2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Review – RUGGED

2021 Ford Bronco Sport review by The Straight Pipes. The Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is pumping out 250 hp and 277 lb-ft torque from a 2L turbo 4 cylinder. Sitting at $45,549 CAD, would this be your pick over the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, Jeep Compass Trailhawk, Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, Toyota Rav4 Trail, Toyota Rav4 TRD Off Road?

I’m jacob i’m yuri i’m going for a drive 2021 for bronco sport badlands without launch control brake boost pretty good for something in this class really not bad horsepower and torque 250 horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque from a two-liter turbo four-cylinder i should have said bronco power instead of horsepower oh damn it broncos let’s do it again bronco

Power and bronco tour okay i think we’re over that okay let’s just get this right off the bat this is not the full-size bronco this is not a real bronco it is a bronco sport however currently at this time the time that we were driving it this commands so much attention on the road everybody stares at this thing and everybody thinks it’s the bronco yeah a lot

Of people don’t really know the difference and that’s fine because the people who like it like it and they’re gonna buy it so good for ford again ford is kind of killed in the marking department by making this as well as the mustang machi because the mustang name the bronco name they know what they’re doing to get attention they’re doing a good job of using the

Same names across completely different models it’s like if toyota did the rav4 and then the 4runner was the rav4 pro yes pretty much all right cliche corner okay let’s see what happens oh definitely lots of body roll lots of understeer this is all wheel drive it is a heavily front biased system this is a different system than the rest of the broncos because of

The badlands we do have clutch packs on the rear diff so you can change kind of how the power varies around is that with your goat modes yes yuri they are go anywhere terrain or whatever it’s called go over any terrain that’s what they’re called because like goat’s supposed to mean greatest of all time yes good good good marketing therefore exactly well let’s

Just get into those drive modes we have a lot of them starting with slippery sport eco normal mud ruts sand and we also have rock crawl those two additional modes you get on the badlands okay the animations are pretty sweet but like sometimes there’s a little bit of lag in that system and just getting to all the modes it’s just yeah yeah and then like if you

Have your traction off and you change the mode there’s so many screens overlapping warnings it’s like ah and there’s definitely pumped in audio especially in sport mode so i’m just gonna floor it okay and then i’m going to put it back into normal mode i’ll put an eco even better but see they changed it so the modes don’t vary as quickly as they did in the edge

St so there’s no like it’s not a hard crossover so i think they probably watched our last video where we complained about that kind of stuff and then came out with an alternate solution and so driving this bronco it actually feels really nice on the road the suspension is really soft it would probably do pretty well off-road we don’t have the opportunity to drive

It off-road just because we haven’t had too much time with it but i mean on the road where i realistically most people are going to be driving this thing this is not the full-size real bronco it feels great the spring is really light yeah it’s just like a normal suv that looks cool more ruggedy and also looks like a honda element and a defender and has a lot of

Things in common with the honda element like what like these floors oh yeah plasticky floors it looks like a boxy suv same kind of like headlights did the bronco come first or the element there you’re talking about the broncos the element came before the broncos sport and we’re in a broncos sport oh okay just just yeah yeah yeah yeah got you got you yeah yeah

Well you tried let me know if that’s a win or an l for you down in the comments below yes let me know how much he lost by and power wise this basically destroys everything in this class like a crv a rav4 a rav4 trail or whatever those called trd pro whatever it’s trd what’s it called trd offroad that’s what it’s called yeah this basically destroys everything

In its class because this is the top trim of this car and we know it’s the top term of the car because we have a fridge magnet on the door yeah those fridge magnets are brutal like i don’t know why that was their solution to the badge yeah i don’t absolutely hate it but i do like that it’s a nice bright color and that badge also kind of matches a baby on board

Sticker which most people probably have if they buy one of these things or maybe on route it is a bad lens and the badlands does get different suspension we also like i said have that different all-wheel drive system so it’s like actual real torque vectoring i don’t know how that’s going to be for like long-term reliability because it’s kind of similar to the

Focus rs system okay doesn’t uh the badlands have like a tiny bit more ride height than the other trims of the sport yes it has a little bit more i think it’s like approximately an inch we also have tow hooks in the front we also have a little bit of skid plates underneath so this is almost kind of exactly like that little jeep uh trailhawk yes the uh compass

Or the renegade well it’s bigger than a renegade it’s like a compass this is like a cherokee or a compass trailhawk i feel like cherokee’s a little bigger so with the actual driving stuff out of the way let’s talk about the looks yeah it looks like a little bronco yeah little version of the cool bronco that’s coming out which is fine because not everyone is

