2021 Ford F150 XLT Chrome Package

Here’s a video on the 2021 Ford F150 XLT with the chrome package.

Hello youtube today i’m at spirit ford taking a look at this all new 2021 f-150 this particular one is the xlt with the chrome appearance package so starting off up front you do have the full led headlights as well as fog lights and the led c-channel accents chrome front and rear bumpers as well as chrome grille with the chrome tow recovery hooks this vehicle

Just got delivered to the dealership today so unfortunately they did not have time to do pdi before i did my review so there will still be some wrap on the seats and some miscellaneous wrap spots to protect the vehicle in transit coming around to the wheel and tire setup it looks like we have some michelin primacy xc tires and the tire size on that is 275 65

R18 chrome f150 xlt badging blacked out mirror cap this guy does have the blind spot monitoring included cab length chrome running boards chrome door handles as well as the passive entry system so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle by just pushing the driver or passenger door handle your 4×4 badge right here you have some

Plastic molding to protect against rock chips as well as a chrome exhaust tip parking sensors integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper led tail uh license plate lights seven pin four pin trailer connector f-150 is stamped into the tailgate your ecoboost logo is right there ford logo right there back up camera and then led puddle light which makes hooking

Up a trailer in low light conditions very easy here’s your standard halogen tail lights your blind spot monitor is located right in there coming around right here right here we have your capless fuel fill port and then your keyless entry system right there overall love the exterior changes of this vehicle the led headlights look absolutely awesome just overall

This is a beautifully redesigned truck i believe this has the 2.7 liter ecoboost v6 and 10-speed automatic transmission we will go over that in more detail when we look at the window sticker but in the meantime let’s take a look at the interior and warm up a bit because it’s absolutely freezing out today all right so starting on the left hand side of the steering

Wheel we have all the window controls for the vehicle the driver and passenger windows are automatic up and down in front of that we have all the controls for the mirrors lock and unlock button is going to be right here over here we have the led mirror light buttons as well as the tailgate release button on the left side right over here we have the cargo lamp

Illumination button the rotary dial controls for the exterior lighting of the vehicle the dimmer switch for the interior lighting and cluster and then we have a electronic parking brake the steering wheel is manual tilt and telescoping steering wheel very nice tachometer on the left speedometer on the right beautiful lcd display in the middle coming back to the

Steering wheel again very nice soft leather wrapped steering wheel with bolsters at 10 and two right over here we have your cruise control buttons as well as your lane keep assist button under that we have your volume controls and your push to speak button on this side we have the control pad buttons for the center lcd display and then we have your hands free call

Buttons and your back and forward track buttons as well overall very nice looking steering wheel i love this kind of grade finish and that grade finish continues throughout coming up top we have a massive speaker grill with a shallow storage tray right here we have some buttons your automatic start stop off button your backup camera button hazard light button

And then your traction control off button i’m sorry it’s not a little brighter out today unfortunately with snowing and there’s a lot of light washout coming in from the outside of the vehicle but we do have a massive i believe this is a 12 inch touchscreen display i’m not 100 certain but it does have apple carplay and android auto i believe that is a wireless

Feature as well as you can see the screen is split you have gps over here and then you can control whatever you want over here i believe this is about an eight inch screen and this obviously is like a cramped three inch or maybe four inch vertical screen navigation apps features you can actually control your zone lighting so when you walk up to the vehicle you

Can control when the lights come on and what lights actually come on which is very nice push button start and this actually has the column shifter i wish all trucks had this i do not like the center shifter right here i wish it had the column shifter and this honestly i mean i’ve done a lot of videos on trucks this has got to be the smoothest column shifter um

I’ve ever experienced in my life it’s got manual plus and minus as well again push button starts right here change storage this is your push button transfer case and then your drive mode right now we are in too high there’s four high four low when you turn your drive mode come up to the screen and it will display what mode you’re in starting out with sport eco

Tow haul normal slippery deep sand and then the last one actually puts it into a four-wheel drive so we’re going to stay out of that one real quick we’re going to go back to sport right here we have all the physical buttons for the audio in the vehicle volume knob tune knob equalizer this is your clock and then screen off button push it again screen comes back

On you have your back forward and pause button right here we have your dual zone climate control with heated driver and passenger seats down below that we have a usbc a usb port and a nice storage tray a removable business card storage compartment right there pen or pencil storage cup holders and a very nice storage tray with a little secret storage compartment

