2021 BMW M4 Competition vs Audi RS5 vs Mercedes-AMG C63S // DRAG & ROLL RACE

While the all-new 2021 BMW M4 Competition (CAD $103,250, USD $93,900) has quite the controversial face, it still has some serious power numbers at 503 HP and 479 Ft-Lb of Torque but how does it stack up in a straight line against the Audi RS5 (CAD $99,340, USD $89,895) and 2020 Mercedes-AMG C63 S (CAD $117,000, USD $95,000)? Things don’t always go as predicted!! Watch to find out! All cars in this video are on equal winter rubber. It gets cold here, we know.

You’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is a drag race look at that a race that might be slightly important because a new generation of m-car is no small thing so we’ve brought along its direct german competitors in the audi corner we have the quattro launch monster the audi rs5 and in the three-pointed star corner the amg animal from

A falter back the c63s and of course to complete the trio the young upstart from bavaria the new m4 and yes perhaps the styling can make you feel a bit queasy but from the inside anyway as we’ve shown on the track the new m4 is all performance and yeah it’s gained some weight this generation but it’s still lighter than that rs5 and a lot lighter than the amg so

All things considered it’s anybody’s game if you’re new to firehouse we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell all right these two are the horsepower leaders joint and this is the torque leader i hope i can get all that power down to those rear wheels and maintain traction because that’s the biggest worry here

I feel like the m4 is going to do a little bit better with this less torque the one benefit of losing to the m4 is i only have to look at the back of it and the all-wheel drive rs5 with carson’s focus that’s that’s a tough one to beat off the line but that’s why we have a roll race okay the new m4 we’ve already done a full video on this one in case you missed it

And it was uh it was quite a doozy we had lots of fun and now we’re about to see how it stacks up to its most obvious competitors now the good news over here is that the launch control this year with the new zf8 speed is nowhere near as finicky as the dct was in the last gen it doesn’t let you do a launch one after another but the launch is consistent and it’s it’s

Way better we have the best chance of the m car winning this battle than we’ve ever had launch control here we go go oh the audi’s gone oh that rs5 is gone gone quattro i mean come on c63 yes i’ve still got a chance what are they putting that bmw well that out he’s quick real quick real quick come on i’m catching am i catching a kick i forgot there was a c63

In this race that’s a great color it’s a great color yeah so the previous gen of this would just light up its rear tires like crazy this one they’ve calibrated it too that was a brilliant launch i did not expect that that’s not even the x drive didn’t matter well audi quattro that face that carson has right now that’s as smug as he gets i think there’s a little

Wave that’s cute thank you um anyway that’s was your do you think you could do any better on this surface that felt like a pretty good launch you don’t know why because behind the scenes everybody he tried about 50 times okay guess what behind the scenes i was able to try 50 times because this will launch all day every day right so you can consistently lose over

And over and over and over again okay like the audi is valuable the audi’s got the dig my money’s on that for the roll but i’m hoping it’s going to be a lot of a closer heat with this okay okay roll race all right i’m going to bring manual mode then i’m going to flip it over and go and i’m gone oh the m4 shot off god this guy’s quick this guy’s really really

Quick rs5 neck and neck oh my god that was a hollywood finish with the rs5 what what are they bringing in bmws you know what that’s the exact same result yeah as the m340i s4 and c43 you’re right the c43 and the s4 were neck and nick just like we were just then interesting i think the only thing that matters though is that this is actually a win for everybody

Because well this won so i win and we haven’t got a look at the fight you don’t have to look at the franchise i’ve already said that oh wow okay so that’s a bloody quick car so the win to the bmw is he not a bad day you can’t tell you can’t tell how he feels about it totally blank oh there’s a little bit of a smirk oh it’s a bit of a smirk he’s going to think well

Because he still gets to go he knows what we’re talking about he also gets to go home with the dig 363 what he got the dig he won the dick oh oh the dig all right fine so i know so i don’t get to win a drag race this has a v8 a v8 let’s not talk about four cylinders because it might have that very it’s gonna it’s gonna have that very soon but uh right now it

Has a v8 and that’s that’s good enough for me but not good enough as it turns out in the standing start the rs5 with its all-wheel drive system and wild launch control doesn’t let up enough to give the other two a chance despite the m4 giving it a worthy chase but the rs5 only had it in the first race the newest bmw reigns supreme in the role turns out there’s

Some merit to being the lightest and potentially most powerful assuming that bmw underrated their horsepower numbers with this like they did with the m5 the new gen m3 and m4 then is a force to be reckoned with yes it lost the dig but all that does is make us excited to try the x drive version when it comes and as for the silver medal in the roll race taking the

Launch control out of the equation creates almost a dead heat between the amg and the audi but ultimately the merc’s characterful and brutish v8 isn’t quite enough to push its 4100 pound bottom into second place but you know compared to the other two it is at the end of its life cycle and perhaps uh maybe the incoming electrified cylinder c63s will actually

Make for a dazzling redemption you didn’t even believe that when you said it did you no long live the v8 and plugs are for butts there it is and if that joke doesn’t make any sense to you go watch our c63 old versus new video and if you haven’t seen it yet check out our new m4 film thanks for watching everyone you

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2021 BMW M4 Competition vs Audi RS5 vs Mercedes-AMG C63S // DRAG & ROLL RACE By Throttle House