Hardcore and not everybody needs that exactly like you’ll see these in malls everywhere and it’ll be great so this looks better than its competitor because it’s competitors kind of based off the jeep wrangler whereas this one’s based off the broncos so i think this is a better comparable version that’s like the more on roadie version when the first little jeep

Imitation ones came out to be like the wrangler i think people were stoked on it then just like people are stoked on the broncos sport but those aren’t going out those had like the weird headlights and stuff like that like nobody was ever really stoked on like the weird grills yeah well the headlight game has improved like so much since then that was like 15

Years ago let’s talk about these headlights because they look awesome they look awesome but they don’t go full brightness unless you’re driving which i guess is kind of cool but it’d be nice if we didn’t have to duck down with the car and drive while filming the front end to make the lights bright yeah because if you have it in park the headlights actually

Fully turn off and then if you have it in this weird little you know parking light mode then they’re actually half brightness it’s really weird i don’t know why companies do that kind of stuff did the words bronco light up no not in this one okay it looked like they kind of almost do but maybe that’s everything else i think it’s just because it’s so bright

It’s like yeah yeah yeah it’s nice having the white bronco thing at the front and the grill looks cool as well yeah then if we move on to the side we’ve got nice i guess straight strong body lines yeah it definitely looks pretty cool from the side the one thing that i noticed is there’s a little bit of an uptick in the roof which adds headroom in the back but

They made it less awkward looking because they added a straight roof rack across the top so it looked like a disco or a defender or whatever yeah yeah i mean i think i think it looks pretty cool and then we’ve got like a kind of like a weird line for the back window it’s it’s all kind of blends in together but it is nice and then uh the wheels the wheels are

Actually pretty nice for this kind of car i do like the bronco center caps a lot and what would be the continental recommended tire for a bronco sport the cross contact lx 25 okay back end tail lights don’t really do it for me but i’m not offended by them one bit yeah it’s nice that they’re led there’s something to them it’s not just kind of like a blah yeah

And then we can pop open the hatch it’s not power and then we can also pop open the glass which is very cool and this is one of the easiest suvs to figure out which one does what like thank you finally for labeling it so clearly we don’t really have any exhaust tips and that’s for extra ground clearance but let’s take a listen to the outside anyways you can kind

Of see the little tips popping out there it’s like it’s nice yeah it’s not a there’s a lot of fake stuff that this isn’t doing so that that’s cool right and the overall boxy shape like this thing looks good yeah it definitely looks good and um i think ford killed it with the marketing for the broncos sport and the bronco pro or whatever it’s or is it bronco

It’s just bronco bronco yeah it’s not like an apple thing do you like the bronco more than you like the bronco prototype that the rock was driving in that rampage movie uh i don’t even remember that but i guess we’re gonna flash cut to the clip uh cut to the photo so that we don’t get demonetized cut to the photos all right i guess is it my time to do yes it

Is everything off manual shifting are you ready i’m ready man oh okay good good power dad fast as we like to describe it yes and even though yuri had it in the m manual mode it’s still automatically up shifted which i mean makes sense this is just a cool looking normal suv with really good branding exactly and some off-road capability that we’re not able

To explore maybe i will if i did it’s in the video right now i would like to get into the stuff that i hate about this car that’s super bugged me okay okay first you might have heard that sound of our bags sliding in the back so this has plastic floors like an element super rugged easy to clean all that crap but this didn’t come with any rubber surfaces to put

Down on top of it so when i got my element the first thing i did after buying groceries and having them slide everywhere was go to the home depot and get those like floor padding things that like everything can sit on so you need those if you get this car 100 it’s very frustrating to hear stuff flying around back there yeah like stuff literally breaks it gains

So much speed going left and right yes here’s a clip of us driving through cliche corner with all our bags flying around box test one two three four five six seven eight nine our new box test member break check shows box 10. we couldn’t fit these boxes in today but 11 12 and 13 boxes that’s a lot for this bronco sport next thing uh tuning knob when you’re in

The satellite radio mode and you’re turning the tuning knob the amount of lag it’s almost criminal that they sold you a car that has that much lag it’s definitely unacceptable however i have come up with a solution by accident so if you go to your home screen there’s a small version of this and if you rip through that it actually goes very quickly so it doesn’t

Have the animation but it goes through quickly which is all i’ve ever wanted yeah i mean they could just get rid of the animation i’ll be happy in the main screen anyways but then you said go into the home screen so say i’m in apple carplay there is no hard button to get to your home screen you literally need to click the home button on carplay and then click the

