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2021 Buick Envision Essence with Technology package

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Hi kristin this is aj from robinson buick gmc um we have been waiting for this one for a good amount of time it’s finally here it is a 2021 buick envision model it is a completely new design it has it is quite different than what you currently have this has been much more sleeker um and more modern looking than what it was before so i’m going to talk about some of

The changes what they are and what option this one particularly has i understand you are looking for navigation and all that stuff so every option that you would like to have or currently vehicle has it this one does have it but i’ll talk you about it shortly so when you come in the front uh it has a complete new different grille with a completely new design some

Sensors in the front so if you do get close to something you’ll be able to see it it’s hard to see in the video here on the bottom here that’s your engine block heater so if you want to run it you’ll be able to also has a front camera now this one is included with the 360 camera there is a front camera right underneath the buick logo here all these lights are full

Leds so they’re a lot more brighter now this one does have your remote start so all you do is hit lock once and then press double tap it actually and then we’ll fire right up i’m going to turn this off here for a now on the sides here those are the wheels that you get these are nice uh black and kind of aluminum style looks really good with this color now this

Is a blue metallics it’s kind of you can see there there’s a metallic to it so depending on the sunshine it will look lighter and darker depending how you would kind of be in the shade or not i’ll give you a side look here let’s get in and see what it looks like now these ones will have your keyless entry doors as well so you press on that it will unlock the doors

Press on it it will lock the doors on your side mirror here you do have your blind spot so somebody’s on your blind spot it will kind of light up and let you know when you open the door obviously has the full leather seats that you you would like they are heated seats as well power seat with the lumbar support right there over here we got power lock windows also

You have memory seats so if you have more than one driver you’re able to switch and don’t worry about it comes with a power liftgate at the back you can use your fob or the button to lift it um power and it also has your bose sound system which is a great upgraded a nice sound system as well when you come around here uh these are all your automatic headlights uh

This one is for the heads-up display which shows you the speedometer um instead of looking in the center screen here you’ll be able to look at the windshield i’ll show you here shortly let’s get in now it is a push button stir so i’m going to press and hold the break hit the stop button here let it start up turn the volume down a bit okay i’m gonna go come back

To the screen here shortly let’s look at what we have here now this one is your cruise control your heated steering wheel your front collision alert for your safety so if you’re getting too close to something it will alert you and let you know over here we got your wipers or your uh lights and stuff and it’s an automatic headlight so if it’s too dark outside

Let’s see if you’re driving on a highway it’s too dark the lights are high beams will automatically turn on and if it detects the car in front of you or car driving towards you it will shut it off that’s what the speedometer looks like the center screen is a full digital which is nice shows you the digital speedometer uh shows you the um as you see here tells

You the limit of the speed and then what the mode are you in and the two will drive and this part is for your bluetooth and this is to control the screen over there like that all right over here touchscreen is a bit bigger than what your current model is which is nice does have your navigation so as you can hit on it it doesn’t require any subscription anything

Like that or data it works with satellite as which is nice you do have your am fm satellite radio if you would like to play music through your phone and stuff it is available to do that as well also has your apple carplay android autos if you like to plug in your phone um you’ll be connected wirelessly which is nice and then a couple other feature now this one

Does have your um a 360 camera so as soon as you put in reverse uh that it shows you your backup camera and then if you try to remove your steering wheel predicts you which way you’ll be going and this is for your 360 camera so if you reverse it kind of tells you which way your front tires will be going and then as soon as you put in drive the camera will switch

Back to the front camera now it is a temperature sensitive so it will only i think cut off at like 20 kilometers or so but uh this 360 camera is super nice if you’re doing parallel parking or parking in a really tight spot you’ll be able to see exactly what’s in the front tire how close you’re getting and stuff so i think safety wise is a pretty nice feature

To have down here we got your heated seats a dual climate control as well so passenger driver can set their own temperature obviously passenger also has your heated heated seat as well over here we got some charging ports so we got some type c typical usb that you get and a normal um your cigarette lighter car charger over here down we got your engine shut off

Feature downhill assist lane departure alert so if you’re sliding out of lane and stuff it will alert you so as long as the light is on that means it’s on the other one we have is traction control and then the last one is your sensors for front and rear park assist now the shifter is a bit different they went away with the actual traditional shifter they started

With the switch and buttons here so kind of nice that gives you a little more room and then also here we have your parking brake it doesn’t have a foot release or anything like that i think it’s kind of similar to what your current model is let me show you our center console here there you go so opens up like that closes like that and then it kind of opens up with

The button a nice deep center console that you have also at the back i’ll show it to you there are heated seats and stuff now these are the full leather black seat let me show you one more time now the dash is full black as well now on the roof it has a full panoramic sunroof which is nice and then the the front glass obviously slides and open up where the back

One stays solid like a moon roof let me take you the back here tons of room on this one as well at the back you have your air vents at the back and the seats outside are heated so this part here and then the one on the other side will be a full heated seats let me take you the back now the liftgate is power so you double tap on your key fob and then fire opens

Up right up still get lots of room uh cargo wise there won’t be any compromise in your current model which is nice you are able to drop those seats down if you like to for extra room you do get a little bit light here um and then another charger inside a little storage underneath uh not too much crazy than what do you have and then that’s your spare tire with

Your jack and everything inside now at the back you do have your sensors same as the in the front as well and then the liftgate as i said it power either you can use your fob or hit the button to drop it down and this is for your backup camera right there as you can see now it is an all-wheel drive which you can turn on and off whenever you like let me give you

One more side look here i really like this new design when they changed it which is nice again this is the first year let’s look at the front one more time i hope you liked the video me and rhys will be in touch with you shortly if you do have any question you can either reach out to reese or myself at 647-355-3255 or our dealership number is 519-821-0520 you do

Have our email addresses so you can reach out to us as well thanks for watching bye for now

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2021 Buick Envision Essence with Technology package By AJ Maknojia