2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV

Hello and thank you for your interest in this 2021 escalade esv i want to send you a quick video of the vehicle one of the things you’ll notice is the refresh rate as we go around on some of these with the led lighting on it looks like it’s flashing in some of the video and it’s not flashing in real life so that’s just one of the weird things that comes through in

Video sometimes has these absolutely gorgeous two-tone wheels that go really nice with the sport package on this where you have the blackout trim along with the blackout wheels absolutely gorgeous truck of course you’ve got the signature led tail lights in the rear they get really into the details on this and you can even see when you get in hopefully it comes

Through in the video the cadillac emblem at the bottom and all the different detailing up through the tail light the attention to detail is spectacular in this car one of the really cool little features just press the cadillac that’s how it opens so many people get a little confused on that and it’s kind of funny but i think it’s a neat little thing they do to

Hide it you have this akg system which is absolutely amazing subwoofer in the rear here you have different power hookups you have your controls for the power fold seats just hit the button folds right down gives you the instant cargo space that you need if you got something big hold the button down folds right back up super convenient feature for the flexibility

Of cargo space versus passenger space in this vehicle again that sport package trim where everything’s blacked out around the windows i don’t know if you saw when i opened the door there but this does have the retractable running boards automatically go back up and in as soon as you open the door pop right out absolutely spectacular upgraded interior we’ll get a

Little more around the front on that too super cool dual screen entertainment system for your rear passengers you can stream from any smart device to the screens you can swipe stuff from one screen to the other screen in the back you have full usb hookups and power down here for them you have the rear heated seat controls and rear climate controls and you have

This massive two-row sunroof always like to stop on the window sticker just so you can and you can even pause if you’d like if you’d like a little bit more detail on it but again this is 2021 esv sport crystal white with that brandywine with dark atmosphere they call it that’s an upgraded interior down to the sticker price for it all the different details on

It another cool feature that not a lot of manufacturers put in is the factory remote start lock it you hit the button twice on the remote vehicle fires right up great feature especially on those warmer cold mornings when you want to get the climate control system going in the vehicle stepping into the driver and again the level of detail just even the little

Cadillac emblems in the door handle there so cool and again with this upgraded interior the wood the brushed aluminum real wood real aluminum a lot of competitors try to cheat that and use plastic coated pieces and a cadillac everything you see it looks like metal is metal everything you see that looks like wood is wood again with this upgraded interior you get

The diamonds in the seat very upscale looking seat pattern you can even see the speakers in the headrests of these two for that sound system again you have the speakers in the door there are speakers in the dash they are everywhere and again as we come to life here one of the most amazing things with it is this 38 inch q-led 4k complete display you can see the

Front camera and you do it the screen is a touch screen but you also have this dial control here so as i spin the dial it lights things up as you can see you can click on that and when you go to something like navigation it completely will fill in as you can see incredible feature i could spend a 10 minute video just playing with all these screens and showing

You what’s going on with them again we hit some of these buttons you hit the little button over here for the center display you can change it there’s night vision come back over here real quick which won’t activate right now you can switch it to gauge mode you see the center screen changes to gauges you switch it to map mode well and i will say that one takes

A little while to boot up so let’s just go back to the camera and again this absolutely gorgeous wood that goes all the way through the center console all the way through the dash and around to the doors just can’t say enough about it absolutely spectacular if we missed anything please let me know i i know it’s not we didn’t touch on everything in here but just

Wanted to get you an idea of some of the main features otherwise we look forward to seeing you soon here at hendrick buick gmc cadillac in cary north carolina thank you again for your interest

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2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV By Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac