2021 Ford Transit Connect | Rear Entry Wheelchair Vehicle

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at sherry vans and today i’m featuring one of our brand new this is a 2021 mobility van it’s on the ford transit connect long wheelbase mobility so you still get that second row of seating in there and the wheelchair fits in the rear here this is a rear entry mobility vehicle that is really simple to use it doesn’t have any electronically

Moving parts that go wrong it’s just all mechanical and just works which is really really really nice here so as we come into the back has the nice aluminum ramp here you can see how gentle the approach is it’s nice and easy to wheel your chair up into there it’s going to be powder coated in a slip resistant material here and that brings us into the rear of the

Van which has got a channel the the skinniest part of the channel is right here at the ramp catch that’s just under 31 inches for you if you’re trying to figure out dimension wise will my chair fit well if your chair’s about 30 and a half inches it’s going to fit just fine the channel itself is just over 31 inches so from here to here this spot from here to here is

Just a little tighter either does have the rubber floor in here slip resistant rubber floor comes with the q-strand tie-downs in the floor as you can see there’s four points there has the shoulder strap right here even has some air ducts back here so you can stay comfortable spare tire has been uh moved to right here that can be removed as well uh and then still

Has your bench seat in the second rail now if you want to fold this down maybe get it out of the way simple to do just push down pull up and it folds right out of your way this is the 60 40 split bench seat this seat does just the same so just gives you a little bit more room here if you don’t have passengers in the back helps you see a little bit better as well

All right let’s talk a little bit about the ramp so i mentioned it’s aluminum it weighs about seven pounds so about seven pounds of force to raise it or lower it it folds in half so you the driver will be able to see over it without a big ramp in its place and it’s assisted the reason it’s so light it’s assisted there’s two gas-filled struts in here that help in

Raising and lowering this which you know i’m doing this with one hand my other hand’s on the camera very very simple to do and always going to work there’s no electronic motor or anything like that that can break it’s just always going to work then this ramp it sets in that ramp catch so you can see that goes in there and then these latches keep the ramp in place

Keep it from rattling when it goes down the road so bad and also that ramp catch is a safety feature so this van would ever be in a rear end collision it’s going to keep that ramp in place and keep it from projectile and forward and possibly injuring someone now right here around the bumper there is a ceramic coated metal here that’s really tough material so if

You happen to bump that with your chair going in and out it’s uh probably gonna leave a mark on your chair not a mark on the van nice tall lift gate here i’m six foot tall and it’s oh there’s almost another eight inches or so above my head so nice and tall get you out of the rain which just started sprinkling on me as soon as i start doing this video here on the

Back here it does have the wiper defrosting rear window that’s tinted as well it is an xlt which is one of the higher trim levels on this so it’s going to have a lot of nice equipment again lwb that’s your long wheelbase and that is the transit connect and the bumper here does still have the parking sensors those are the little dimples you see on either side of the

Wheelchair access here they’ve been moved over a little bit but they still work by all means exterior color and this is what they call frozen white from ford and just about every body part on this is painted the handles are painted for the doors front bumper rear bumpers painted which really makes for a classy look now fuel fill is over here on the passenger side

And then it does have sliding doors on both sides to get into that second row area fuel mileage rating is 29 miles per gallon it’s powered by a two liter inline four cylinder and on top of all that it is hooked to i believe eight speed transmission in these all right so your q strand tie downs it comes with one box of those that has your four uh q strip tie down

Points it’s kind of like a fancy ratchet strap really that hooks into those secure mitt points i mentioned in the floor one’s right there and then it has your lap belt that hooks into two of the q strands so really simple to do there’s videos online if you’re curious about that definitely check those out and the back of the van does have some comfort features back

Here i got this chair kind of let me see if i can lift this chair back up i’ll go to the other side and we’ll we’ll check out this so let’s go to the other side here and i’ll move that seat out of the way so i can show you some things here so let’s see here this seat lifts right up see i’m doing all this with one hand all right got that out of the way sorry for

The bad angles but as you get back here you do have what i wanted to show you is your rear heat and air conditioning controls as well as a 110 volt outlet and a 12 volt power outlet back here so the rear passengers have their own access to rear heat and air conditioning there’s your vent right there i love the sliding door feature just prohibits the door dings you

Know all right let’s go around and check out the front so the front of the van has not been altered in any form it’s factory front of the van has the front parking sensors in the front bumper which is nice to have in a vehicle like this huge windshield these fans are are smaller than your typical minivan right but they feel so spacious when you ride them they’re

Just really spacious also the other thing i noticed when driving this is it’s really quiet i’ve drove all kinds of mobility vehicles from the side entries to rear entries the big promaster and uh chevrolet express gmc savannah vans and they’re all a little noisy this one’s got a little noise to it too just road noise from where they cut out the floor right but it’s

Probably amongst the quietest one i’ve ever drove all right let’s check out the driver and passenger area and we’ll get through this oh one thing i want to show you here it does have the blind spot monitoring in the door so that’s a really nice feature it’s going to let you know particularly on the highway you know hey someone’s on that side of your vehicle in your

Potential blind spot also i’d like to mention financing is available so if you’re in need of that by all means get in contact with us also post a quick link down below so you can fill out your information right from home on the device you’re actually watching this video on so make sure you check out that link if you want to do it all from home we make it easy and

You can get pre-approved or see if you qualify before you come in uh power locks power windows power side mirrors has a power driver seat as well that’s part of that xlt package nice premium class seat i like the insert in the seal it has a little bit different design pattern all right let’s get in here sorry if there’s any wind noise the wind picked up a little

Bit on me uh it does have automatic headlights here and let me see here uh it has 16 miles on it it’ll pop up here in just a second here but brand new vehicle full factory warranty and then the warranty from um there it goes 16.6 miles the warranty from ats is going to be three years unlimited miles on everything they’ve done for the mobility purpose right so

On the steering wheel here you have your cruise control on the left side this controls the center digital display shows your fuel mileage distance to empty you can go into some setting stuff you can just turn it to miles per hour it does have lane assist as well so it’s going to keep you in your lane on the highway and then over here you have radio controls volume

And tuning and also your hands free connectivity so you can talk on your car’s cell phone hands-free so here’s your radio infotainment center here i’m going to click it down into reverse and it’s not going to let me because i got oh maybe it will all right so has the backup camera that pops right up color backup camera which is really nice and then am fm radio

And then let’s check this out here also has siriusxm and bluetooth capabilities and then uh it also has android auto apple carplay which i’ve got my phone plugged in right here down here to the usb so i can pull up real-time navigation off my phone i can pull up podcasts i can pull up uh basically any app on my phone here as you can see so it just really makes

It nice all my voicemails text messaging all will show up here on the screen and actually the car will read your text messaging to you so radio controls are right here heating air conditioning controls are right here it is a dual zone system meaning you control the driver independently from the passenger and you also can turn on and off that rear zone right here

Again i believe eight speed automatic transmission in this and then usb ports couple beverage holders nice big compartment down here and another thing i mentioned the feel to it so it just got a lot of headroom in here just makes for a nice spacious feel i don’t feel cramped or claustrophobic or anything like that in here all right i know it’s a little bit longer

Video if you’ve hung this bar with me you’re a winner thank you so much but if you think this vehicle will uh solve some of your transportation needs and desires by all means get in contact with us we’d love an opportunity to chat and if this will work to earn your business if you have a trade-in we put top dollar in nice clean trades so let’s get together and let’s

Make a deal thank you so much for watching everyone enjoy thoroughly the rest of your day bye-bye

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2021 Ford Transit Connect | Rear Entry Wheelchair Vehicle By Paul Sherry Conversion Vans