2021 Ford F-150 2.7 EcoBoost: Is The Base Model F-150 A Great Value?

Today I drive and review a 2021 Ford F-150 XL with the 2.7 EcoBoost!

An acceleration here with this f-150 hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’ll be going over a 2021 ford f-150 with the 2.7 liter v6 and we’re basically answering the question of whether or not you should even look into this engine first and foremost so a huge shout out and thank you to performance ford truck country here in bountiful utah for

Giving me some time with this f-150 check out the inventory link below let’s get into the video so under the hood we have a turbocharged 2.7 liter v6 that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 19 around town and then 24 on the highway with power outputs being 325 horsepower and then 400 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end

Of the xl package so first off you still get the signature hood that comes along with the new f-150s we’ve got the halogen bulbs just down below and notice how they do the silver trim right here instead of leds like you get in the higher up packages still looks really good fog lights down below we’ve got the chrome bumper here with the tow hooks there at the very

Bottom and then notice how the ford grille itself is kind of like darker with a traditional ford logo in the center and other than that there’s your front end now coming on the side here we’ve got two 65-millimeter tires wrapped around 17-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear and they’ve kind of gone for like a basic design overall for the wheel itself but

It actually looks really good and then here’s kind of a quick look at the front suspension with the truck notice you’ve got our f-150 xl kind of like logo area right there and then here’s a quick look at the mirrors notice that the door handle right there does match the mirror and then this one is a super cab so you guys will be able to see what that looks like in

The back for the first time here on the channel there’s kind of your full side view and then last but not least we will pop here in the back so you guys can see everything here for the rear setup with the leaf springs all that fun stuff and then well it’s a 4×4 so you got the 4×4 sticker and then also there’s your tread pattern there on the tires now popping here

Into the bed we have a payload capacity of 1728 pounds and then you can get a liner from the factory this one doesn’t have that option added to it’s really easy to add after the fact then you guys can see everything else with the bed itself and then the cargo light there at the top and then lifting up the tailgate it’s actually pretty light because this one doesn’t

Have the ford bed step option and wait for it that’s all for that now wrapping things up in the rear notice that we have the entry level tail lights which i still think look really good here with the truck parking sensors here along the bumper got the receiver hitch down at the bottom and then if you guys are running the max towing capacity with the 2 7 is about

10 000 pounds got your ecoboost badge over there on the other side and that’s all so let’s go over things here in the rear first and foremost so here are these seats you can see we’ve got these full cloth seats i actually really like the design there it kind of looks a little bit retro in the middle of the seat i know i just i like the look of that and you can see

Here down below with the flooring on this truck obviously this is kind of more of like a work truck so you wouldn’t have flooring it’s easy to clean but let’s pop in so first off stepping in pretty easy to get in if you guys wondering about six foot there’s my leg room headroom’s really solid as well it’s actually pretty comfortable back here believe it or not and

Then over here you can see you’ve got a little charging area where you can charge some devices uh but yeah the super cab is actually relatively spacious i’m surprised let’s head to the front look at the seat belt there on the door itself and then also the door panel interesting looks good though now here’s the door panel in the front and the material used here at

The top actually looks pretty good again for an entry level truck got the window controls right here with the mirror adjustments and then notice you’ve got the door lock and unlock and the mirrors are heated and they have that little convex mirror too which is nice and then here are the seats at the front so you can see all of the cloth trim everything with the

Seats they are manually adjustable there’s the pedals down below and again you’ve got that flooring that’s really easy to clean parking brake right here with the light controls right there and then you’ve got the cargo light as well the steering wheel is manually adjustable and there’s one more look before we pop in here is our steering wheel so material used

Around the steering wheel is actually pretty basic but notice that we have this nice contrasted trim right here we’ve got all the controls there for the center stack as well as the phone controls and the stuff for the radio and then volume and voice command and then cruise control on the other side got the little turn signal windshield wiper stock and then we’ve

Got the column shifter which is actually really easy to use the actuation on it’s amazing you got that for the manual shift function then notice that you’ve got the plus and minus for that but yeah definitely the best column shifter in the truck industry now here is the center gauge cluster notice that most of it is analog but we do have that screen there in the

Center which gives us some bits of information on the truck overall for being again an entry level package i think this all looks pretty good pretty modern not as cool as the full digital readout that you get in like a fully loaded f-150 but it still looks cool and also 112 degrees wow now here’s the center infotainment system first off we’re going to pop it

Into reverse so notice we get a backup camera and you’ve got the zoom function and notice that you can turn off the park brake right there with the backup camera which is so nice because sometimes systems like that can be kind of annoying and also the parking sensors and it’s cool that it’s like hey i know you’re in reverse right now do you want to turn those off

Or do you want to have them on which is really convenient especially if you’re hooking up to a trailer now as for the rest of the infotainment system itself response time with the screen is fantastic again it’s not as cool as like the bigger screen you get with the f-150 but for being an entry-level screen looks great functions great and it’s all that you need so

Up here i’ve got our auto stop start we’ve got this for the camera system so you just press that and then that’ll pop on the camera so i mean that’s pretty cool right there and then you’ve got a hazard lights stability control sorry it’s kind of hard it’s hard to see because the sunlight and then analog controls here for the infotainment system just down below

