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2021 Audi S7 Sportback: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

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👋 Today we check out the new 2021 Audi S7! This is an awesome luxury hatchback with sharp lines and great styling! The 2021 S7 is a fun car to drive too! Very powerful turbo engine and a fast shifting transmission. The interior has beautiful leather and stitching everywhere and carbon fiber! 2021 Audi S7 is an ultimate sporty luxury car! The all wheel steering in the 2021 Audi S7 also made this turn incredibly well!🏎

What’s up guys and welcome back to the channel in today’s video we’re going to take a look at this brand new 2021 audi s7 huge shout out and thank you to henry audi of north lake for providing this new s7 for today’s video check out the lunch their website in the description below they have a huge selection of all the brand new 2021 audis so definitely check

Them out and the model that we’re looking at today is finished off in floret silver metallic has the sport package executive package as well as the black optic package and has an msrp at ninety four thousand eight hundred dollars underneath the hood the audi s7 features a 2.9 liter twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine it’s also paired to a mild hybrid system

And cranks out 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque the engine is paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission and sends a power to all four wheels through the quattro all-wheel drive system it also features an electro-mechanical limited slip differential and with a curve weight around 4 600 pounds you’re looking at 0 to 60 at 4.1 seconds with a quarter

Mile time in 12 and a half seconds and a top speed at 155 miles an hour and then running on a 19.3 gallon fuel tank you can expect 18 miles per gallon in the city and 28 out on the highway the overall length is 196 inches with a wheelbase at 155.3 the height is 55.8 with width at 75.1 inches the audi s7 also features a set of ventilated rotors in all four corners

Measuring 15.7 inches up front with a red six piston brake caliper and in back we get a 13.8 inch rotor with a single piston caliper these brakes can also make this car stop from 70 to 0 in just 151 feet and the sport package gives the s7 the all-wheel steering you’ll notice in the parking lots the rear wheels would turn in the opposite direction of the front to

Make it much more nimble and then out on the highway they’ll turn in the same direction to make it much smoother to change lanes taking a look at the overall design of the 2021 audi s7 this features hd matrix design led headlights that have a very modern appearance to them you can see when you lock and unlock the vehicle the daytime running lights play a really

Cool light show it goes back and forth between the white and the amber you can see all the cool contours in the headlights and they blend seamlessly with this front end the black optic package gives it a nice blacked out design all around and you’ll notice that by the gloss black trim around the grille surround the audio logo and s7 logo and then we also get a

Gloss black splitter up front with more gloss black accents on the farther sides of the front bumper the center grille is really large and has a nice modern design with more black accents through the center we have two safety sensors on the left and right side of the audi logo with your forward-facing camera right in the center and there’s also six parking sensors

Within the front bumper the lower portion of the bumper also has more openings to allow maximum cooling to the radiator and intercoolers and you’ll see more mesh on the left and right side you’ll see more sharp body lines around the front end that flow seamlessly to the hood with four prominent body lines the hood has a very clean design to it and it flows to the

Widest parts of the front end to really give the s7 a wide appearance and then as we make our way to the side profile you can see how the front fender bulges outwards just a little bit and then it flows into a nice sharp line going in between the center portions of these doors there’s another sharp body line going around the rear wheels to really give it that

Wide appearance there’s more body lines throughout the side profile of the s7 to really give it a sharper design and then we get a set of body color door handles and gloss black mirror caps with the integrated led turn signal as well as a camera located underneath that there’s more gloss black all around the windows to give them a seamless design and then we have

A panoramic roof up top with the glass up front this s7 also features an optional set of 21 inch wheels finished off in a two-tone machine silver gloss gray they say audi sport in them and they have a really nice split five spoke design that really complements the design of the s7 and then the overall side profile has that coupe-like design with a sloping rear

End to really give this fantastic proportions all around and make it look sporty and then making our way to the rear end of the s7 you can see the shark fin antenna up top as well as the third brake light integrated into this rear glass we have a power operated rear spoiler that can be nice and flush with the body work or raise upwards a few inches to give it

Better aerodynamics and nicer look we also get a really large led tail light in back going from one side to the other you can see the blacked out audi logo and s7 badge and we also get six more parking sensors in the back and a satin black rear diffuser and then finishing it up we have dual quad tipped exhaust finished off in chrome and the whole rear end comes

Together very nicely to finish off the design so there’s a good look at the exterior and some of the specs on the 2021 audi s7 comment down below what do you guys think of this car i think it has a lot to offer and it looks so good with this overall profile i love the way these things look so now we have audi’s key fob like go ahead and lock the car you can hear

It lock then all you have to do is go up to the door handle and grab it it’ll automatically unlock and we can check out the interior this particular spec has a black leather interior you’re going to notice a lot of white stitching silver accents and piano black taking a look at the door panel now finish off in black we have this carbon twill structure up top with

Some more silver accents more silver and then alcantara and then beautiful black leather with padding and stitching for the armrest we have all of your window controls right here with your mirror controls as well and a nice grab handle we have memory seating as well lock and unlock and your release handle and then below that we have the power trunk lid a little

Bit of storage and then part of the banyon olives and audio system and then moving our way inside you can see the s logo on the aluminum door sill as well as all the power controls on the left side of the seat they’re finished off in more of the silver trim you can see these smooth leather on this really nice bolsters and all the contrast stitching then up front

Now you can actually grab a little handle and lift this forward for added rest for your legs we have a beautiful diamond stitch design for all the stitching within the seats has a fantastic look and then you can see the nice sizing of all the bolstering stitching runs all the way up the backrest really smooth leather and then you even get the s logo emboss into

The leather then we have single piece backs just to make these a lot more sporty and then now inside the s7 keep my foot on the brake we can go ahead and fire it up taking a look at the gauge cluster now we have your fuel level over on the right side and then your engine temperature on the left we have a beautiful lcd display right in the center here over

On this left side i can use the controls on the steering wheel to scroll through this menu you can see your fuel consumption some short-term memory within the vehicle and more items like that as well as your driver’s assistance and then tapping the icons going over you can see more menus that pop up with your sirius radio as well as your phone your navigation can

Pop up on the screen as well and then if i tap this view icon it’s really cool how everything changes this is the virtual cockpit and now you’re right inside the navigation screen and then taking this menu button and just scrolling up and down i really like how you can zoom in and out super cool the way everything is laid out you can see your drive mode over on

The left side with some more information on the bottom and then tapping the view button again you can see how everything is laid out if we take a look at the steering wheel now it’s wrapped in black leather we have a perforated leather on the sides as well smooth leather on the bottoms we get the s logo as well and then some satin aluminum trim we have all those

Controls over on the left side and then to the right of the steering wheel we have a lot of the bluetooth and audio controls there’s also a set of steering wheel mounted paddle shifters that have a really nice look and feel your turn signal stock on the left side with your wiper blades over on the right and then cruise control is down below that and then on the

Left side of the steering wheel we have a really cool touch sensitive button for some of your headlights as well as the rear really cool how everything is laid out we have more of this carbon fiber design to it and then nice black leather running along the dashboard with more of the stitching has a really clean and classy design to it you can see the air vents how

They span all the way from one side to the other and then right in the center you can see more of the carbon fiber design with piano black and the silver trim and then moving our way to the center screen now this is the main infotainment system you can see on the main screen right now we have three different things popped up with navigation phone and then your

Audio you can easily swipe this over to get under more of the apps within the car you can see your vehicle icon that pops up it all has haptic feedback once you touch everything you can go into a lot of the different settings within the car and change how you like everything we have your different driving modes as well your comfort auto and then dynamic and then

Going back into the main screen you can go under your seats as well change some of these settings with that then we can continue over and you can see more items tapping the home icon now it comes up back to this screen we can swipe over to see more things we have radio icon as well you can scroll down to your audio and then your phone and then into your navigation

Screen i like how everything is laid out then if i go ahead and put the vehicle into reverse your backup camera is going to come up on the left side with your guidelines you also have your top down view and if i turn the steering wheel you can see how everything changes and then if i go ahead and tap the 3d icon you can see the full 3d view of the car very nice

The way everything is laid out you can even see my tripod and camera equipment over there you have icons over here you can change that up for parking sensors and if we go ahead and hit the p button for park beneath that main screen we have another screen for all of your climate controls you can see the two seats set up right now we have your dual zone climate

Control you can tap this comes up on the upper screen as well you can also change your fan speed turning that on and off if we tap the seats icon this is how you can control where you’d like all the air to flow you can change everything however you would like very simple the way everything is laid out you have your heated seat icon as well you can tap that you

Have a lot of good feedback whenever you tap something you have the button right here for the electronic spoiler and then we have a garage door button right here you can see it coming up to program that we also have another icon up here that changes how you would see everything got the engine start stop feature and then below that screen we have your engine

Start stop button a shortcut to your parking sensors and camera this button right here it’ll come up on the main screen for some of the assistance you can change how you would like that then we have your volume button over on the right side with on off then a really nice look for the shifter you can see the perforated leather and silver accents all your gears

Below that with the electronic parking brake you get two couplers over on the right side as well and then more of the piano black and the silver trim beautiful leather and stitching along this and then just grabbing this and lifting it up we have a little bit of space in here with two usb ports as well as the wireless charging then we can close that up taking

A look at the glove box now if i grab the handle it opens up and you have a ton of space in here as you would expect and then one last look at the overall interior i really like how modern everything looks with the three lcd screens and then all the colors the stitching to the seat is beautiful everything is laid out really nice to make this a classy car and

Then up top we have a black headliner with the sun shade for the sunroof then all of your dome light controls as well as the controls for the sunroof and then to take a look at the rear seat space i can go ahead and open up the door you’ll also notice all the doors are actually frameless so they have a really cool design to it the rear door panels are finished

