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I show you guys the interior/exterior of this 2021 F-150 XLT 302A package. This package comes with LED headlights, 12in infotainment screen, “zone lighting,” and lots of other goodies.

Hey guys welcome to the channel in today’s video we have a 2021 f-150 xlt 302 a package so it has the led headlights and the led lights plate lights and i’ll show you guys here so this is just pressing with the key on you can see the ambers looks to be the incandescent bulb then you have this nice led strip running around down through here there’s your side marker

On the side coming to the side here you have an led underneath the mirror and there’s actually an led zone light right here i’ll show you guys that later coming to the back you can see you have led lighting up there for this xlt lighting up the bed and that’s not including the bed lighting again i’ll show that later look in the back here just have standard bulbs

So these two act as your brake and tail lights and this one is your reverse light this is led see there you have a nice led light to light up the ground behind the truck and it also comes with led license plate lights there’s your keyless entry pad and you do have a led turn signal in the mirror just started the truck up does some pretty cool graphics so let’s get

These headlights on let’s do uh just a headlight or just the parking lights and the fog lights you can see here you have led reflector fog lights and these also act as turning lights so if you don’t have the fog lights on when you turn the wheel the fog light will light up where you turn the wheel all right this is with all the headlights on so we have headlights

And fog lights i’ll go up close here you can see it’s a led reflector it looks similar to the led headlight housing in the escape titanium all right turning on the high beam here you can see it lit up the bottom part high beam is on the bottom all right let’s check out this zone lighting here so we’ll press this all right guys this is with everything on you

See it has the headlights and fog lights on it has the puddle light with this spotlight right here facing out this way you can see it really lights up the ground nicely coming to the back i turned on the bed lighting super bright in here and lit up that one up there coming to the back i turned on the reverse lights turned on this one the light plate lights

Are turned on so when you look back here you can see it really lights up back it’s almost like there’s another set of headlights back there because it’s so bright so i’ll back up and show you guys what it looks like so i think that’s just really cool you can just turn on every single aspect of the lighting all right now we just hop inside we can turn them all

Off and look now we can’t see anything around us so that’s a really cool feature that i really like real quick i want to show you guys how the headlights look like on a wall so it has a nice wide spread a pretty flat beam so that’s pretty nice this is the high beam and this is just with the fog lights and just the high beam you can see it kind of cut out for the

Upper part of the lighting so very impressed with the headlights headlights are really good they’re a lot better than those bass ones because the basements did not light up as wide nor as bright and i want to show you guys the fog lights and how it turns on as the turning light so let’s see we’re turning to the left see the fog light turns on turn to the right

You can’t really see it but that one turned on over there so that’s really cool it’s kind of like the ram 1500 it has that too where the fog light turns on as like the turning lights so that’s really cool but i just have the fog lights on all the time so i just have it on like that one last thing i want to show you guys is the welcome lighting so if you have it

Turned on in the settings when you walk up to the truck it should turn on the lights if you have the key in your pocket so you can see it turned on all the lights when i walked up to it you can turn it off though if you don’t like that alright well i hope you guys enjoyed that video i should have a video coming out on going over the sink uh for this huge 12-inch

Display as well as this one i don’t know if that one’s coming out before this one or not but hope you guys enjoyed it please like the video subscribe for more content and i’ll see you guys the next one

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2021 Ford F-150 XLT AT NIGHT | NEW ZONE LIGHTING! By JVette01