Underneath i love that again i love the column shifter i just wish it was more like the f250 where you could slide that over and have two more cupholders and that brings us to this center console this one does have the flat storage portion so if you have a computer or you want to eat you can fold this down and eat right here i think this is very cool and it actually

Is very level so um it can easily hold a macbook maybe not a 17-inch computer but anywhere from a 13 to 15 inch computer would easily fit right here so you can type from the job site folding it back very easy then you come down here push this button and that gives us access to a storage bin with a removable tray with change business card and miscellaneous storage

On it and then if you look closely down there you have two usb ports with a cutout for cord management if you want to use that um again this video just got delivered they didn’t do pdi cloth seats coming over here we have a 12 volt outlet 120 volt 400 watt max power outlet this vehicle has two glove boxes first one you open by pushing this button right there

Second one is right here i believe this has non-lit vanity for passenger as well as driver up top you got your glasses storage and then all of your led dome map light buttons and then your auto dimming rear view mirror so overall i absolutely love the refresh of this truck i like the sport style xlt f150s but i do not like that center center console shifter i’m

A huge fan of this guy so this is probably one of the ones i would get with that being said let’s take a look at the back seats and see how much leg room we have so before i get in i want to point out getting into these trucks is very easy with the running boards and the grab handles these seats do fold up giving you access to a load flat floor as well as some

Storage underneath uh there is no transmission hump so if you have a big item in here that you don’t want to put in the bed like a tv you can put it in here and not have to worry about it doing a little teeter-totter tons of tons of legroom again getting up and in is very easy and with the driver’s seat situated where it would be if i was driving i say i have a

Solid eight to ten inches of leg room before my knees hit the front seat i am 511 for reference you do get storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats two cup holders right here and a little cut out for some storage 12 volt outlet lit uh charging media hub usbc usb and another 120 volt 400 watt power outlet here’s a closer look at the

Cloth seats this one does not have the center armrest cup holder and it does have the single pane rear window your led dome map lights and integrated hanger hooks are going to be both on driver and passenger sides and something i did not note when i was up front if you look closely the headliner has been pushed up towards the roof giving taller occupants more

Headroom and the same is true for the back seats so i could definitely see myself being comfortable on a long car ride in this vehicle and again the view of the massive touch screen from back here is awesome you could probably watch a movie on that it’s so big but overall very impressed i am a huge fan of the new f-150 lineup but let’s take a look at the bed

Now so there are a couple ways to actually lower the tailgate on this vehicle the first way is with the button to the left of the steering wheel i had previously pointed out second way is with the key fob but this vehicle again hasn’t been through pdi so it will not work and then the third way is a traditional way you’re going to come up to it push the button

And it’s going to automatically load for you you do have four tie-down points in this vehicle one in each of the four corners with an additional two on each side with a cleat system for a total of eight tie-down points this vehicle does have led bed lighting on both driver and passenger sides as well as another 120 volt 400 watt power outlet right here if you

Did opt for the spray in bed liner uh you would have some measurements in both inches and centimeters on this tailgate more tie-down points on the actual tailgate itself on both driver and passenger side and i have been told that you can use this as a bottle opener if you’d like if you need to cut some wood you do have little cutouts right here for some c-channel

Clamps which is very nice and again it’s aluminum so putting the tailgate up is very easy let’s take a quick look at the window sticker so here’s the window sticker for this vehicle again it’s a 2021 f-150 4×4 supercrew with a 2-7 ecoboost v6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission your standard equipment is going to be right here for a standard vehicle price

Of 43 805 dollars optional equipment is going to be right here most notably you have a five thousand seven hundred and thirty dollar up charge for the 302 a equipment group a one thousand one hundred ninety five dollar up charge for the 2.7 liter ecoboost v6 and some other miscellaneous up charges right here this vehicle does have some savings added to it it

Has a two thousand dollar xlt uh chrome or sport package savings bringing the total price to fifty one thousand six hundred and eighty dollars fuel economy rating is right here this vehicle is rated at 19 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway for a combined fuel economy rating of 21 miles per gallon i’d like to give spirit ford a huge thank you and

Shout out for allowing me to come to their lot and do a video walkthrough of this vehicle if you’re interested in any of the 2021 f series lineup including f-150 250 350 and even 450 i will be posting all the contact info in the description below if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and in the comments section down below what is your

Favorite feature of this new 2021 vehicle or what trim level would you get as always thanks for watching and have a great day you

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