A review of the 2021 BMW X4M with the Competition package

Hello my name is chris and i will review the 2021 bmw x4m competition confusingly bmw has the x4m and this upgraded x4m competition which means 30 more horsepower exterior upgrades darkening some of the features like the grille 21 inch wheels instead of 20 inch wheels standard high quality leather instead of the cheap leather and the availability of the

Ultimate package which is ten thousand dollars here in canada the ultimate package consists of m carbon precision struts ventilated front seats driving assistant package parking assistant plus with surround view wireless charging with extended bluetooth and usb m carbon exterior m drivers package steering and lane control evasion assist cross traffic front alert

Active cruise control with stop and go i find bmw option groups are not a very satisfying buying experience but every single one of my friends and acquaintances have always mentioned the option groups they selected when informing me of their purchase of their new bmw so bmw is probably onto something here what do you think of bmw option groups let me know in

The comments of note base x4m is an absolute performance bargain and m car really means track ready high performance the exterior is typical bmw assertive and professional i especially love to see the cooling systems from the front the paint color is incredible and the build quality is top notch from behind you can see the unique competition black exhaust it

Rides just like it looks more on that later the interior has been given the 3 series treatment and it looks very good the fit and finish is exemplary the more time you spend in a bmw the more you appreciate the seemingly indestructible build quality idrive is super snappy though a bit complex it is not only an idrive knob interface but a touch screen interface

The digital dash really looks good no complaints as is the heads up display the seats are excellent with awesome merino leather the various performance settings are easily accessible brilliant the m specific adaptive suspension is really sporty and the steering is super reactive to input a throwback to older bmws in a sense at least in spirit for example this

Steering and driving feel felt way tighter than the m440i i drove recently the m brakes feel powerful this vehicle really doesn’t have any weaknesses and it can’t at this price as expensive as this vehicle is when you combine this with a crazy performance it’s as tested price of 108 thousand dollars canadian actually feels priced somewhat appropriately the engine

Is the star of the show and combined with all-wheel drive there is a base corolla’s power at every wheel of this x4m nuts you could feel it when accelerating even when passing on the highway you can sense the tires clawing the road at highway speeds when accelerating 503 horsepower is special because i suspect that you can accelerate from 100 to 200 kilometers

Nearly as quickly as zero to 100 kilometers an hour i’m just guessing of course this three liter six-cylinder turbo engine produces 503 horsepower and 442 pounds of torque and does 16.6 liters in the city and 12.1 liters on the highway that is 14 19 mpg according to the epa there’s an eight speed automatic and x4m does 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds that is blazing

Fast here are my thoughts on the road hello car lovers driving the bmw x4m 2021 this is the competition version what to say about this vehicle well i was driving with ross and i was thinking about who is this car made for in fact i’ve been thinking about this since i drove it for the first time a few years ago they’ve updated some of the updates are awesome

And and who’s this car for and i can think right now i think it’s for guys like me generation x who’ve owned perhaps in the past uh bmw 3 series maybe of 10 15 years ago and who who aren’t quite ready to step up to the suv experience or the crossover experience i know i’m not uh when i see a q5 it it it means nothing to me when i see an x3 it means nothing to

Me or or an acura rdx for that matter i it’s not really my bag and it’s it’s it’s designed for people who are willing to perhaps go up to like a higher drive experience a heightened sense of security a better visibility the added convenience but not quite ready for the full crossover look i think this is your vehicle now we have the x4m so for those of you who

Are gen x who’ve worked a little harder who’ve had a little bit more drive who spent less than they earned more intensely than others well this is the vehicle for you and let me explain why we’ll start with the steering characteristics really nice steering it’s so tight it’s actually laughably tight which makes this very fun the suspension now the suspension

Is very hard for this type of vehicle like it’s not bruisingly hard but much harder i mean it feels like the bmws of before ross says it’s a vehicle that has not been watered down for the american market i have to agree with him the engine of course let’s floor it that pulls really hard i’m not sure that people who buy this vehicle are going to go on the track

They’re going to use it more in terms of for example getting on the on-ramps like i’m going to do right now you’re going to open it up right to get on the on-ramp so you might floor it a little bit you might floor to pass somebody you might have a country road that you like that you might go on for 5-10 minutes i don’t see people who are doing more than that

Buying this vehicle even though it is track ready i mean it’s an end product the exterior styling i like it it’s growing on me especially the rear three quarters i find it looks very good from the front it has a very macho m look i like to see the cooling radiators in front when you see through the front grill i like that look it bmw does that and i find it

Looks kind of like functional meaty you know from a practicality point of view what’s it like well ross and i have plenty of room here sitting in front sitting in back there’s enough room the rear visibility sucks rear three quarters not very good side in front very good at that level the seats are hyper comfortable for an m car the leather is awesome the

Bolsters here are adjustable the bolsters in the bottom are not adjustable you might think that would be a problem but i’m not feeling too much strain they’re highly pliable and also they’re they’re spaced quite wide apart so they don’t press too much into your leg there’s also a very convenient thigh extension there’s a harnam kardum sound system which plays

Very well you have this i drive interface which is getting better and better it seems these buttons here on the side to adjust the driving characteristics really nice button here for the exhaust too i like that nice thick m steering wheel some people say it’s too thick i like it like that it’s nice and thick especially at the 10 and two grips the digital dash

With the navigation inside very nice you have here a wonderful heads-up display very big gives you messages too like when you’re not staying in your lane like i was doing right now very good at that level there’s carbon fiber touches here that are very nice i can’t complain about this interior this snappy i drive the buttons the ability to use the touchscreen

Here which makes it accessible if you don’t want to use the idrive this makes a higher than average easy to use experience and that’s big in this category they’re often complicated obviously highly recommendable let me show you why you’re going to love that you’re going to love those g-forces so highly recommendable on the lease ross agrees me with me on this

However on the purchase i’m not so sure after warranty i’m not crazy about going to the garage and spending three four five thousand dollars per garage visit i don’t care how much money you make i’m sure that’s not fun so on the purchase let’s just say for bmw audi and mercedes for that matter i lease after four years i bring back the keys the maintenance is

Covered under the warranty so when you go to the garage it really costs nothing you do your payments your insurance your tires your brakes and that’s it so that is the review by the way if you like this video like it if you don’t like it don’t like it and if you really like it well then you should subscribe

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2021 BMW X4M By Christopher Car Reviews