2021 Buick Envision review // This is a Buick??


Hold on is this really a buick i mean this thing looks fantastic if you want to get attention start with style back it up with content and a good price we’ll find out if this buick delivers andrea this is like returning to my youth i learned to drive on a buick my first car was a buick my mom had a buick my stepfather had a buick station wagon we were a buick

Family i’m a big fan with this one what’s under the hood a two liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission it has 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque in canada front-wheel drive comes standard on the base model all other trims are all-wheel drive but in the us every trim gets front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive all

Right we should probably uh tackle the elephant in the room this car is made where andrea it’s made in china now some people are really freaked out about that and they get all wigged out meanwhile this camera these lights the phone your laptop your flat screen tv yeah pretty much everything in your house is made in china but a car oh no no couldn’t do that hold

On zach you’re jumping ahead that’s actually our hot topic we also have questions coffee and cars for your consideration fuel economy pricing it’s all coming up but right now we’re going to get into the key standard features the envision comes standard with a 10.2 inch touchscreen wireless apple carplay and android auto heated front seats heated leather wrapped

Steering wheel hands-free power tailgate led headlamps and tail lamps a 17-inch spare tire 18-inch wheels forward collision alert blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert oh andrea this has got a push button transmission but what do we have to put it in you’ve got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit the notification bell it really helps

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You by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below so what do you want to say about this buick well it sure doesn’t look like a buick does it it’s youthful athletic looking what a great exterior design and

This is a vehicle that i think if you took the badge off it and you parked it on a street and you asked somebody what is that they couldn’t give you an answer well some of our followers from instagram said okay i see the stelvio i see a mazda i see a jag f pace i see the mdx with the front grille what buick hopes is you see some love and you walk into the dealer

And buy one that’s what they’re hoping but i think a very nice looking car oh really nice looking and buick really is looking for some younger buyers in this vehicle their average age is 59 but it has actually gone down over the past five years it used to be 65 so this is good news so a lot of people are interested in the avenir that’s their top posh kind of

Trim this is not that this is one down from that and it has the st trim which stands for what sport touring this has a sport touring package to it you can get it on the essence trim you can get it on the base model trim the avenir has a different look to it but this has the black accents throughout it’s got the black wheels it looks very cool and sporty it’s

Kind of the same thing cadillac has done cadillac has their luxury line yeah and they have their sport line you have to decide which one you like now one major remission i love it there’s no sunroof there is no panel roof this is this is just perfect for me in a sunny day so you can get a panel roof for almost eighteen hundred dollars which i would add to this

Essence trim for sure here’s the way we go in our house i don’t like a sunroof andrea says i want a sunroof guess what happens what do we get we will get a sunroof but also i think for resale value i think there’s more people who want a sunroof than not why would you not want a sunroof now sitting here looking over where you are it’s got this wrap around cockpit

It’s very stylish yeah it is stylish it’s got a 10.2 inch touchscreen i think it’s very well designed there’s plenty of storage it does have the button shifter which we are not a fan of these ones you pull up except for park you push down i mean it’s something to get used to i suppose but it’s definitely not for me i prefer the traditional console shifter it’s

The answer to the question nobody was asking honestly if you just put a regular shifter in there people wouldn’t be like oh i wish it had a push button trust me yeah nobody would be saying that these seats are super comfortable oh yeah oh my goodness soft plush i like the seating position you have this lower dash and you can sit up and over it it’s really quite

Nice from that seating position the dash blends right into the hood it’s a very well designed uh cockpit ergonomically comfortable really well put together you’ve got a floating dash that seems to be the trend these days but this wrap-around design facing the driver do you like that i don’t mind it i mean i think it’s really targeted to the driver to make it a

Very comfortable drive for you on size this is right in the meat of the compact luxury suv market so it’s basically the same size as an audi q5 as a cadillac xt5 xd5 might be a little bit bigger but the back seat is big backseat is super spacious it’s surprising to me i thought it would be a little bit smaller more like a q3 but it really is more like the q5 cargo

Space is sufficient yeah the cargo space um i think they’ve added more space to the rear seats and taken maybe a little bit out of the cargo space and i’m okay with that because if you really need more cargo space you can fold those seats down yeah this is longer and wider than the previous model it sits a little bit lower and it looks way better yeah makes it

Look sportier all right you had questions let’s get to them with coffee of course time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram how is the tech in the car compared to other infotainment systems it’s excellent they’ve improved the tech it now comes with wireless apple carplay and android auto as standard and it also has amazon alexa which

Is available general motors leads in this category you get standard onstar their vehicles come with a wi-fi hotspot you get android apple you get nice big screens and the thing for me is easy to use from 18 to 80 you can use this system that’s how good gender motor systems are just really simple and interesting from 16 to 80 but it doesn’t rhyme as well no okay

Okay he’s into the rhyming game today okay this is one that i’ve had my eye on do you know if there are any plans for this model to come with a v6 doubtful and does the four give it the hamster wheel around when hitting the highway yeah definitely a hamster wheel that’s harsh that’s harsh i would say that when you’re driving on the highway it’s fine it’s when

You accelerate quickly or you’re going up a hill that’s where you’re going to hear it a little bit this engine is quite noisy on startup when it’s cold initially once it warms after after about a minute or so it quiets right down yeah but that’s one thing they could certainly work on more style and presence than a cadillac xt5 in my opinion unless you really want

