2021 Audi SQ5 3.0T quattro Prem plus AWD For Sale

SQ5 3.0T quattro Prem plus  AWD, 2k mi., $62,500 Retail Value,, Branded title, Heated front seats, Diamond-stitch leather seats, Sunroof, Navigation, 360-degree cameras, Heads-up display, Prestige package, Traffic sign recognition, Driver Assist, Interior lighting upgrade, Bang & Olufsen sound system, Garage door opener, Bluetooth, Alloy wheels

Hello everyone today we have a 2021 audi sq5 premium plus quattro 3.0 and that v6 is running smooth so i’m going to go ahead and close this up and take it for a tour okay and if any of the leds on this vehicle appear to flicker that is a refresh rate of the camera that’s bringing you that disco party they don’t flicker to the human eye so it does have alloy wheels

And dual panoramic sunroofs see there’s dual exhaust tow package black leather seats power liftgate it does have branded brake calipers go ahead and take you for a tour of the interior does have quilted leather interior as you see here carbon fiber carbon fiber there as well and it goes through the dash as well two driver presets all right and as you look

Down here you’ll see that it only has 2739 miles on this vehicle then you see paddle shifters trip computer toggles and as you come over here you have your push-to-talk and your heated steering wheel as you come down here you’ll notice you have heated front seats and super easy controls i love this interface and then you have your drive selection right here

And your automatic start stop and as you come down here you’ll see that you also have carbon fiber through here as well and this is your stereo controls as well for your volume and your channel selector got your shifter and your park brake and your cup holders and your wireless phone charger and then you have additional ports in there okay then here’s your home

Screen you see it is equipped with navigation and then your bluetooth and media right here you have your radio your media phone and navigation you can jump to your vehicle settings and then your connections so we’ll go ahead and jump to navigation and you can just also jump back to your map only then we can come over here to radio that sounds awesome so i’ll

Go ahead and close that up here’s where you would choose your source of am fm siriusxm and then you could go online through your connection and then you can also connect through usb and or through your bluetooth device and we go back to your navigation and your vehicle this is where you would have your audi drive select and your vehicle data your seats driver

Assist light and visibility so right now it’s set for dynamic which is my preference on road and then you have your auto off-road and individual settings as well and your vehicle data as you can see this is super useful with your inclines jump over to your seats and then you can also come over here for your settings and service and then your parking aids and

This is where you will set up your volume all right if you’ll see the backup camera we’ll go ahead and pop in reverse there’s your backup camera and your 360 degree cameras as well okay and as you come up above you’re gonna have a compass in your mirror and then your controls for your massive dual panoramic sunroof that about wraps it up for the interior of this

Audi this vehicle does have a branded title there’s an impact up front and center the airbags deployed but there’s no structural damage so we got it all fixed up it has passed 150 point inspection and the state of utah safety inspection for more inventory visit us at tjchapmanauto.com in the spirit of full disclosure here is a copy of the original label for your

Vehicle so you can see what it was equipped with straight out of the factory

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2021 Audi SQ5 3.0T quattro Prem plus AWD For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto