2021 BMW M440i Driving Assistant – Part 1 of a Series of M440i Features

I hope you enjoy this video. It’ll be the first in a line of short videos about all of the cool technological features that BMW has engineered into my car. And maybe I can even share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

So this is a demonstration of the semi-autonomous steering controls adaptive cruise controls that kind of thing on my 2021 bmw m44 i press this button right here and that turns the crews on whatever speed i’m at when i hit that button it automatically sets itself for that speed the different driving modes are speed control only adaptive speed control only and

Steering assist those are the two modes right now i have it in adaptive cruise control with steering assist set at 77 miles an hour and just so happens that the car that’s in front of me is also going 77 bump it up with this control right here up or down just flick that switch a little bit what i like about the system is that on the dash it does show me where the

Other cars are around me if there were a third lane to the right of me it would actually show up in the and there it just showed up just now because there is an exit lane to my right so as you can see there’s a car going by me right now right there and it does show that as it’s approaching me from behind i barely have to touch the steering wheel it has touch

Sensitive sensors in it so i just leave my fingers against the wheel like that and it does a pretty good job of staying in the lanes i have to say um it doesn’t bounce around too much it’s a little bit slow or reactive as far as speed adjustments is but i guess slower is better than but like some cars that i’ve driven and i drive a lot of different cars you

Should get some ping pong effect going north across the land the m440i does not do that so i can actually let go of the steering wheel probably about i don’t know 10 11 12 seconds maybe it’s warning me and i get some yellow flashing on the steering wheel also i just have to touch it again and then it goes back to green so if i do have to let go of the steering

Wheel for a short unwrap a piece of candy or something and i can just do that and then just reach back over here over here uh after the yellow warning it goes to a red warning and if you leave your hand off the wheel for too long then it uh it shuts down your tire starts slowing down and we’ll stop there’s an obstruction in front of the comes sometimes when i’m

Going down the road if i’ve got a very long very straight highway and i want to just fold my hands in front of me in front of the steering wheel i can also take my knee like this and rest my knee against it and in doing so it puts a little bit of pressure on the steering wheel a little bit of resistance on the steering wheel i don’t think it’s actually the touch

Sensors working anymore that’s just my guess but it’s as you can see it stays green just by resting my my knee against it so i can drive down the highway for a very very long time just by resting my knee on the steering wheel totally adjust for speed keeps me the same distance away from the cars in front of me and speeds up to my maximum speed setting when

Necessary cool feature i like how the bmw works and a mixed driving so much more enjoyable thanks for riding along

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2021 BMW M440i Driving Assistant – Part 1 of a Series of M440i Features By The Sword Rules