2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Sport T471218

Beautiful and complete with Super Cruise and Night Vision. Price Drastically Reduced. Text Darrell at Twin Falls VW 208-404-9407 or call 208-733-2954.

Good afternoon this is daryl age at twin falls volkswagen here is a beautiful cadillac escalade 600 it is the platinum sport model um this one is loaded including super cruise and night vision what a gorgeous car just can’t believe how pretty it is it just came in has less than 70 less than 8 000 miles on it what a gorgeous car i’ll go over it’s got the front

Collision on it of course sensors of all kinds windshields not cracked or chipped it’s got uh it’ll park itself both uh parallel and uh pull in parking or packing in parking tires are good it’s got a clear bra you can see it right here does go all the way down covers the bumper the whole bumper is covered with it which makes it nice helps protect it power

Folding mayors heads up display power as you can see it’s got power running boards push button start intelligent key and i’ve got the keys in my pocket of course your memory seats and power windows and locks heated and cooled seats just about every option you could want on this beautiful car auto modes trailer brake let’s see what this is how this looks like of

Course i’m kind of facing in the sun at the moment so kind of get this and now the sun a bit down out of the sun you can see 73 187 miles course it’s got video navigation everything you want control down here shift auto hold your command controller for your radio system height right height all’s done here too i’m sorry button down here controls your ride

Height like to show you more of this should have changed the way it was parked uh your rear view mirror of course there’s a camera visor vanity mirror oh that guy’s got a face for a paper bag panoramic sunroof just a beautiful car slide your phone in here it charges your phone cup holders more power -ups plenty of storage underneath here usb everything look

At the rest of the car side curtain airbags all the way around and i’m still playing with his car trying to figure out everything about it so we just cut it in it’s a gorgeous ride and it comes with automatic 6.2 liter v8 engine seat slide forward and backwards folding entertainment centers more usb your climate and controls there for your everything foreign

That’s a beautiful car walk around it here trailer hitch it has the kick under to open the yeah if you figure out right where it goes it’ll open the tailgate and of course i can’t figure it out so let’s just use the key and do it right there we go forgive my jittery hands i have tremors so it’s sometimes get in my way pair folding rear seats they go down really

Fast nice storage here overall this is a really a gorgeous car it’s there i was trying to look there we go that falls flat nice plenty of room you got usbc port over there you’ve got another one over here cup holders moves nice i like that power passenger seat foreign ers manual overall this a gorgeous car side curtain airbags this is what kills me if i

Understand that right you even got speakers in the back of the headrests how nice is that i mean that way you can hear one of my biggest complaints in my car sometimes is i can’t hear the music real well without turning the real up way up and of course i’m partially deaf so maybe that has part to do with that you’ve got a clear bra on the back of the mirrors as

Well overall folks this is a gorgeous car you couldn’t go wrong with this beauty 2021 cadillac escalade

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