2021 Buick Enclave Essence

Good afternoon brittany this is bauer from alderman chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re known for two things awesome deals and fabulous service today i wanted to show you a new arrival to our lot this is a 2021 buick enclave in the essence package this is a beautiful beautiful ride and it’s got some fantastic features that i wanted

To get into here i appreciate your interest here carly and take a look let me know what you think first off as i grab a nice three-quarters angle of this vehicle you can see that there is a lot of space there’s a larger vehicle got some really gorgeous looking headlights as well as fog lights below here another thing that sticks out very well is the honeycomb

Grille with the buick 3 shield logo and nice accents of chrome as well give it a rich rich look beautiful two-tone rims on this these are 20 inch wheels all season tires on there right now really gorgeous look this vehicle has a 3.6 liter v6 engine in here giving it tons of power this is also a third row suv so you have lots of space in here for passengers as

Well as cargo you’re also going to have some nice safety features this right here is a light that will turn on when you put your turn signal on a lot of folks have heard the expression sometimes it’s not yourself that you need to worry about on the road but others and this will warn others that you’re changing lanes as well this vehicle is going to alert you when

Other folks are changing lanes there’s a little car emblem here with a star that will illuminate when somebody is in your blind zone and what that means is that from here out and behind you if a car is coming up to pass it’s going to notify you or if there’s an oncoming car that’s moving at a high rate of speed it’ll notify you as well you have keyless entry so as

I tap this button with the key on my person you can lock and unlock the door and at the entrance you come into some beautiful leather touch points all really nice materials with french stitching power windows power mirrors as well you can pick the left or right and adjust it accordingly as well you have 10 way power seating really comfortable leather seats with

Bolsters that are designed to keep you nice and snug in here going around corners you’re going to be nice and centered not going to feel like you’re sliding off the edge and as well lumbar support is a feature i truly enjoy those longer trips can be tough on people’s backs here and this is definitely something that will help another feature that i really enjoy

About these buick enclaves is the fact that you can remotely start them of course double tap on the lock button hold down on this semi-circle here and your vehicle remotely starts and as you move into the vehicle in order to be able to drive away you have to put your foot down on the brake and then tap the start button really nice hints of wood and stuff like

That accents the chrome pieces as well as some spots with some brushed aluminum really gorgeous on the steering wheel you have voice commands so while your phone is plugged in you can uh tell it to route yourself home for instance uh say call your daughter call your mother whoever it may be um and as well you’ve got a nice welcome screen in the center tachometer

On the left speedometer on the right you’ve got your oil temperatures there or your fluid temperatures as well as your gas gauge you’re also able to navigate through this driver center here with this little uh arrow shifter thing whatever you want to call it settings is going to give you a lot of info fuel information your oil life it’ll tell you your tire

Pressures what your air filter is at for life on that what’s your fuel economy it’s been recently as well as a timer battery voltage you name it this vehicle is a walking diagnostic in in and of itself but anyways you’ve got a massive touchscreen display across the center here really really easy to navigate uh your audio options will all be right here of which

You have siriusxm fm radio as well as am i i’m going to turn this down a little bit you have parking sensors for your front and back you’re able to turn that off if you don’t like it beeping at you for instance but when i throw this electronic shifter into reverse by going forward and over as the arrows indicate you can see back up camera is gorgeous first off

You’ve also got a hitch view if need be keep looking directly down at your hitch that way if you don’t have a friend with you to help out it’ll actually do this for you and if i back up a little bit you can see there it gives me the warning sign and as well a couple beeps if i get a little closer it’s going to continue doing so you can see there i’m getting very

Close and it’ll stay on as you pull away which is useful as well tap down on this button here to throw it back into park and if you’d like to go into drive pull back on that and you’re ready to go really a gorgeous system simple and it’s also very very uh stable got heated seats in here you’ve also got dual zone climate so as you can see the temperature can be

Different on both sides that’ll save a marriage as they say you’ve also got good generous use of cup holders here a usb plug-in two of them as well as an aux cord if need be beautiful wrap-around design here i’m gonna give you a better look from the back this vehicle also has a universal home remote so you’re able to hook that up to your garage door and tapped

On that to shut it or open it fantastic also got the classic sun holder or sunglass holder up here and again moving on into the back you’ve also got the keyless entry option here this is a split second row these are bucket seats the captain’s chairs whatever you want to call them they’re a fantastic configuration for a couple of reasons one you get nice armrests

Per chair two they’re on a rail system so you could actually move these or these seats forward and back and if need be you can also put these seats down as long as there’s enough space up front here those will go down easily and it’s nice and simple to get back into the third row and there is plenty of space back here which is fantastic as you can see the

Legroom really nice and that’s at a really neutral position you’ve also got your climate controls for in the rear so it’s really a tri-zone climate and you’ve also got dual usb back here to keep everyone connected um and even if the third row passengers need a usb they’ve got it as well it’s really a well-equipped vehicle here got lights on the top that are led

Throughout if you want to put this seat back up pull it right on back up grab the reel that’s underneath here and you’re good to go right back to normal another thing i forgot to mention is the ability to uh decide where your trunk opens to right now it’s at the 3 4 setting i am going to set it to max here just so it lifts up all the way but for instance if

You were in your garage and you didn’t want this to lift up all the way it’s not a problem you can set it to the correct fashion to do so um it does have the automatic lift date as well these little circles are your backup sensors here and what’s really useful about these is that they actually point slightly uh offset so that means that where you can’t see all

The way out here and beyond is actually being watched by that while you’re looking at your rear views hopefully that dual exhaust back here the ability to put down the third row seats really easily here as well it’s a 60 40 rear splitting seat here there’s also a large amount of storage this is just the mats for the second and third row try not to put those in

Until the time of delivery for folks here so that they stay nice and clean and this is the power liftgate tap down on that button here and this will drop down for you nice and easy really a gorgeous vehicle another thing to touch on as well would be the capless gas filler spring loaded designed to be nice and easy and quick as well it’ll keep any contaminants

From falling in there as the spring load will just push it right back into place really gorgeous angles here again that two-tone wheel gorgeous looking especially when they’re spinning demonstrating that keyless entry again this is also a vehicle that has 10 way power seating on the drivers and passenger side a lot of times it’ll just be on the driver’s side and

You’ll be stuck with a pump or some sort of manual lever right here you’ve got all the same uh same necessity type powered power chair that the other driver does generous use of cup holders as well and nice little dividers really really a beautiful luxury suv but carly you have any other questions about this vehicle or you’d like to learn more feel free to hit

The learn more button down below here or you can give us a call at 802-776-5000 and ask for me bauer be happy to answer any of your questions appreciate your interest

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2021 Buick Enclave Essence By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC