2021 BMW X3 M Competition Review

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Hey everyone how’s it going today let’s take a look at the 20 2021 bmw x3m competition this is going to be a full in-depth tour we’ll start it up go through some of the features of the exterior interior as well some of the performance data and today i’m at birch bmw winnipeg manitoba canada and so without further ado let’s go and start her up and let her run and of

Course vehicle does have smart key access keep keep on me in your pocket or bag able to lock and lock the vehicle with touch sensors as well as rib patterns on each of the door handles tap the ridge locks it with one chime folds in the mirrors then after one second just grab onto me the door handles two chimes unlock unlocks it it’s the toronado red metallic with

Black napa leather with of course your white stitching as well as carbon fiber trim it of course does have push button ignition put your foot on the brake and hit the dash mount a button to go beautiful three spoke leather wrapped steering wheel nice tight grip feedback as well as your color contrasting stitching bolstering your uh aluminum trim heated steering

Wheel as well as the live stitched air bag cover does also have an eight-speed automatic transmission which of course is very well not very but it’s m specific click it on over for neutral put your own brake click on over neutral and then up for reverse review camera the parking aid lines as well as parking sensors neutral as well as drive as well as manual mode

And then clicking on over for draw uh automatic mode and then just hit p for park has a red bit of red coloring soft touch material and of course as you go through the eye drive system you have your rear view camera parking aid lines obstacle markings as well as automatic parking camera image settings so and so forth let’s go and turn on the headlamps they’re

Also automatic front and rear parking lamps as well as the hazards all four windows are fully automatic and of course let’s go and check out the exterior the vehicle which i’m letting notes lost detection of the key fob so the x3m uh competition is the sort of base uh well not base but the i guess you could say beginner for the x3 amp or for like any competition

Model for the suvs because you have the x3m x4m competition x5 and x6m competition but the x3m is definitely the starter with that you got bmw led uh adaptive headlamp rings with corona headlamp uh well with chrono headlamp rings um led turn signals as well as your led parking lights you also got your carbon fiber diffuser front body kit your m specific body

Kit as well it of course has carbon fiber all m specific to the vehicle blacked out kidney grills flat down uh pretty much this whole section here is all blacked out with a bit of carbon fiber side parking assist sensor as well as 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels blacked out well black painted polished and of course you got your drill slotted brake calipers or

Sorry drilled slotted brake disc with blue and brake calipers on michelin pilot support 4s performance tires air breather swooping lines reinstancing wipers full panoramic sunroof blacked out roof rails powerpoint steered mirrors with carbon fiber led turn signals camera and they’re also heated with your blind spot detection and they’re also cut out with the

M specific the model lower side m apron rear spoiler led tail lamps rear park assist and performance exhaust as well as your rear end diffuser led lights blue lights with your rear view camera just hearing that little growl that is very very menacing and this thing is very loud the x3m is definitely one of my favorites but then again the x5m is definitely the

Way to go with the split tailgate and just looking at this color right now you’ll get noticed in no time of course stepping into the bmw x3 x3m competition entry guards all their floor mats sport pedals dead pedal manually tilt telescoping steering wheel storage water bottle holder you also got powerful and steer mirrors that fold up and away into the vehicle

Lock and unlock two person memory carbon fiber trim leather uh stitching as well as padding eighty eight weight or twelve-way adjustable seat you also got your illuminated m logo with of course your power head rest tail telescope steering wheel it’s also heated beautiful so let’s go and shut her up nice solid feel and of course this vehicle does come with a

Standard harman kardon audio surround sound system with i believe 12 speakers but it sounds phenomenal standard am fm radio satellite radio and uh of course your auxiliary as well bluetooth audio stream streaming of audio this is your main home screen so it’s very similar to well it’s pretty much the same system as like 2017 seven series 2018 x5 so it has your

Gesture controls touch screen and of course you can use the i drive controller right here with your short button keys so with that twisting the wheel and you can also use like a center control here says your main home screen so media like i said sirius xm am fm radio spotify bluetooth audio screen mirroring mobile devices going through different uh stations sound

Settings balance fader surround mode communication so bluetooth telephone text messages for those business individuals as well as bmw assist customer support cons here as well as setting up your roadside and accident assistance you can also sort of like a concierge you can set up appointments for like dinner reservations as well as appointments for you know at

Your bmw center navigation very detailed map got your points of interest different street names traffic updates car so you got your driving information and setup for like settings vehicle status as well as the main system as well as vehicle settings itself driver profile so you can set up i think it’s a eight different profiles as well as digital owners manual