A caddy why would you buy one over this because it’s a caddy and also because there’s more power the xt5 offers two engines a turbo 4 which has more horsepower than this and of course a v6 with 310 horsepower but more expensive if you get the v6 so it’s hard to compare isn’t it the 3.6 liter v6 has been around forever that’s a proven powertrain so the cadillac

Is at the end of its run there’s going to be a new one coming this is a brand new vehicle so you’re comparing an old versus a new um do you like blondes do you like brunettes i’m going to use that a lot people seem to like that versus brunettes we know what he likes though right this one like you andrea that’s the right answer if i know what’s good for me good

One zach he’s smart this buick i believe has its power reduced to make it more affordable it used to have higher horsepower and torque for a luxury brand i don’t think that’s a smart idea to do that i always want a punchy vehicle if i choose to pay for a higher brand am i right well i think you are kind of right in a way this envision falls between two categories

It has this space of a q5 let’s say or a corsair but it has the horsepower and torque of a q33 x1 gla and it has the price point of those lower the lower ones it’s actually quite clever if you think about it because i’m here to tell you andrea a lot of people won’t care no they want they’ll go they’ll go oh i like the blue one i like the gray one you know what

People who are really really into car reviews and stuff like that you get it i get it we get it we want the power we get it but most people do not buy cars like that they go i like the way it looks i like the interior i like the color how much is it a month and is it comfortable a lot of people are commuting daily they’re in their car a lot and they prefer just

A comfortable drive than all the power but they’re getting a good deal with this car and that will actually be a bigger selling feature than having a little bit more power absolutely and that’s it thanks for all of your great questions as usual if you want to get a question in uh follow andrea it’s motormouth underscore andrea the link is also below and because

You hear the music it’s time for nightlife we keep back one question from questions coffee and cars and expand on it it’s our hot topic what’s this one andrea awesome looking vehicle unfortunately my limiting prescription of a vehicle that is manufactured in china is that it would not be of high quality or reliability which is very likely an inaccurate thought

I say all this while responding to you on my much beloved iphone that’s manufactured in china time will tell if it stands the test of time provided people buy it is he wondering how reliable his iphone’s going to be no i think he’s wondering about the voi uh you know what we have some information for you about buick that is going to be an eye opener for most

People andrea did some digging on jd power the 2021 dependability study puts buick at number five just below toyota okay so that’s this year i have been following this trend for about 10 years if you go back and you look at the dependability studies by the way that’s following cars after three years of ownership so they’re not brand new then you look at their

Initial quality study which is uh vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership which is when some issues can come up buick is near the top year after year after year after year these are very reliable vehicles yeah and you know 80 percent of buicks are sold in china and they are extremely popular there i am sure if they were breaking down all the time they wouldn’t

Be so popular well this is the thing about manufacturing processes around the world general motors has the same manufacturing processes where the cars made in indiana or china or you know maybe when they were used to be made in europe um so the quality that they put into the cars for north america will be the same as the chinese one of course and and that quality

For buick is very high it’s impressive actually when you look at all these different studies and you really drill down on it buick has done really well for itself all right what else can you buy for your money let’s have a look at that for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider a direct competitor from lincoln is the corsair it offers two engines a

Horsepower 2-liter 4-cylinder and a 280 horsepower 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine both come with an 8-speed automatic the 2-liter has a starting price of almost 45 000 and the 2.3 liter 59 000 up next is the cadillac xt5 it comes with two engines a two liter turbo four and a 3.6 liter v6 both with a nine-speed automatic transmission the turbo 4 has 235 horsepower

And the v6 310 horsepower it has a starting price of just over 44 000 and the v6 52 and a half thousand up next the acura rdx it has a 2-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission a lot of power at 272 horsepower and a starting price of 44 and a half thousand dollars and finally the audi q5 the number one seller in this category it has

A 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission 261 horsepower and a starting price of 46 and a half thousand dollars so there are four vehicles for you to consider okay andrea when i say buick what do you think soft suspension comfortable luxurious that’s exactly what this is this is not going to be your typical european driving

Suv it’s more in the traditional sort of north american luxury it’s very smooth it’s very comfortable but there’s a big market for that andrea people like comfortable soft relaxing cars and this is what this is i see why people would really enjoy this why they would buy it yeah it’s comfortable so buick is trying to get you interested because of the way it looks

Looks dynamic but once you find the price i think it’s going to get some people excited the envision base model front-wheel drive starts at just over 36 thousand dollars the all-wheel drive base model is thirty eight and a half thousand and the avenir all-wheel drive top trim is almost forty five thousand here’s the fuel economy 10.5 liters per hundred kilometers

City 8.2 on the highway that’s 22 miles per gallon city and 29 miles per gallon highway i think for me and i think for zach as well we really like this sporty exterior look so we would get the essence trim but we would add the sport touring package for just almost thirteen hundred dollars there’s a technology one package for almost three thousand dollars where

You get the bose surround system and you get the head up display and front and rear parking you kind of want this yeah you kind of want that and then i would also get the panoramic sunroof zach would probably go without it but i think for resale value it’s a good one to have or i just want to sleep on the sofa i mean it’s pretty straight forward so yeah basically

It’s the car we have here but with the sunroof yes that’s the way we would get it what’s that going to run so that’s going to run at 46 000 which is more than the top trim aveniere which is around 45 000. but i think if you want a sporty look then you have to kind of go with that now if you are on a very tight budget you can get a trim that’s lower because it comes

With so many standard features and the active safety features on this are all standard it is quite something plenty of tech a youthful looking exterior will buick get some younger buyers with this new envision well the price is right that’s for sure this video is brought to you by car cost canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest

Rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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