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2021 BMW X4 M Sport xDrive

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Finished in the premium Carbon Black Metallic and transformed with the M Sport Pro Package adding 21” M Light Alloys, Extended High Gloss Shadowline De-Chromed Detailing, M Sport Braking System with Blue Calipers, Sun Protection Glass & M Seat Belts 🔥

I love this car it’s the first one we’ve had at akron car center the most up-to-date brand new model bmw x4 m-sport two-liter diesel x drive in a beautiful color called carbon black which is like a very dark blue reader but it is black the car is tremendous three thousand miles on like brand new on a 71 registration so still has the remainder of the manufacturer’s

Warranty now the x4 has coupe air styling but it’s a five-door hatchback four-wheel drive with ground clearance it’s elevated lots of legroom and headroom but just looks brilliant because it has quite a chunky look to it and this being the most up-to-date model what you call the facelift model it has the newer style grilles the newer style headlights because i did

My research and you’ll do the same when you’re looking for cars like this on the 71 race you still got the older models as well so the biggest difference you can see is the grilles and the newer style headlights with the led daytime running lights and the full led headlights behind it now this one has a different inserts on the bumpers everything is either gloss

Black or carbon black front rear parking sensors with parallel park assist i love the new kidney grilles i think it looks absolutely tremendous and finished in black again it has a nice sporty vibe to it this car then has the upgraded 20-inch m-sport alloy wheels which is diamond cut with that lovely dark grey amphisight finish to the inside and just behind you

Can see the blue bmw brake calipers as well you’ll also notice that the arch kit front and rear is fully colour-coded in carbon black and the air bleeders down here which actually do work are finished in jet black the m badging the high shadow line window surrounds some protection glass and that’s amazing interior perforated leather seats with ambient lighting but

Look at that media screen that media screen is massive it’s huge it’s all touch screen very easy to use apple car player android auto obviously navigation bluetooth you’ve then got things like heated seats dual zone climate control again beautiful nice soft level interior with white stitching center armrest comes up with more cubby hole space the idrive system is

Very easy to use and then you have the different bmw drive systems like sport comfort eco again ambient lighting top and bottom and you’ve got a lovely hexagon sort of interior inlays there the extended lever continues onto the door cards front and rear all the m badging for the entry kick plates and as i mentioned it’s a good five-seater vehicle three-point seat

Belts and icy fix attachments i always talk about isofix attachments on three-point seatbelts because because i’ve got kids i think it’s a safety thing it’s a big thing for me because you want to make sure they’re nice and safe and they’re buckled in properly and if you have got icifix seating you clip them in without any hassle fully fitted matte front and rear

But then this is where it gets really special because the car looks great from every angle but particularly from the back it just looks it looks fabulous so from the bottom you’ve got that black section on the rear diffuser the black chrome tailpipes one on each side we’ve got quite a big back end on it but it looks it does look very sporty the three-dimensional

Led lighting system the black badging around the bmw logo there press that button and then you have the full electric boot a very good size boot space there with more clipper hole space underneath that goes all the way back seats go down 40 40 20 and this shelf comes out all together so it is pet friendly press the button again and it closes the way you’ll also

Notice on the facelift model like this one the corner sections here that’s what’s different as well so like the kidney grilles and the front lights they have changed little bits on the car to face lift it and it is mega like i said the car isn’t a manufacturer’s warranty it’s got three thousand miles on it’s like brand new the two-liter diesel 190 brake loss power

Is more than enough you’ve then got the m sport pedals down there push button start the full professional display dashboard there multi-functional steering wheel with voice control panel shift automatic headlights automatic window wipers full napa leather m sport steering wheel with all the m badging but it’s nice and thick and sporty it just feels really good

It’s this i’m flabbergasted with it’s massive it is so easy to use but so i just like the size of it so easy to use twin cup holders down there more 12 volt sockets i just think the whole finish is lovely dual zone climate control all the adjustments for the steering column which is in and out and up and down all the seat adjustments with lumbar support there

As well so it’s just arrived cabin black new model bmw x4 go if you try and order one you’ll see what shock you get you physically can order these cars they’re taking months and months to arrive if you get them at all so if you like what you see it’s going live now my name is joe my name and number is on the bottom of the screen give me a call drop me a text or

Whatsapp i don’t care what time it is i’ll come back to you as soon as possible and hopefully get you sorted thanks for watching bye now you

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2021 BMW X4 M Sport xDrive By Acklam Car Centre