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Here is our AWD Ford Transit Eco Boost Cargo Van! This is our way of doing Van Life until our DIY Van build is COMPLETE!

Welcome back to the vlog we are going to the mountains today not these guys though we’re going for a date night yep they’re going to their grandpa’s house um we’re going to go night skiing at kwame pass we’re pretty excited i got a dad’s working on christmas so we did christmas early it was awesome and my little brother flies in from the military and we haven’t

Seen them in over a year so we’re really excited anyways we’re gonna bring you guys so doing everything yeah we’re just having fun hand warmers all right but we’re gonna go out there oh check out my yoga mat let’s see my yoga mat i haven’t used it yet it looks like crap oh shoot look at these freshies this is the second time i already did 360’s bruh we met

Up with my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law we just got we just got off the lift and it was me justin my brother-in-law my sister-in-law i should just say jason jimenez and we just all tumbled off it was really bad anyways it’s super fun hit the next one let’s challenge yourself hey guys it’s the next day um i didn’t end up finishing the vlog of our date

Night at going snowboarding but um it’s so hard to pick up the camera when you’re having so much fun but i’m gonna get better at it um but yeah we’re going up it’s christmas eve say merry christmas eve merry christmas um yeah and we’re gonna go up to snoquami today again and we’re gonna do some sledding i think we’re gonna just do um just random like off some

Side roads sledding not anything crazy um i don’t think we’re gonna do like the tube with the magic carpet tubing over there um just because i don’t know kind of gets kind of chaotic and busy so that’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to take you along my brother is in town um he’s military he’s stationed on the east coast so he got in last night and

We’re excited that he’s going to be with us so he’s he’s here with us they’re in the store right now picking up some champagne and orange juice so we have mimosas up in the mountains so it’s going to be fun merry christmas uh we already opened presents what was your guys’s favorite present um okay what about you heartland no i’m steph the emma and my cat family

Your cat family your stuffed animal um we already opened presents um because justin is going to be at the fire department tomorrow working so yeah that’s going to be kind of sad we’ll probably go say hi to me tank but yeah it’s going to be fun anyways we’ll see you guys in a little bit uncle richie does he have little gloves uh yeah yeah i keep putting clothes

On because then they just that’s all right rowan come here buddy we’re gonna put gloves on you harlan if you have your snow gear i’ll put it on your hair oh my god they’re so cute little abundance here yeah this is gonna be sick look at mr fireman go that’s not true you need some water can you say please oh it goes together look at that he’s

Doing he’s starting to hook up his electrical good job get on top of that i don’t know what’s on the other side harlan don’t do that what’s over there is it a hill be careful it’s just a cliff huh don’t go off the crib i just don’t want you and then i’ll just keep it in there let’s see let me see go put them on the chair thank you thanks oh i see here

Let me take your gloves okay use your muscles what is that is does it need to be closer here go ask your uncle to do it uncle uncle richie what do you think where are you got that i got that one we were loving it yeah shirt no the short cat exactly okay this is yours you had it no no no i got this you got this it’s a little dinosaur hat you’re a

Little dinosaur arlen you want to wear your cat hat are you ready one i yeah the guy that gets crazy though he doesn’t care i’ll full send him all the way down he’ll just be like look at that it’s amazing first one of the top wins take your mark get set go oh no he won oh richie go ricky go my mom was haley oh man down you okay yeah okay you want to

Go again no why not but you’re so good at sledding okay we’ll wait harlow oh you turned it’s getting a bunch of snails i know you gotta do it over here there’s no snow over here dude he’s hauling oh my god haley just jumps in front the kids have hit that age when they just send it she’s like finally payback all right roland you want to do it again

No yeah that was like a yeah okay you want to go again bro i got a spot for you are you going to video no yeah i might go straight through so go go right just go oh my god here we go this is so fun i’m chasing you good good christmas eve you’re gonna fill up propane you

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