Apps like i said apple carplay android auto installed apps mlap timer my bmw your service center software information personal assistance assistant you also got some short button keys up here just on the main menu recent destinations calls notifications help displays as well as turn off the screen at night you also got your intelligent safety button right here

Turn off your auto start stop feature mode band seven different presets as well as shortcut key for your uh bmw i guess you could say like a connected or sorry apps bmw app so you got your bmw apps button there tune c climate control menu auto recirculation temperature adjustment max front defrost for your defrost different zones auto temperature adjustment here

Heated and cooled seats for the driving passenger fan speed max ac ac recycling syncing x3m competition logo right there phone charger tray you also got your usb power outlet two adjustable cup holders 12 volt power outlet turn off traction control m setup mode sound for your exhaust your sound controls you can have whether sporty or efficient parking sensors

Camera system uphill uh downhill assist auto hold function electronic parking brake center console uh deep storage and of course you got your led illumination as well as a usb type-c power outlet come on up here you got your cloth headliner grab handle side curtain air bags bluetooth microphone card holder led visor led elimination sos their bmw auto dimming

Rear view mirror three car garage home link and of course the one touch automatic sunroof control with of course the little wind deflector that pops up then of course the back portion is also like a viewing roof to let light in so it’s not an actual moving sunroof and of course coming up to the steering wheel you’ve got your cruise control your uh different

Uh selection button on the right side of the cluster here so you can go like trip computer efficiency total psi your current media that you’re at as well as automatic high beams turn signal high beam stock intermittent wipers are also automatic heated steering wheel different m1 and m2 driving modes they also got your on hook off hook different settings as

Well well actually coming up onto the dash there’s a heads up display with your rpm as well as your current kilometer that you’re at as well as a speed limit sign but when you click the three icons right here it’ll see if you want to switch between am fm radio as well as like a usb um or bluetooth audio streaming so that’s definitely very nice you also got your

Tune seek you can also go through the system as well i don’t know if you can see but you can see you can scroll through to different stations volume controls as well as voice commands help please select a category for example navigation to display a selection of available commands cancel all right and of course it’s a simple to use system all the commands are

In system and of course your owner’s manual and it’s simple to use and simple to follow um system very very helpful so it’s going to shutter down and of course too i forgot to mention you also got a bit of storage here for like change or anything that you want to put so let’s go and shut her down let’s go and check out the back seat so backstage passengers are

Treated with a good amount of luxury even though this is a sports suv manual sun shades carbon fiber trim storage as well as a water bottle holder over the floor mats hop right in of course no storage pockets or storage nets in the back seats that way you can save the room for um for uh for weight savings we do got air register like clamp control system back

Here heated seats little bits of storage under here as well as two usb type-c connectors it’s got a center console with of course an armrest two adjustable cup holders and you also got a uh sort of like a trunk pass through so you can store larger longer items in the back you also got your like i said your viewing roof back here when the shades back coat hooks

Led illumination very comfy back here you can also fold down the uh headrest for better visibility so let’s go and check out the rest of the vehicle so cargo space with the x3m is actually quite large very roomy rear you also got your cargo cover led elimination you can also pull down the seats back here by uh the release level lever right there as well as right

There storage net got your fuse box entrance as well as your roadside assistance kit and first aid kit release here cargo bag holder you also got your tie-down hooks here as well as a cargo rail system to keep items tied down under here you got some more storage you also got your oil as well as your jack and stowage vehicles floor mats as well as like a little

Parcel shelf strap 12-volt power outlet and of course you can bring this back and you also got a brushed aluminum entry guard so pretty much when the carcass hides back can hide your cargo from frying eyes led illumination and it’s also hands-free access as well so just kick your foot underneath well i know some i guess it’s uh it depends on what package or

Option you get you can actually get a hands-free access uh lift gate so you can put your foot on there kick your front underneath it’ll open up the gate and kick it underneath again and it’ll close it for you all hands-free premium unlimited fuel gas cap place to put your cap and you also got cordless windows in the back for better visibility we also got the

Same thing as the driver just without the two-person memory nice solid feel like a glove box lined and felt led luminated beautiful vehicle well detailed maintaining the bmw luxury as well as that m sport division and keeping it true to a new bloodline definitely a head turner everywhere you go well everyone i hope you enjoyed the in-depth tour of the 2021 bmw

X3m competition sure stay tuned next time there’s a lot more that came from take care everybody

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