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2021 Chrysler Pacifica Review

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2021 chrysler pacifica touring l this one is finished off in a glossy gray exterior that is not the actual color code that’s just what it looks like here in this part here in the uh both the front door handles you have smart key access push the button on the door the door is locked grab behind doors unlock do you have a white or beige-ish creamy white colored

Interior it’s also a leather interior but to start make sure the key fob is within the interior put your foot on the brake and hit the dash mounted button to go let’s go and cut on the headlights the high beams as well as the hazards drivers when both front windows are fully automatic you do have your led high beams headlights daytime running lights and halogen

Turn signals chrysler badge up there inch wheels running on 235 65 r17s you have an led turn signal in the mirror there to open the rear doors you have a few different options from the outside you can pull the handle or push the button you can also use all the options to close as well you do a button there a handle there and a button up there which i will show

You later like i said push the button it’ll close led brake lights tail lights turn signals and led reverse lights it looks like as well pacifica badge as well as your chrysler batch right there easy fuel no e85 let’s go and turn off the high beams turn on the fog lights you do also have led fog lights there the interior of the vehicle will time to let you

Know that the key fob has lost proximity of the interior it’s going to turn off the fog lights headlights and lots of hazards you do have a fully leather up steering wheel here you have a lock and unlock on the door rear window lockout your window controls your front window controls and your mirror controls it’s your door lock indicator there door handle memory

Settings for the seats headlight controls different dimmer controls there your blinkers flash your high beams turn your high beams on over here is all your wiper controls turn on the front wipers you do that one rear wiper is this just spray pull the front windshield pull it to spread the rear windshield push it also you do have that rear wiper there here on

The steering wheel you have your gauge cluster controls call hang up your voice to your voice commands cruise control your adaptive cruise control and some different safety features right there here in vehicle info you have your tire pressure coolant temp trans temp oil temp oil pressure oil life and battery battery voltage into engine hours down here you have

Your driver assistance fuel economy got a few different ones there trip info you have a trip a and a trip b your start stop which you can also turn off right there with that button your audio messages screen setup speedometer back to your vehicle info there um here is your center screen area with your different center console controls your gear selector

Right there with your automatic parking brake uh your volume controls your auto stop your auto stop off your parking sensors off oops your lane keep assist off traction control off your mute hazard light screen off you can just push that your ac control is there dual zone um here in the center screen home page phone audio just your audio slash media phone

Vehicle camera settings there controls comfort so you can do your driver and passenger air where you want it your two-stage heated seats as well as your one stage heated steering wheel your different apps here you do have a usbc two usb c’s two usb as an auxiliary jack down here you also have a 12 volt outlet a usbc and a usb a storage department right here

With coin storage so you forget to mention that you do have a backup camera with guidance lines to turn when you turn the steering wheel just going to hop into the passenger side i think there’s a little sensor up there on the grill kind of see it for the uh collision detection systems all that i did forget to mention here in the center console you do have a

Little storage compartment right there two cupholders a little storage department there and another storage department down there um glove box here there’s a little light in it again your automatic both your front windows are automatic with your lock indicator more lock and unlock buttons there uh visors with mirrors in them or and lights both them do extend

Both the visor to extend your dome lights your rear tailgate both your power doors for about power rear doors you can turn the power off to them sunglasses holder there it shows a little holder for your k to see your kids you got your home like garage horses from there i guess that’s what i think that’s what it’s called just getting into the rear you do have

A usbc a usb-a in the back of both front seats and a storage pocket as well the seats do have a adjustment for where you want the backrest to be do you have a sunshade both of these seats grab handle dome light air vents as well as a zone for back here okay it’s locked right now but you have a rear climate zone as well here in the third row there’s a little

Storage compartment there’s a cup holder on that side with two couplers on this side and one storage apartment uh again more window shades dome lights um pretty basic back here not much both these seats do have arm rests here you do have a power liftgate to close it you can just push that button right there this loop here release the headrests to pull the seats

Down you’re supposed to pull this this loop and then pull this loop next i’ll show i’m not gonna be able to show you that but i will show you what it looks like when it’s down that is what it looks like when it’s down here’s your spare tire over here in this compartment you just pop that piece of plastic off and spray tires in there as well as a 12 volt cigarette

Style outlet right there for your middle seat belt in the rear you have this right there which plugs into two different spots just forget to mention how to hold down the rear seats here you can see that latch right there a little bit better for the tilting of the seat there to get into back here you can pull this latch seat moves forward um to pull to use the

Stone and go see it’s a little loop right there pull it once that folds pull it again moves all the way forward and then to lift back up you just kind of like grab the seat push push don’t pop the hood there you can see your 3.6 liter naturally aspirated v6 compared to a nine speed automatic transmission let’s go ahead and get an exhaust flip of this vehicle

Here real quick come on that was around 3250 it does have a built-in ram limiter for when you’re in park or actually that was neutral but it does have a built-in rail limiter the driver seat is automatic you can also adjust the height of the armrest here push that button the farthest uh up you can go right there though but with that said it’s going wrong with

The window i think we need to go go ahead and shut this one down shall we don’t knock it up do you forget to mention on the key fob you do have lots of different things you can do you can remote start it just push the button twice turn on and you can open the liftgate here and then open each rear door lock this one up peace out see you next one

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2021 Chrysler Pacifica Review By Chevy Camaro Guy 2010