2021 Chevrolet Spark REVIEW

Today we checkout the 2021 Chevrolet Spark Hatchback Car. Watch as our Sales Manager does a full features overview of the different trims levels and walk through on this Caribbean Blue Metallic exterior on Jet Black/Dark Anderson Silver cloth interior hot hatchback.

Hey folks brad ladrew here western gm in drumheller alberta canada today we’re looking at our very first 2021 you can see it chevrolet spark now if you’re not familiar with the spark it’s sold in over 35 countries across the world it’s a world car for general motors it’s in its fourth generation and it’s a very popular car for the general um in the car business

There’s a very important thing called conquests so that means you take them out of a ford and you put them in a chev or you take them out of a chevy and you put them in a ford and it’s really important to car companies so that they earn new customers or they gain new customers and one of the things that is a very cool statistic about this car is that over 60

Percent of the owners of this car has never owned a general motors vehicle before and a lot of things uh there’s a lot of reasons for it so i’m going to talk i don’t want to go too long today keep this under 10 minutes but some of the main reasons for that is that gm has made a very good affordable car not a cheap car okay so first off let’s just pop the hood

I’m doing this one-handed like always so you want to pop the hood you put your hand here you slide to the right lift up you’ve got your hood prop right here and you can see hooks in there so pretty straightforward you’ve got a 1.4 liter ecotec four-cylinder engine okay it’s a full aluminum engine with integrated head gasket as well exhaust manifold as well and

You’ve got your air filter box here zero w20 full synthetic oil in this baby dipstick radiator overflow your brake fluid your battery and your windshield washer fluid everything’s very easy to access okay um 100 you’ve got 98 horsepower so almost 100 horsepower and you’ve got 94 foot-pounds of torque in this vehicle as well so which is plenty of get up and

Go for a car this small and light let’s put that hood prop back up let’s drop her back down so if you’re not familiar with the spark it’s available in canada here in three trim levels the ls the 1lt and the 2lt now if you live in america instead of having a 2lt they have an active and the active model has a different wheel actually has a 2 inch suspension

Lift and it has roof rack rails presumably for your surfboard in california or your skis in colorado so pretty straightforward and when it comes to trim levels here in canada and price it’s one of the few cars that gm makes that you can still get in a manual transmission so this car in canada is right around ten thousand bucks in a one ls or i should say just

Ls in a manual transmission okay then if you go up into a um one lt and a manual transmission you’re looking at about fifteen thousand add a thousand if you want it to be the cvt transmission and then when you go to the two lt the top end model you’re looking at about a nineteen thousand dollar car here in canada so very very affordable car and again if you

Think about it there’s a lot of people that you know they’re looking at a pre-owned car that’s a couple years old with say 60 70 80 000 kilometers and they’re looking at a fifteen sixteen thousand dollar price point and that’s what this is what they’re buying from general motors instead why buy that used civic or or corolla would you can get a more fun to drive

Car in this chevrolet spark for around town and a great looking car at that it’s not a like i said they didn’t cheap out on the styling or anything like that and if you watch my 2020 video i go into a little bit more detail about how in its third uh generation the gm got the corvette engineering team to take a quick look at it and to do a couple updates so for

Example you got four channel abs brakes the front brakes are vented your rear brakes are drum again all about maintenance and inexpensive your headlights and your taillights and this thing they’re all your cheap halogen bulbs so again very inexpensive to replace these bulbs another big thing here this is important for a lot of people a lot of these cars nowadays

And even there’s vans minivans they don’t have a spare tire anymore so gm even gave you a spare tire with this vehicle so a lot of people really like that as well you’ve got this little privacy storage here so again groceries you know a small puppy or dog kennel that sort of thing back here you know you’re going you know to and fro the job site in town you’ve

Got lots of room back here for backpack that sort of thing you can see a little overview in four passenger seating and you know what i’m a big guy six foot two sixty so real quick i’ve got that front seat set up perfectly for me in the front but even with that you can see i’ve got about three fingers of knee room and my feet go right up and under the seat very

Comfortably okay quick overview here and again cupholder armrest or cup holder right here another funny statistics for you here in north america this is crazy at any given time there’s 1.4 vehicle 1.4 people in a vehicle at any given time so the vast majority of time there’s no one ever in the back seats of your vehicle there’s usually just yourself driving

So we always seem to focus on the front of the vehicle and that that obviously makes sense so even though this is an expensive car you’ve got nice soft touch materials here i like the texturing on this plastic and you’ve even got this nice piano black finish here on the door when you look at your trim levels i mentioned before so when you go from an ls to

An lt you still get the backup camera you still get the seven inch display apple carplay android auto on an ls when you upgrade to the lt you’re going to get your alloy wheels your power door locks and your power windows okay and finally your steering mounted audio and cruise control when you go from the 1lt to the 2lt you get the leatherette interior that’s

Heated seats as well so that’s the major differences between the three trim levels here in canada now i’m just going to sit down real quick so again talking about textures and i’m going to try to get this to focus but even on the the dash of this vehicle you’ve got this nice texturized pattern here okay you can see the chrome then you’ve got this again metal

Look right here with this piano black so it looks really really nice it’s not cheap looking inside okay you can see your air conditioning fan speed all that sort of stuff and then your seven inch display with like i said the backup camera is standard on all trim levels and so is apple carplay and android auto so really quick here you got the home button here

Okay and you also have i’ll zoom out of it home button right here so you can see how quick and intuitive the gm system is but if you have a modern say iphone or android phone when you plug this in this will become the screen will become your android or iphone so it’ll have your approved apps of course like your waze maps your google waypoints for your google

Maps your contacts your audiobooks um all that sort of stuff right in here so that you’ve got and turn on the volume so that you’ve got that familiarity you’re already used to so really really awesome again that’s standard on all trim levels now another thing with all the gm cars especially the sparks is that you’ve got the 4g lte wi-fi in the vehicle with

Wi-fi hotspot outside temperature sensor you’ve got your time right here as well and then you’ve got your onstar as well so nowadays onstar is three different things of course it’s the 4g lte wi-fi it’s the emergency sos function here so again when you push this button you’re actually on the phone with a trained emt that can help you in many different ways get

Through a really bad situation and then finally you can have an app on your phone that starts your car if it has a remote starter unlock your doors set off your alarm all that sort of stuff check your tire pressure your fuel levels all that sort of thing so really really neat onstar again standard on all the trim levels as well and moving on down we talk about

Transmissions so again in canada the ls at a ten thousand dollar price point with a five-speed manual um you can also get for a thousand dollars more a cvt now i’m just gonna step out here when we talk about just to give you a better overview here when you talk about the cvt transmission what’s really important to know is that a lot of our competitors in this

Category are running a single stage cvt or a single pulley and we use a two pulley system and one of the things that does for you gives you better performance around town so again that your engine is 98 horsepower and 94 foot-pounds of torque great performance for a small little car like this and in canada this is a 40 mile per gallon car which is 7.0 liters

Overall combined fuel economy which is absolutely fantastic and as the fuel economy is even a smidgen better in the manual transmission so again if you like all the options in this lt when you move up to the cvt you’re only spending a thousand dollars more than the manual transmission and the last thing i want to talk about outside real quick here is these white

Accenting so if you notice okay so all around the grill lower fog light mirror caps and again on the roof and the lt you can get an optional sunroof and this has the optional sunroof but this is called a sport package so in canada we have a sport edition and depending on the color of exterior you can choose this to be black or for it to be white and it’s only

About 780 bucks so it’s a really nice way to deck out your car but again nice looking car world car for general motors and you know what i’m just gonna do this real quick i’m just gonna go for a quick drive a lot of people are still scared about cvt transmissions and it’s the whining and how loud they are in your cabin when you accelerate but listen to this

Of course we got some icy roads here and that seatbelt ding so let’s do this again so you can see and here the car is not loud at all and that’s one of the surprising things i really encourage you to get on down to your local chevrolet store if you’re in this classic car you’re looking at a yaris you’re looking at at a kia or a hyundai you should take this

Thing for a drive and you’ll find it real quick that it’s quiet and it’s comfortable and again the key highlight here is that it’s a fun affordable car not a cheap car there you go folks it’s another one take shoot here from brad at western gm in drumheller alberta cheers you

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2021 Chevrolet Spark REVIEW By WesternGMDrumheller