Forward logo yes oh it’s definitely ridiculous we’ve been kind of obsessing with the home button toggling stuff this doesn’t even give you a home button at all it’s really embarrassing that cars coming out in 2021 don’t have these kind of things dialed and especially because this is a bronco or bronco sport it’s kind of trying to be rugged and whatever and we do

Have hard buttons for all the climate including the heated seats and heated steering wheel which ford used to bury the heated steering wheel button into the infotainment so they took that out but then they took away the home button yeah okay my solution for ford is get rid of this turning off the screen button and start making that a home button for all future

Models yeah and it would be perfect but it is nice to have apple carplay and android auto and reverse cameras are actually pretty good reverse and forward exactly we have a forward button and you complain about this lack of button in most cars we’ve got one i really really do like that a lot great job for it i guess that’s really all my only well i have one more

Complaint but this one’s super minor in the gauge cluster i just want my speed in the middle but i can’t it’s got to be at the bottom right and then i have to pick something from the top menu like i guess i have to see my tire pressure my distribution like i don’t care i just want a big speedo yeah i like having that intelligent all-wheel drive because i can

See how front-wheel drive this is okay does anybody who’s watching this video leave a comment below do you put your wheel distribution thing there and watch that while driving because i’ve put that there and like i never notice it while i’m driving i know you do you care about that but like i don’t think i feel like you’re one in a million probably we have over a

Million subscribers so there’s at least two of you uh whoever you are leave a comment uh if we can hang out sometime after postcode yeah just like watch wheel distribution yeah we could have a virtual zoom call so i know you did say one last complaint however you actually forgot about one more complaint that you had it’s the wireless charger okay so right now

My phone is plugged in and it fits there just fine plugged in and it’s nothing bad’s happening but if you’re not using carplay for some reason or you have someone else’s phone there it moves you get a notification saying the wireless charger is not charging it is charging it’s not charging it’s charging like i don’t care yeah don’t tell me this make the little

Icon have a lightning bolt or not but don’t give me a notification it doesn’t matter so i actually even had that problem while i was parked and i have an iphone 12 pro max and it does fit in there which is great but there’s no room for it to move and that even causes that same problem to still happen so i don’t know what’s going on those are those are our only

Complaints with this car yeah because otherwise this is fantastic let’s talk about this interior yeah it’s um it’s kind of normal yeah it’s really nice like the materials are also really nice there are some hard plastics but it’s kind of expected because this is a rugged suv i like this bronze color yeah it’s really cool it’s really nice seats as well yeah the

Seats are very comfortable especially against your back i feel like when you accelerate the seat back takes the first little bit of like absorption there and the butt part is also very soft the bolsters are like pretty minimal but very comfortable overall and we got the little bronco logo very comfortable seats okay yeah the look of the seats yes very very good

Nice color of brown one thing i don’t like is that my elbows touching that armrest while driving it’s almost like a little too much of a stretch i would like a little bit tighter armrests no issue for me at six foot one and a half and speaking of myself behind myself i actually kind of fit but there’s not really any knee room tons of headroom yeah and then if

You put some stuff in your little compartment where your knees would be in the back seat which is cool you would have even less room but if your normal height five foot eight waistline race car height yeah no issues at all and a secret compartment back there so right behind us only on the passenger side there’s actually a little compartment right there so you

Can hide your uh wet gloves and forget about them and get a musty smell in a couple months oh my god uh let us know in the comments below if you’ve done that with your car with a sneaky thing okay speaking of secret compartments you know we did the ct 4v video yes my buddy had an older one and he misses the fact that there’s no secret cadillac compartment

Anymore ah we don’t have any more secret compartments here but we do have a little compartment for your cell phone which is also kind of convenient which probably won’t trigger the wireless charger well yeah that would actually be a cool wireless charger up there huh one when they introduced wireless carplay until then there’s really no point before we get to

Our usual tests yuri can you floor this eight-speed auto for me in normal mode that’s good pickup yeah and it shifts pretty well the transmission overall is pretty smooth using the paddles kind of pointless the paddles are tiny okay have you noticed in the comments whenever we floor it like this oh people could lose there they’re like why are you for you like

That that’s not how a car is supposed to work if you’re like yo we’re pushing it to 100 right away and i’m making a big noise so you can hear when i do it because look yeah did you hear that i just floored it no so yo and it’s the same amount of pressure like yeah like okay look here this is me flooring it to 100. did you hear that no but if i do this you know

