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2021 Ford F-150 XL Crew Cab first Look.

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Hey this is toetu bravo and we’ve got something new to add to the channel as the channel continues to uh to broaden as far as horizons and content uh in addition to the uh plural sportsman 570 videos that we’ve been bringing to the channel we now have a new truck that we’re going to go ahead and give updates kind of in the same format and pattern as we have the

Uh the polaris 570 so uh let’s go ahead and talk about it so we had a 2011 ford xlt f150 that you guys have seen me loading and unloading the the quad on and off of and it was time to uh to move on to something a little better than that so we traded that in and what we’ve got here today is a 2021 ford f-150 4×4 supercrew xl um this has the 145 inch wheelbase

5.0 liter v8 engine the electric 10-speed auto with uh tow package uh it is in the they call it the agate black metallic and the interior is uh dark slate cloth so let’s talk about some of the things that it does have uh this is the xl series like i mentioned uh it comes with 17-inch steel wheels the v8 the 5.0 v8 engine that i’ve mentioned it comes with these

265 70 r17 pirelli atr tires 3.31 electric lock rear axle the trailer tow package uh integrated trailer brake and then you know it has a lot of what you would expect in a vehicle a 2021 electric windows mirrors so the headlamps are halogen as you guys are looking at right there we’ll do a walk around here very shortly if you don’t know stock and availability of

Trucks and uh any type of vehicle is sparse and difficult to come by i know when i was shopping for this there were there was a huge selection of um these trucks with the 2.7 ecoboost engine but there were very few of the v8s i did come across one 3.0 um diesel but uh some of the non-negotiables for myself was the crew cab uh the v8 and i really wanted the six

Foot bed but in my area and i looked probably 50 50 mile radius of my area and i couldn’t find a six foot bed that came with the the uh the v8 in an xl model with the crew cab so we ended up with the five five five and a half foot bed i think it actually measures 67 inches instead of 66 but that’s what we ended up with and i’m fine with that i can do everything

I need to do with that size bed or the crew cab is more important for me you know i will add some different tires some different rims bed liner put in sprayed in rhino liner and uh i’m going to rust proof the undercarriage i’m going to make videos of all this and i really think that might be all that i plan on doing it oh i’m going to put some running boards on

It didn’t come with running boards i’ve got some of those ordered so we’ll do videos on all these things as we did on the floor so if you guys care to follow along i’ll give honest reviews of the truck as we go i bought the truck with six miles on it i’m up to 131 miles i believe we’ll check when we go inside i drove it yesterday to work so i put some miles on

It then but overall compared to the older truck it’s extremely comfortable it’s a blast to drive has a ton of power we’re looking at maybe getting a camper we’ll add that to the channel too so a good chance we’ll be towing a camper maybe this coming spring so uh we’ll see the truck we’ll see the quad and we’ll try to bring some more guns into it too uh as ammo

Becomes more available but uh i guess that’s enough talking you guys have been staring at the hood now for five or six minutes let’s do a quick walk around there’s the front end of the truck that’s the basic grille design i like it i think it looks really tough i think it’s a really handsome looking truck we’ll pan out a little ways here so my plan is i’m gonna

Get uh i’ll keep those tires that are currently on there for spring and summer i have some other tires that i’ll talk about in another video that i’m gonna put on there with some other rims uh we’ll keep those rims there for uh i think we’ll keep those rims for winter use as we continue to walk around we may get some bad sun here as we view the rear of the truck

And come in then we’re going to get this sprayed in on tuesday a little rhino lining and then a view we’ll take a look at the tires here these are the 17 inch tires good look at the undercarriage before we rust proof everything so you get a good look of where we’re starting let’s go ahead and pop onto this real quick bear with me but here’s a good view of the

Frame underneath the undercarriage i’m going to rust proof that all on our own try to increase the longevity of this vehicle just a good view of the undercarriage here we’ll try to take it back some there we go super clean rust free we got some plans for uh what we’re gonna use to square it all the way and we’re gonna bring you guys along for the ride when

