2021 Buick Envision Essence AWD

Hello everyone from schwann buick gmc my name is marshall becker i am the internet manager here uh i know normally i do these things as a live walk around but to give it a little bit of a change and a little bit better video quality i’m going to pre-record this and post it so not a ton of editing so forgive me if i stumble over some of my words a little bit but

We are going to give you guys a first look well i shouldn’t say first look we had a 2021 envision that i did a live walk around with on it was the black sport model but this is our first essence that does not have that sport model so you can see it still does have the chrome accents up front as well as the front grille versus the sport one which was an all-black

Look and a black wheel this is going to be the essence wheel so that brush or that machined aluminum look still has a really nice looking uh appearance to it as well as the other thing you will notice it is a colored tri shield up front we’ll look at that a little bit and then the other place you will really see the buick emblem is going to be in the center

Wheels there but other than that it does not have a lot of buick badging all over it a lot of that has to do with the new styling buick is going with i guess i don’t have to sugarcoat it in the past buick has kind of held a stereotype of being a older person’s vehicle but they are really working on changing that styling to embrace the future here and i have to

Say i absolutely love it coming from being a person who’s driven buicks and currently own one i love the direction they’re going with for the new styling here uh it started with this styling in the encore gx and now they have updated the envision to this and i know right around the corner they do have plans to updating the uh enclave as well uh but that’s in a

Future video but let’s for now let’s take a walk around of this so you can see there is that buick tri shield in the center wheel cap as well as those aluminum wheels you have the body colored mirror with the chrome accents around the window and the little accents on the door frame there like our terrain it does have a little bit of that uh black two-tone plastic

Around the bottom and that is for help with rust prevention as well as for us wonderful country people who live in on gravel roads it does help with the wear and tear there so you don’t have a lot of chipping and paint things like that it holds up really nicely and another nice thing they did with these all-wheel drives and we’ll kind of talk about that a little

Bit later but the envision up until 2020 was the only all-wheel drive model in the gm fleet that did not allow you to turn off all-wheel drive when the weather was nice or when you didn’t need it to save on that fuel economy with this new generation they have added that clutch system so now you do have several modes similar to our cadillacs where you can turn on

And off that all-wheel drive function by switching from touring mode which is going to be your front wheel drive uh to the all-wheel drive or even the sport which gives actually a little bit more uh power to the rear wheels there the other thing this one does have on let’s see if i can get it to look at the window sticker but it looks like it’s just going to act

For a mirror for the camera this one does have the buick driver confidence package which that is going to add that front-facing camera so that gives you like your alert seats your lane keep assist a lot of those emergency braking features and as well as a nice uh rear vision backup camera here but like i said the only things that really are going to tell you that

It’s a buick are going to be the tri shield in the grill the wheel caps and then this tri shield right on the back here other than that there’s no buick badging other than telling you what it is it’s being an envision i really like these uh if it was a cadillac it’d be called like low density tail lights so really giving it that nice look we’ll pop this open here

And this is looks like the they turned it off so it it was only opening up to three quarter of the way but it is a programmable hatch here so you anywhere in its range of movement you can program that to uh open so if you have a shorter garage or if you tend to be a vertical vertically challenged you can change that to be a little bit easier for you you got your

12 volt plug here of course your molded in handles for grocery bags or different things along the line there you will see there is a spare tire underneath with a little bit extra storage around the side simply by tapping the button she’ll close down for us jumping inside we can see it is a nice a lot of being a buick it always has that nice touch to not a lot

Of hard plastics you got your nice leather pretty much anywhere you’re going to be touching this one does not have the panoramic sunroof but that definitely is an option if you’d like but we can pan through here i really like how they take attention to the seats of this the different contrast in leather and then if you think these interior isn’t nice enough

If if you think this interior isn’t nice enough we do have the avenir that they have now introduced that tremolo to the envision uh previously it was just in our enclave but it does jump up that interior it has a kind of a quilted look to it to the leather uh stitched uh very reminiscent to the platinum package in our in our cadillacs so it definitely is a great

Interior in that as well i’m not going to push the brake and we’re just going to start it into auxiliary mode but you will notice it does have a 10 inch display up here so it is a lot larger than the past generation we’re going to go ahead and turn the volume down here and they did take a lot of the stylings i’ve heard a lot of people say it kind of looks like the

New c8 corvette where it has a lot of those uh kind of branches and how the screen kind of tilts for you so it took a lot of styling from that too once again kind of sporty up front here you do have a lot of your disabled so you can disable auto start stop your hill descent control your lane keep assist and then traction control as well as park sensors the other

Thing you will probably notice your there is no gear shifter here it is now push button and the nice thing about that is it there’s a lot of safety to it plus you don’t have a giant knob in the middle of where you’re moving or setting things to kind of maneuver around so definitely helps clean up and give it a little bit more of a usable space here where i talk

About the safety it is default set where if you are not buckled it will not let you put it into drive you can disable that in the settings but default it does come with that on so kind of help for you know teen drivers or things like that to help with the security and then here i briefly mentioned it before if we hit the mode button we’re actually going to start

It because it’s giving me some battery saver warnings so we’ll just do this real quick your mode button here which will allow you to we’ll skip through that oh i guess it’s not going to let me so let me quick buckle up and since it’s still in demo mode and now that we’re in here we can jump if you notice when i press the mode button over to the side you have the

Touring which is going to be your front wheel drive of course all-wheel drive sport and off-road so that’s a nice feature added to these envisions as well as you will see heated steering wheel you know gap adjusts which that is going to tell me uh how much of how close you’re following the pre person ahead of you as well as adaptive cruise control and uh memory

Seats over to the side here where previously you had to go up to the premiums to get that you now have that in the essence trim level and if we jump over here we do have the of course navigation you do have the user profile so you can sync that across all of your buicks or your gmc’s all your favorite radio stations things like that uh and then apple carplay and

Android auto of course and i believe this one is wireless as well as well as you do have the ability to download alexa on here and connect up to your smart devices at home so if you’re driving home you can tell it to change the thermostat or open the garage door or whatever nightly routine you’d like to do as you can see dual zone climate control heated seats

In the essence if you want the cooled seats you gotta jump up to the avenir but still a nice thing to have but that is it for a brief overview and intro to this new 2021 envision i know they do have pretty nice leasing rates right now and with incentives well since i don’t know when you’ll be viewing this video i will just direct you to our website but i will

Tell you that it is a pretty nicely priced vehicle you get a lot of features and a lot of technology as well as a lot of luxury uh it will it does not uh it holds up to the previous generation of being the quietest one of the quietest buicks ever made so i would suggest or strongly recommend you guys stop by take one for a drive in person if it is as cold as

It is when i’m filming here give us a call or jump on our website and schedule a test drive ahead of time uh one of our sales staff will have it pulled right up front to you if we know what time you’re coming we’ll make sure it’s remote started nice and warm so you don’t have to wait for everything to warm up but if you have any questions feel free to leave a

Comment or reach out to us we’re always here to help

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2021 Buick Envision Essence AWD By Schwan Buick GMC