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2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT 202A FX4

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2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT 202A FX4

Hi this is evan roush at jim city ford lincoln in quincy illinois here behind me i have this beautiful 2021 ford expedition max xlt 202a and we’re getting ready to walk around on it here we go all right again this is the 2021 ford expedition max xlt in rapid red metallic does have the fx4 package beautiful color you get your keyless entry code right here you

Can see it along with the bliss blind spot monitor take a look at the back in here do have the availability to flip up this black back glass reach in here got a watermelon or something they don’t roll out and go splash everywhere so um power lift gate does come with these really nice all-weather floor mats for the first year and second row along with carpeted

Mats the second and third row is all power so super easy uh the third row does come back up on its own the second row you gotta do manually take a look at the second row here we got the bench seat i got climate controls down here along with some power outlets so so a couple different power outlets um do get the tilt and slide on this second rope so easy access to

That third row uh seating and plenty of room back there taking a look at the driver’s seat you get 10 way power seats with lumbar support along with memory seating automatic lights power liftgate headrest does come with memory garage door openers right there giant main roof with roof rack rails i’m gonna shut the main roof make it easier all right take a look

At the inside a little bit more here is your cruise control right here so just press on here set right here and resume this is your adaptive cruise control which monitors how many car links you’re behind the car in front of you uh this right here controls the digital display up there so you got multiple different settings controls your volume uh bluetooth here is

Your different drive modes you’ll see here pop up normal gravel snow sand mud ruts tow haul sport and economy and then back to normal so you do have navigation and eight inch touchscreen monitor this is your downhill descent control uh traction control lane keeping assist this is your 360 backup camera right here so gives you bird’s eye view and then what’s

In front of you got dual climate control with heated and uh air conditioning seats trailer brake control this is a wireless phone charging pad down here now it’s hard to see but right there gear shifter this controls all the moon roof access all right guys evan roush jim city ford lincoln quincy illinois uh just wrapped up this walk around hope you enjoyed it

And it’s very informative let me know if you have any questions i will put some details down in the notes below um if you have any questions please feel reach out to me if you like my videos make sure you hit like and subscribe really appreciate it um thank you and have a wonderful day

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2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT 202A FX4 By Evan James Roush