Off just like we saw up front with the same carbon fiber and alcantara and we get the black leather and stitching moving our way inside now we have the same diamond pattern along the seats they have a beautiful look to the back seats of this audi s7 then you have some really nice amenities as well you can see all the climate controls in the back here finished off

With an lcd screen i can easily adjust the temperature by just tapping this icon same with your fan speed you can race this up and down you have your different zones you can go to auto different zones that all come up with a nice lcd display as well as your heated seats and then you get two usb ports as well as the 12 volt in the back your air vents and then a

Little bit of storage all right so hopping into the back now of the audi s7 closing up the door this is pretty roomy back here i have the driver’s seat set to my height and i’m five foot eleven i have a ton of knee room as you can see and my feet are fitting really well there’s a nice cutout in the ceiling for your head so i actually have about an inch or so of

Headroom up here seems really roomy back here and not too tight you have a massive wind on the left side and this back window also makes it nice and roomy armrest is in a really good place and then even taking a look at the center now we can pull this handle and pull this lever down this whole piece comes down now and you have a little bit of storage that will

Come up and then by just pressing this you have two more cup holders and that can easily close away and then now on to the rear trunk space you can use the button on the door panel there is one on the back or you can double tap the key fob the lights play a really cool show as well and then this opens up with a power liftgate we have a ton of space in the back

Of the audi s7 this is a really large vehicle you can see how squared off everything is for larger luggage and things like that and then removing that privacy cover as well as folding down the seats you can see just how much storage space we have in the back of the s7 there’s led lights on the side to illuminate it at night then moving our way inside again you

Can see how these fold down nice and flat we still have a lot of room up in front and you can see how large the opening is to the back it really gives you an endless amount of storage space in the s7 all right guys so we are setting off now in the 2021 audi s7 i’ve never actually driven the 7 series from audi but i love the way these things are designed the way

They look and the space you get in the back is pretty impressive so right now we are in just normal comfort mode right now getting our bearings with the s7 and this is like you would expect extremely comfortable suspension the air ride is doing a great job absorbing all the bumps and it is really comfortable and quiet in this car we’ll get up to some speed a

Little bit still in just comfort mode normal automatic absorbs those bumps really well barely giving it a little bit of gas we’re getting right up to speed and you don’t hear any wind noise or road noise or anything like that we got some potholes we’re kind of hitting in the ground and it just takes them so well i love how solid the audis are the fit and finish

The interior all the beautiful leather and everything and the way everything looks i love how it’s laid out and it’s really user friendly to use all the displays are super hd you have big graphics everything is easy to read and i like how everything looks like a nice modern car and then with the all-wheel steering this car has an insane turning circle if i do

Full lock right now i am turning on a dime and this is a big vehicle and it just turns like nothing when we were taking this out of the showroom it was really cool to see the rear wheels turning and it really just makes a larger car like this easy to use for parking lots and things like that so we can also bump it into the sport mode right now that puts you into

Manual and then we can toggle the drive select we have the auto mode and then into dynamic mode fill out the paddle shifters a little bit you can hear some of the engine noises just a little bit more loud it’s not an rs7 so it’s not crazy loud or anything like that but i like though the 8-speed automatic you do hear a little bit of pops on the exhaust which

Is a nice subtle touch for the s7 but then getting up to speed again here a little bit of girdles on the up ship too which is really cool and you can just feel how responsive the transmission is and everything like that but definitely a cool car to cruise around we got another cul-de-sac we’ll do another turn in it but i just like how nimble these cars feel with

The all-wheel steering and then as far as visibility goes we have a really large windshield you can easily see out of the mirrors do a great job looking over and then the glass on the ceiling as well gives it a nice open feeling over my left and right shoulder you have a lot of visibility even being that hunkered down look in the back that doesn’t compromise the

Visibility at all which is really nice and then another acceleration just getting back to some speed now i like how with the audi you can get the a7 the s7 and the rs7 and each one really offers something different to really give you the perfect blend of what you want this is a great family sedan or hatchback whatever you want to call it so it’s super usable for

The daily commute or taking the kids around or having extra people in the car and you can go from just a normal luxury model then all the way up to the performance model getting some really crazy performance out of it but the s7 is a really good blend between the two however it’s still super tame to drive when you want to just drive it like a normal luxury car

We can put us back into automatic mode and then the drive select actually gets a lot more aggressive even automatic in the dynamic but putting it back into comfort mode the whole car just tones down and we’re back into a nice luxury sedan from audi which i really like and then wrapping it up now in the audi s7 these seats are also extremely comfortable i love all

The different ways you can move them with the leg rest the backrest and everything you can really configure these to be exactly the way you would like and i like how the bolsters they give it a nice performance feel and yet are super supportive but really hard car to complain with i think is a really good blend of kind of everything you would like in a nice sedan

Sporty fun and yet super comfortable so i think that is then it for the 2021 audi s7 huge shout out and thank you once again to henrik audi of north lake for providing this s7 for today’s video check out the link to their website in the description below they have a huge selection of all the 2021 audis so definitely check them out so that’s it for the video if

You enjoyed it give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and i’ll see you guys next video

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