We’ve got our climate controls here it just has a single zone climate but being a super cab it’s a smaller sized interior so you really don’t need a dual zone and then notice you’ve got all these little charging ports which is definitely convenient and then down below there’s even more trailer brakes and then notice we’ve got our drive line sucks you have your

Two wheel high four wheel high and then four wheel low as well and then with the drive modes those will pop up right here so you better normal slippery deep snow and sand mud and ruts and then over on the other side we’ve got our tow haul eco and sport yes even in the entry level f150 you still get all those drive modes it’s pretty cool got some cup holders

Right here and this one does have the bench seat configuration so you can pick this up and it turns into a middle seat and if you guys are wondering there is some storage underneath the seat as well which is pretty nice pretty convenient as well and then here’s kind of like a look there at the flooring for the front and then we’ve got the cool button right here

To open up the top glove box regular normal bottom glove box and then notice we’ve got the nice trim there on the dash and even the glove box look at that pretty nice trim there on the outside of it and then finishing things here at the top we’ve got our sunglass holder right here we’ve got the manual mirror dimmer and no center for anything like that again it’s

A work truck why would you expect that also fixed rear glass but that’s all so here is the window sticker for the f-150 feel free to freeze a frame if you can read all of the standard equipment that comes with this particular truck and you can see there’s a little bit of optional equipment added as well including the 27v6 you can see that kind of break down over

Here total msrp 42 590 let’s take her out and see how she drives hmm let’s talk about visibility before we set off here in the super cab there’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors and then here’s throughout the rest of the rear so visibility is actually pretty good usually it’s a little bit worse than these kind of i know it’s like a smaller

Cab but sometimes the rear windows are kind of small but it’s actually good in this but anyways let’s set off we are setting off here in this 2021 f-150 again xl with the 2-7 super cab configuration first off let’s talk about the road noise and ride quality from a road noise perspective just like the higher up packages with the f-150 the cabin’s actually really

Well insulated gives you a nice kind of like luxury vehicle feel from an insulation perspective and then from a ride quality perspective it’s exceptionally smooth and that’s something that’s a characteristic again of this new f-150 they’ve just really smoothed things out with the suspension and that carries over into this more entry-level package as well which is

Just absolutely fantastic and so this is a truck that even though you know on the outside and you know a little bit on the inside it kind of is more work truck-ish definitely doesn’t drive like a work truck it really does drive like a nice refined luxury vehicle and i’m very confident in saying that and on top of that we’ll see how the brakes are kind of sewn

Up here yeah braking feels great as well with the truck just overall really comfortable in the seats as well the seats are really supportive but this cloth is soft enough that you could sit in this truck for a really long period of time and it’s just not going to be punishing whatsoever and so just overall ford’s done a really good job again with this entry level

Package and before we get the acceleration or anything i just kind of want to talk about like just how this truck feels overall it really doesn’t feel like a work truck anymore it feels like a nice more upscale vehicle like it doesn’t feel like a full-blown luxury vehicle from the interior because again you’ve got lots of plastic and all that kind of stuff but

You’ve got a nice infotainment system the controls look nice the center gauge cluster looks nice everything looks really nice with this truck now going to the engine and transmission this 2-7 is really good you guys gonna remember we’re at about 4 500 feet elevation here roughly give or take a few hundred feet and torque is great you guys heard the power figure

400 pound-feet of torque but when you’re just like slightly getting into the throttle and just kind of you know piddling around town it does a really good job with getting up and moving so that’s definitely a huge plus now i’m going to kind of slow down here just a little bit and then we’ll kind of get into it wow gears down just instantly and this 27 is no

Joke it’s a peppy engine it’s definitely stronger than what you would think uh considering the power figures considering the size of the engine it definitely punches well above its weight let’s get an acceleration here with this f-150 yeah definitely quick from an acceleration standpoint with the two seven now it’s not nearly as punchy as the three five but what

I would say is it’s not too far off from the 5-0 the 5-0 definitely does feel a little bit stronger than this 2-7 but it’s not as big of a difference as you would think yeah especially just that torque that you get out of this engine it’s it’s really strong so that’ll get me to summing things up with this truck and then with the 27 as well and then also with the

Super cab so first off for the xl package really nice for an entry level package i think ford did a great job you get a ton of equipment for the money now on to the 2 7 really strong engine with that 10-speed automatic transmission just does a really good job overall really quick to shift from the 10-speed and then this 27 definitely punches well above its weight

And so if you’re not towing massive numbers then i would look into the 2 7 because it’s it’s strong it’s a really good engine now going to the super cab it’s actually pretty big for being you know the smaller cab variant with the truck and again actually fit in the back seat now i wouldn’t necessarily want to be there for super long trips but for shorter trips i

Think it’s more than adequate and so it’s just an overall package this is a great work truck and again because it rides so smooth it just it’d be such a comfortable experience overall and so if you’re looking for a work truck that would be very comfortable to daily drive you got to check out this new f-150 and don’t look past the 2-7 it’s it’s strong especially

If you’re you know dead set on the 5-0 i would drive this and the 2-7 before you make a decision now let’s get some things up for our video on this 2021 ford f-150 with the 2-7 ecoboost again a huge shout out and thank you to performance ford truck country for giving me some time with this f-150 check out their inventory in the link below i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2021 Ford F-150 2.7 EcoBoost: Is The Base Model F-150 A Great Value? By Ben Hardy