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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: An Electrifying Experience

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V&R goes fully electric for the first time in the Ford Mustang Mach-E. But, is it really a Mustang? We explore not only this battery-electric vehicle, but our experience with living with it through the recharging process.

Three hi everybody what i have here is a battery electric vehicle it may look a little familiar but you’ll find out a little bit more about the ford mustang machi as i well i gotta go plug this in there we go just like that i’m randy stern behind the camera’s george toroline and this is victory recital before we talk about this vehicle we should address

The elephant well rather the horse in the room yeah i hear you it’s not a mustang it could be but in theory it is not what we have instead is ford’s best battery electric vehicle at the moment that is until the f-150 lightning reaches its customers the machi is a coupe crossover suv built on top of a battery pack that fits between the two axles the body gives

You hints of its links to the current mustang but clearly it is its own vehicle there are plenty of tricks all around making this stand out from its competitors you open each door with a button on the pillar front doors get a little handle to open up rear doors just pop out a bit for you to open them the front trunk has a small compartment about 4.7 cubic feet

Inside the rear hatch opens to a much larger hold that expands of 59.7 cubic feet with the rear seats down the mustang maki holds up the five people with decent comfort the driver has a small screen providing minimal information such as ground speed range and battery level the most activity in your mach e comes from this 15.5 inch touchscreen yes there is a knob

For the volume control everything else from infotainment to drive mode selection and much more is a touch away the screen is rather easy to use click on the vehicle icon and you get all the functions and settings for the maki the center top icon is for infotainment functions this screen is driven by ford’s enhanced sync 4a system designed specifically for the

Machi the vehicle also interfaces with the fordpass smartphone app enabling remote functions collecting vehicle data as well as initiating charging with ford’s blue oval charging network this tester is the premium model with all-wheel drive translation two motors and an extended use battery pack both motors put out 316 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque

The battery pack is rated at 88 kilowatt hours which translates into a 245 mile range at 100 capacity this is a good time to talk about some real world driving data when charged up at a dc fast charger to 80 capacity we saw that it returned about 206 miles of range our longest recharge out of dc fast charger was just 38 minutes when it recovered 60 percent

Battery capacity to 81 total we even did a recharge using a home installed level 2 charger there we recovered 39 battery capacity back to 100 percent in under 7 hours you can choose between three drive modes in the maki whisper engage and unbridled engages the happy medium for everyday driving unbridled mode does increase power takeoff but it returns a more

Aggressive form of one pedal driving speaking of one pedal driving it enables the driver to not use the brake pedal all the time it is safer than you think as long as you measure your stops at lights and signs as well the ride quality is good you do feel the bumps on rougher road surfaces handling is superb exhibiting flatter turns in the corners and through

Evasive maneuvers in engaged mode the steering feel is very good with great on-center feel and weight once in unbridled mode the steering weight becomes much heavier there is a good turning radius in any of the modes including whisper pricing for the 2021 ford mustang maki started at 42 895 our premium all-wheel drive tester equipped with the extended use

Battery came with a sticker price of fifty six thousand two hundred dollars twenty twenty two model year prices increased by one thousand dollars above what we quoted so let me ask you this question is this a mustang or is it a really good electric vehicle i’m going to leave that to you to decide but for me the ford mustang maki is nothing but a really good

Accomplishment for ford itself it’s our first electric vehicle we worked with and there’s more to come so if you like what you watch don’t forget to click on the like subscribe and the notification bell to find out when our next video is coming out and also don’t forget to log on to to read all the great content on victory and resida i’m

Randy stern behind the cameras george tour line so long everybody you

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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: An Electrifying Experience By Victory \u0026 Reseda