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2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback Prestige Interior | Detailed Walkthrough

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Detailed look at the interior of the new 2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback Prestige.

So i’m currently behind the wheel of the 2021 audi sq5 and i’m gonna take some time to showcase the interior of this thing so starting like normal from left to right you got some child locks you got your windows switches you got your rear mirror adjust knob right here down low there’s a rear hatch switch door latch you got door locks you’ve got two settings that

You can set the driver position got a bunch of lighting buttons and dials as well as the dim level for the gauge cluster up top the gauge cluster is a full digital gauge cluster with a bunch of pages that you can cycle through to see different details so for example right now it’s kind of like on an information screen you can go music like phone notes and then

Showcasing a map on the information screen starting from the top you’ve got like a fuel gauge level consumption short-term memory long-term memory some energy consumers letting you know that air conditioning is impacting energy use driver assistance screen traffic signs so if i was on the road right here it would tell me you know speed limits for example you

Can switch between different um stations right here on the gauge cluster as opposed to the navigation screen phone and you can zoom in and zoom out as well now every screen uh has two screens basically so and then the map screen is probably the coolest one it’s the most drastic moving back to the steering wheel showcasing how i was changing that is just simply

These two left right buttons so this is how you go through the different pages and the view button is that drastic look so for the map screen that everybody loves push view makes it big and scrolling up and down is on this little knob is how i was going through the different options on each page over on the right you’ve got a heated steering wheel button talk

Buttons as well as the volume control and tuner knob as well give you a better look at the steering wheel featuring the s branding at the bottom there’s a little trick reset button right there moving to the touch navigation display this is the home screen showcasing you where you’re listening to if you had a phone connected and a little location on the map but

These are basically the icons for the different apps or that you can switch between so radio media pretty much as they as the name suggests phone navigation phone apps and then vehicle that’s where you start changing things up a little so audi drive select is basically the drive modes of the vehicle i’ll showcase down low where there’s an actually like a drive

Mode button which will quicker switch between drive modes but if you go in here you can switch between off-road all road comfort auto dynamic and individual individual you can change basically a customized mode so you can change the drive between balance sport suspension can be between comfort balance sport steering the same and engine sound can be between quiet

Automatic and present present meaning you know it’s there going back you got vehicle data showcasing a bunch of cool off-road like inspired information should you need to angle the vehicle your current location efficiency assist showcasing you economic tips things like that seats driver’s seat and entry assistance air conditioning light visibility parking

Aid driver assistance you get the gist you pretty much change everything favorites switches obviously between the favorites let’s go into some settings as well so you can change things like date time measurement of the units speech display and brightness this is uh cool so obviously there’s a heads-up display system but the audi virtual cockpit you can change

Between three different pages so you got sport change now it gives you like some old school dials dynamic and i had it on s performance from the beginning you can change the settings of that as well language keyboard sound system maintenance users connected devices connection settings entertainment navigation telephone contacts messages privacy notifications

And announcements and tones pretty much everything got help users messages purchases should you make app purchases weather news legal notes and a calendar usually i’m just leaving it on whatever screen that i’m listening tunes on as well as so home um this is radio media phone and navigation for quick no matter where you are inside the system you can quickly go

To that spot down from the display you’ve got hazard button right here two vents give you a first good look at the carbon fiber option throughout this vehicle so it’s also on the door card left the steering wheel swoops all the way through as well as in the back which i’ll showcase when i showcase the back seats below that carbon fiber piece you’ve got the um

Climate controls they’re kind of touch sensitive i have not pushed them yet but it’s kind of like preparing for me to push the button it’s like cueing itself up giving you options should you go up or down you’ve got heated seat for driver or passenger which displays digitally inside the knob what it’s doing a little down from that this is where i was mentioning

The drive controls the drive mode control so up down will switch quickly between the different modes this button right here is the auto start stop of the engine i currently have it set to off traction control parking assistance parking sensors he’ll send like cruise control to kind of hold the car and you can turn the screen off as well a little cubby hole down

Here usb port what i call the old school smokers port 12 volt and the engine start stop button right here carbon fiber is again in the center console as well nice cubby hole for a wallet to the right of that you’ve got a volume knob as well as you can hit it left right for tuner options and turn it off a little spot potentially for a phone or the key should

You wish to place it there you’ve got kind of like a palm sized gear lever so you go between reverse neutral and drive and sport and then you can also knock it over so if i go to drive you put it in drive and it’s in drive pull it back again it’s in sport which will signify what gear it’s in in sport and then you knock it over and then it’s in manual so m1 you

Can select through the gears and then it says p down there but parking is actually a button and if you were knocked over it’ll knock it back over displays the s branding of the vehicle behind the shift knob got a parking brake latch right here is a charging pad which hides two cupholders got a glove box let me know arm rest it features a little audi uh screen

Cleaner a little usbc plug hidden right here as well moving to the passenger side all right glove box you can see the surround sound audio system give you a look at the passenger door seating situation in the vehicle features the s branding on the seats as well the carbon fiber i mentioned is on the back doors as well and the same seating design in the rear

Without the s branding features a sunroof for both front and rear of the cabin all lighting controls up top that is the interior of the 2021 audi sq5 there is a feature that i didn’t go too in depth on that you want mentioned or you want some questions answered drop me a comment below and i will help you find the answer thanks for watching you

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2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback Prestige Interior | Detailed Walkthrough By Danny Drives