From the moment i hit the button so don’t yell at me for that come on guys stop the yelling we’re trying our best okay usual test visors oh these are for sure gonna pass three two one yes yeah good job and uh the cup holder test i got a cup of coffee from my woman crush wednesday korra fits perfect yes it does you ever tried to do two course full breakfast in

One sitting no i crazy i tried i got defeated yeah but i got like i got close yeah well speaking of this lower section down here we do have a gt500 inspired and four gt inspired shifter i don’t mind it and then we also have our goat modes down here we also have our four wheel drive lock we also have our rear diff lock and our off road and our hill descent yuri

Send this into cliche corner for me how’s that understeer a lot of understeer and i got my traction on and it’s clicking at me like crazy yeah because you’re in normal mode on with traction on yeah i mean what i would expect from a front-wheel drive bias all-wheel drive system suv that’s not sporty yeah like an rdx would destroy this thing through there yes for

Sure but i did not feel at any point super sketched out or anything right and if you wanted to tow some stuff you could tow two jet skis through cliche corner at 2 200 pounds how is the adaptive cruise and lane keep assist adaptive cruise and lane keep is very good keeps you in your lanes it’s like we really like the one in the edge st and all the lincoln’s

The same system it’s really good but the buttons on the steering wheel the layouts are kind of confusing it’s just like weird shapes and stuff but i like seeing that bronco on the steering wheel yeah broncos that just said four to be like uh ford ford should just change their uh name and company to horse horse cars well there’s the raptor though and if you’re

Just using this for a fun car and you like sound systems we’ve got a nice one in here yeah it’s pretty decent it’s definitely better than most sound systems and if you’re using this car and a bunch of its little things that it has because it’s a bronco there’s actually a sort of tray table thing in the back yeah which sits on the bumper yes so you got to like

Pull out the legs and then stretch it out and then move it into position it’s it’s a cool system i don’t know if i can it’s not as cool as those old crvs that had the full folding out uh tire cover that’s right yeah yeah and speaking of little weird things that this also has if you look in the rear view mirror as the driver you can see this little uh i guess

Real full-size bronco but it’s like a miniature version kind of an old-school one yeah like that’s what jeep does so i think ford’s kind of taking notes here and there yeah i mean they kind of have to like bite some stuff jeep does it’s like the same territory yeah so that’s pretty much it with the new ford bronco and we shall probably get to the prize this

Badlands is 45 549 canadian i think that’s actually a pretty good price pretty much in line with like a rav4 trd off-road and like a jeep trailhawk and stuff especially if you need an suv in 2021 this is like one of the coolest new things and the fact that there’s even like a real bronco and this one isn’t not cool yeah it’s kind of like a no-brainer pretty

Much because it’s like it’s an actual suv that looks like an suv that has some capabilities i like it the only thing is if you get a jeep that’s a rubicon edition you know it can do the rubicon trails and i don’t know if this has that kind of like certification or you know when you look at it you know it can do like i don’t really know the capability of this but

I know that can do that trail yeah well we’ve got fridge magnets on this one so like is there a badlands trail that did like you know what i mean well actually badlands i think is a place in somewhere in the states that this is named after there’s like a whole bunch of beds up in caledonia yeah exactly so i mean this could probably drive over that even though

You’re not supposed to okay so would you take this my 2007 honda oh i’m just kidding uh or a comparable jeep or a rav4 trail i would actually take this i think this is my favorite in this class of suvs it’s definitely not a full-size bronco so i’m not going to compare it to anything like that but in those types of suvs and like the regular crvs and stuff i like

This a lot and i would take i would definitely take this i like this more than the toyota don’t know anything about the jeep version because we haven’t actually driven any of those i’m just going based off looks for those because we haven’t driven it like i think overall it’s kind of this one they did a great job except i wanted an orange i keep thinking that

Color is like yellow nah it’s like definitely got more orange in it than yellow i guess well i’ve got three orange cars they look orange i feel like you’re bad oh sorry i only have two orange cars at the time that this video releases i feel like you’re bad at judging yellows the huge you’re like that was an orange yellow broccoli is orange it’s like this m4 is

Uh is yellow it’s actually green well it’s called yellow yeah but it is green the paint color i agree with you yeah let us know what you guys think this isn’t the m4 that we’re staring at but don’t worry about it and leave a comment below yeah just leave comments subscribe if you want we haven’t asked in a while yeah i know this is the end of the video so you’ve probably already

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