We do that right so we got a view here of the rear end of the truck give you guys a look at that then we’ll come up here to the front of the truck get an inside the wheel well view of that we will rust proof all of this in an upcoming video from the back it’s a good-looking vehicle we’ll kind of pan along the rear of the cab front of the cab we’ll bounce in

There in a minute you guys see a good reflection of me there i’m not the pan out you can see the ford f-150 xl badge there this these four trucks in the event that you don’t know they have the leaf springs in the back i think it’s a really good looking vehicle so let’s go ahead and pop into the uh so here’s a look at the engine compartment battery mounted on the

Side the 5.0 engine radiator and fluid air intake etc etc etc etc there’s a good look for you guys rust proof that too i think there you go good look at the engine and engine compartment this truck has a lot of power really good response at the throttle feels good feels torquey we’ll talk about that more as we go on though all right so we’re in the cab of the

Truck that’s the instrument cluster for the xl’s we’ll go ahead and start that up we’ll go into a lot of the settings uh as far as drive modes and four-wheel drive and such and another another video this is just kind of a quick overview i don’t want the the initial video to be too long so there’s the instrument cluster um door controls additional controls here

For the lighting headlights and such steering wheel controls you do have a traditional shifter here on the column opposed to some of the higher end trucks have something here in the middle i would prefer i do prefer this i do have a real key to start the vehicle i do prefer that also uh we have some just this equipment here is for the towing package we’ll

Go into detail on that a little later this is our drive mode area here uh two two high four high four low and uh real quickly if i adjust those we’ll just do this real quick just to give you guys a look so we have normal operation slippery deep snow and sand mud and ruts we’ll go back the other direction tow and haul and eco and sport almost forgot

About sport so we’ll take it back to normal mode we have our 8-inch media center here uh some of the more higher end some of the higher end trucks have a 12-inch media center this will be sufficient for me i can pull up maps and and track my progress without having to look at my phone this is uh a very convenient location for uh as you’re driving you know just

A quick reference to your right there it’s placed well uh music news phone messages etc come in on there and there’s there’s many other functions on this and i won’t even begin to act like i have them all mastered or figured out yet um radio controls can be up here obviously on the steering wheel and then your traditional radio controls here hvac heating air

Conditioning controls here uh power ports usb 12 volt an additional usb located here and another 12 volt this is this is the model with the full don seat right here and we’ll back out a little ways we’ll get out of the cab of the truck and give you guys a look on the interior here in just a moment once i finish up you’ve got lighting here in the center you’ve

Got lighting that looks to be on all the time right here a very soft uh blue shade of lighting and then you have additional read lights there advisor a lot of this is probably going to come off as silly never reviewed a truck before but you know we’re going to work through this hopefully you guys enjoy nice little storage uh space up there uh again i i miss this

Storage space right here another big storage compartment there i showed you this pop open one over here uh in the doors you can see there is plenty of storage there no lack of storage in this vehicle the seats are very comfortable steering wheel is very comfortable it’s telescopic you can adjust the steering wheel up down bring it out towards you whatever suits

You let’s go ahead and turn the vehicle off we’ll open the doors to show you the interior and wrap this up driver side door again a good look at the storage it comes with the truck and the door there driver’s side give you a good look there there’s the full don seat for the front the cab cup holders and then the passenger side over there you get three folks up

Front we’ll transition to the back rear of the truck again the door plenty of storage seating for three back here will pan out a little bit so you guys can see that you can fold those down out of the way create more space a lot of area in here a lot of room very roomy cab uh the back area here like i said plenty of space i do like the the flooring if you have

Kids or if you go four-wheeling or anything of that nature this floor is uh much beneficial compared to a rug back here we have another 12 volt usb charge a little drink platform there hold that up out of the way and we’ll do a quick pan out like i said ton of room in there close this up give you guys another side view all right so we’ll pan out here so this

Is toe tube bravo and uh hopefully you guys follow me along here with these videos on the truck as we make changes and improvements i appreciate you watching and uh like subscribe comment and until i see you out on the trail again thanks for watching

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2021 Ford F-150 XL Crew Cab first Look. By TOW II BRAVO