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2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Crew Cab

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Hello sharon and richard justin pill here over at aldermans uh richard this is that truck that you saw today um and i wanted to make sure i put a little video tour together so uh you both can get a recap on it and sharing so you could see uh the features inside now but this is this is a beautiful crew cab silverado it’s a 2021 um and it’s actually the last one

We have on the lot here i don’t know if you guys know about the truck shortage but there’s not many of them out there and uh this is one we still have so it’s a beaut that beautiful north sky blue metallic color um you can see really blends in nicely in the front end um love the the way the chevrolet is cut out in there and uh it’s a beautiful truck you got tow

Hooks right here in the front really nice uh headlights love these air scoops too those are really sharp and uh same with the hood but as you can see with the crew cab you get a ton of space both inside and out uh plenty of room for your dog and i’ll show you the inside there in a second here what i really like here these are these these nice wheels they go they

Complement this truck color very nicely i had a 2019 silverado myself crew cab i love the space um especially in the back you know this seats down you can see and see how much space is in there with the with the seats down um and then even with the seats up you get a ton more space in there so if you uh need to put like packages in there uh you got tons of room

The seats go down really nicely and uh these are the cloth seats but what i really like about the cloth seats it’s it’s very comfortable but also very very durable um i was telling um richard that i can put i can attest to it because i have two crazy white border collies that shed constantly and these i’ve had the truck for two years and these seats just hold

Up very nice um very easy to clean too but here’s the cockpit view you can see how it’s laid out um very nice inside and all the features are right at your fingertips very easy to use and i’ll go over some of that with you too but you can see i’m i’m almost six feet tall and i got tons of room back here uh it’s very comfortable plus you got these nice handles

That help you get in and out of the vehicle let’s check out some of the features up here we got power windows and door locks here’s your transfer case with the auto it’s kind of like all-wheel drive you’re four high there’s off-road mode or like four low got your trailering uh mode set right there for you got some lights that light up the bed of the truck and

Automatic lighting your cruise control is there right on the steering wheel and then you get a really nice big center console some nice storage but this goes up too um in case you need any more room in the front i was telling richard how i that’s my baby gate for my dogs because they like to jump around so i put that up keeps them in the back seat if you want

To have it go down you just grab that just like that and actually hop in here and uh this is a 2021 it’s a brand new truck to get remote start right here on the key fob this will drop the tailgate which i’ll show you in a minute but let me actually start it up there’s a whopping 22 miles on this but they lay out the touchscreen really nicely you can sync your

Phone via bluetooth depending on if you have an apple or android you can run apple carplay and you basically you can sync your favorite apps like google maps if you listen to music or podcasts you can sync it right to the the stereo in the truck which is very nice and it’s very easy to use and customize here’s your volume knob your home controls your cell phone

To make to make calls right from the truck here’s your climate control the fan selectors different fan throws you do have the automatic start stop but you can turn it off if you don’t like it this is a button to drop the tailgate traction control and a little outlet you can see the outlet right there and then the usb port so you can charge your cell phone so

It’s very nice in here actually i’ll shut the truck off and i’ll show you the back just love the color on it uh capless fuel so you just have to do that and uh don’t worry about a cap uh the bet there’s the back and now you can see that blue color kind of trimmed out the bumpers too it’s all set up for towing you can see your trailer hitch right there full-size

Spa underneath and the wiring controls right there uh what i like about here is you grab a hold of there and um there’s a nice little step so you can get in and out of the truck does have a backup camera and then i’m actually going to use the button on the remote here to drop it and it goes down nice and easy just like that super light too and uh the beds got

Nice uh cargo hooks and all four corners and you do have a nice little auxiliary outlet right on the back too yeah there’s a beautiful truck here it’s a 2000 four-wheel drive of course 2021 chevrolet silverado 1500 crew cab i hope this video was helpful and uh guys have yourself a great day

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2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC