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2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited

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Here it is the new styling sportish aggressive front end got this 2021 chrysler pacifica limited in blue has a 3.6 pin star motor this thing with the hybrid engine gets 80 miles per gallon 30 on just the motor alone has that really aggressive front end you got cameras all over this thing sensors all over this thing got the projection led bulbs at the led side

Markers here really nice vehicle let’s shut this hood yeah great vehicle this has uh three to 37 ish miles per hour a pedestrian stop for you so if you’re out there getting away from the soccer games or whatever you’re going to be able to not run a run over any kids which is always a good thing right open up the back of this thing and you can see these rear seats

They do fold down pull those up with the easy pull tabs here those seats do pull down and there’s just a tab here on the side where you use those to get those seats down and they do fold and stow evenly back into the cabin so you have all this space here for stowing capacity you have a place to plug in for maybe a cooler and then you have for your roadside

Emergencies to air up those tires just in case here’s that charger for the hybrid system and then you have wait till we get inside you can see what these bad boys are for your uconnect five i’ll be telling you about that here in a second press this guy here and it’ll close this door down the uconnect 5 is a new feature on these vehicles this blue color is ocean

Blue metallic so we’re just going to jump right in here you can see this has the harman kardon speaker system in it you got a place to open up your fuel here this has the folding side mirrors memory seating the uconnect 5 is the fastest it’s the newest system unlike any other thing they’ve ever come out with this is a 10.1 inch display you have tom tom navigation

In this thing it really comes with a lot of really cool uh benefits so this is my first time playing with one of these uconnect five systems so you have apps here you can go in and you have amazon alexa your device manager your media uh this actually with the uconnect 5 system you can pair your phone wirelessly to this system which is cool and you saw the

Amazon alexa there you can actually use amazon alexa from the interior of your home to start your vehicle and all sorts of things so as long as your new van has a cell phone signal you’ll be able to start this bad boy up go home on here and you can see how you can have all these different uh settings on this the apps you can go into categories here it looks like

Select each one from the side menu your favorites recent uconnect theater show you a little bit more about that in the back there are a place there’s a place in the back to watch dvds so you have a dvd player inside here pretty cool stuff this one has the ability to park itself we’ve seen before in some of the ram limited trucks as a lane departure warning a lot

Of safety features that you want your family to have this vehicle has a surround camera as you can see there they got 360 top view pretty cool and you can toggle through each one here individually this is the hybrid controls i guess you can control on here you have a fam cam so you can see what’s going on in the back check on the kiddos make sure everybody’s

Okay have a way to safely uh ensure that everyone’s getting along on those long road trips pretty cool the display brightness on this can be changed you can have a key sense custom pin this is all the different safety and driving features that are available on this vehicle pretty cool stuff this has automatic wipers on it so they’ll automatically turn on when

It starts raining out there yeah a lot of really neat stuff on that system we’ll go into more depth on that later once i learn more about it myself let’s take a look now at more of the van itself so you have adaptive cruise control on this vehicle here you have the ability to maybe talk to amazon alexa show me the quickest route to philip 66 phillips 66 this is

Everything i found which do you want number one phillips 66 510 st louis avenue excelsior yeah so that is pretty crazy no more uh having to give a preparatory command um this thing is literally just listening to me talk right now that is super cool um press that vr button could you please repeat that cancel cancelled it’s literally listening to me talk and uh

Has a really neat 3d display it showed me where the local gas station was with simple language uh it’s not like it used to be folks our vehicles really are integrating into our lives yeah super convenient for driving when you don’t want to have to figure out the exact words you can just kind of say what you want to say in normal english and this thing’s going to

Get the job done this is the fastest this thing’s like i don’t even know 50 times faster i believe they said so many uh updates from the uconnect 4 the uconnect 5 is the newest latest greatest in the uconnect system and we have it in this and we’re also going to have it in a couple other vehicles coming out this year in 2021 so back to the van here you can toggle

Through your screen it’s kind of a traditional thing you can see all the different settings tires and all those things with these arrows here that’s always neat with that huge screen you have on this you can go up and down and then left and right to go to different things you can change the radio presets on the back of the station here on the left hand side

Then on the right hand side as well traditional bright lights and headlights and all these things headlights down here auto setting uh mirrors i mean part of me your windshield wipers here got your universal garage door opener above us that’s what these buttons are here for you can open your doors the rear sliding doors here on the top center console you can

Open the back hatch and then you can also open your other door on the right hand side there above us here this is super cool so you have a ability to tilt you have the ability to tilt the sunroof there’s a huge sunroof in this thing and then there’s a shade that covers it and everything just gotta check this out super cool really big one here in the front this

Is obviously gonna help eliminate a lot of that road sickness then you got a big one in the back there as well we’ll hop back there here in a second check that out but yeah you can open this puppy up let’s take a look at this tilt it open like that and let’s see what i’m doing now is i’m opening up there’s a screen that’ll cover the whole thing i don’t want to

Cover it right now though press it once it goes back on its own it’s pretty neat all right so this is pretty cool here we’re gonna press this button okay press that one time and this slides back and now you got well it’s raining today we don’t want to have it raining on our parade here close that bad boy up pretty cool got the s here on the seats because you

Know you’re going to be a super dad driving this thing around oh show really cool you got some great storage space in here place to plug in your phone usb c usb and a power and then you have huge under capacity storage area plenty of room to put your man purse man you’re driving the kids around town you got power seats got a place to store your umbrella open

This back hatch up here let’s get in the back so this is cool um this little guy here is easy access so you just flip that up and it allows you to get in and out of that back seat easily so not having to climb over everything looks like the seat look how back far back that thing reclines yeah i’m taking a nap in the back seat someone else is driving on my next

Road trip slide that back and let’s take a look now at the front of this seat let’s go ahead and hop in here put this arm rest up so we can get in so once we’re in we’re going to press that door little button there this is cool what they’ve done inside these vans these days so you get into the back of a van nowadays i remember riding in these things back when

Uh it was the old ford windstar my parents had and this back window i was just like can we just roll the windows down and then you just would crack the little thing in the back you know the little wing windows they used to have and now you can roll these things straight all the way down see that i mean you can roll them pretty much all the way down a little safety

Ledge there’s so the dog doesn’t jump out i guess right but uh yeah get some real fresh air these days riding around the back of a minivan instead of having those tacky pull up sun shades too you got these guys that fold up here so you can see that right there blocking that sun you can get the fresh air you can get it all at the same time block cell and get fresh

Air all the same time pretty cool yeah a little hook here to hang your clothes neat little led light there very smooth styling you can really feel the quality in this thing now check this out so you have games for the kids to play already downloaded on this thing so the kids can come back here and play checkers because you have one in the back of this seat and

You have one in the back of that seat so let’s just try this out here new game let’s do uh one player so i’m the black okay let’s see here okay so i’m playing against a computer that’s pretty cool let’s exit now and let’s go back into checkers i want to see uh if we go do two player are we gonna be playing are we playing against this guy over here let’s click

On apps click on checkers accept challenge oh boom look at that now you can play games against anybody in the back of the car this is pretty pretty wild so i mean there’s tons of stuff you can do in these new vans i’m definitely not driving one of these things i’m hopping in the back seat and i’m gonna be playing some backseat bingo or checkers you better

Believe that so that’s what those headrests those headsets i was telling you guys about earlier all about it is like a world of discovery inside this thing so down here you have a little button not quite sure what that does yet but yeah you can recline these seats back relax you got a little place here for your usb uh hdmi so you must be able to hook up like a

Gaming system to this thing so i mean if you want to hook up a gaming system you can do that that’s pretty pretty cool let’s hop in the back seat here let’s see what it’s like for the people in the back this was always the worst place in the world you know this ain’t too bad in this one here this ain’t too bad at all up over here you got some decent room i mean

My legs aren’t touching the back of the seat i got that thing all the way back that’s the one i was just in this guy he still has the opportunity to get some of that sun out of his face too it’s always nice you got your own little man we gotta hold up we gotta hold on here just in case mom or dad decide to step on the gas and start driving you got a little hang

Up deal back here too well gal dang that’s neat and you got to have them vents you know and you got this here you got this guy but what if i want to take a nap this thing here this closes this pulls out and this will close all you got to do is request from your captain up front pretty neat and then on the back here on this side it looks like we have a place to

Hook in our usb and usbc still these seats do they recline oh yeah they recline so i’m reclined back right now in this back seat you can see here boom this van is dope oh man i wish my mom and dad would have had this van growing up as a kid let’s come back up here i just saw something up here pretty cool you can control your own heating and air but we know that

You can turn that stuff off up front yeah folks there is a ton of cool stuff in this van there’s a ton of cool stuff i’m your dodge dude i’m over here at heartland chrysler dodge jeep and ram my name is mark and i am your product professional if you have any questions about this feel free to give me a call you can reach out to me on my cell phone make sure you

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Four thanks for watching and you guys have a great day bye now

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