 200 than an m then an m1 35i and it’s even two seconds quicker than an 835 so it’s the most dignified one it doesn’t try to be

A hot hatch as much as the other two it’s just a fast audi but it is the fastest of the three and with that we’re going to end it here i hope you enjoyed it uh you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see the next one bye guys

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