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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab AT4

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Hey everybody it’s chris doyle at alderman chevrolet buick gmc in rutland vermont vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service this is a brand new addition to our lot brand new you can tell it doesn’t even have an expectation sticker on it this is the 2021 gmc sierra 1500 at4 very very popular there aren’t that many

Of them there aren’t that many trucks out there in general right now but we have it and i just want to give you a little bit of a tour here of this really cool truck um again just off the carrier so you know may not be completely prepared on the inside i’ll let you know ahead of time but this is in the black black on black black interior black exterior we’ve got

The wrangler duratrac tires on here fantastic tires really nice aggressive two inch suspension lift in there just a great looking truck this is the 5.3 liter v8 in there lighter than the previous generation trucks believe it or not they’re bigger they’re longer they’re taller they’re wider but they’re actually lighter so a whole lot of fun to drive here too this

Is the crew cab let’s take a look at that back seat first because there is a ton of room inside these crew cabs as you can tell and there’s there’s the bat i think there’s probably an owner’s manual or something down there too but very specific to the at4s the color combination the jet black with the kalahari accents really really sharp looking even the mattes

Themselves this kind of a cool feature too they’ve got the liners in there the nice carpeted insert which snaps and can come out if you don’t want that carpet in there and you want all rubber so again very specific to the at4 in the interior great looking truck they’re your air conditioning vents it’s about 90 as i’m recording this so it’s nice to have them the

Heated seats for the rear and you’re going to have heated and cooled seats up front speaking of which let’s give a view eagle eye view from the back here um nice looking dashboard really nicely equipped the center console here uh as a matter of fact let’s take a short look closer look rather up front again when you’re looking at an at4 very nicely equipped truck

There’s that kalahari accent again that center console again just the very specific unique at4 liners that they’ve got in there memory seating power retractable mirrors on the outside of course you do have your all-wheel drive two-wheel drive four-wheel drive high and low shift on the fly there’s your heated steering wheel more to my like in fact i’m going to turn

It on while i’m sitting here there’s the ventilated seats for the folks up front you’ve got heated seats too for when it isn’t well it’s not quite 96 i think i’m sitting in the sun right now but it’s about 90 so i’m recording it uh lots of space very very nicely equipped you do have your crawl bow basically hill descent control 31 miles an hour oh boy i’m just

Going to sit in here for a while because now i’ve got the cold seats going as well heavy duty trailering package in the truck but we’ve also got the trailer brake controller and then take a look up here not that many buttons really your dual zone climate control heated seats cooled seats you know some controls for the back your power controls for here and in the

Back you can even drop that tailgate which i’m going to show you in a minute but up top your audio am fm satellite radio which is actually running right now bluetooth for phone and music and apple carplay and android auto and just a lot of really nice features even if i put it in reverse you’re gonna went right past it there you go um so a couple of things here

I want to point this out to you kind of the standard view with your little guidelines for when you’re backing up we’ve got the straight line view pointed right at the hitch this is actually my favorite one that is top down that’s as if you were hanging right over the back of that lift gate looking right down right on top of that hitch so really helpful if you’re

Pulling something behind you and again with this engine you’re pulling close to 9 500 pounds with this truck uh let’s take a look at the back there’s really some special stuff going on in the bed for this truck this is the short box don’t let the name fool you it’s actually longer than it used to be about five yeah five ten five nine right around there and this

Does have the multi pro tailgate the heck is that well you can hit a button and it’s gonna open for you nice and easy great and very very light not a lot of effort needed to expend yourself here hit them both look at this we’ve got room that you can actually get up close to that bed which you can see does have the spray in bed liner or maybe you’d like to have

Just the top open so you’ve got a workspace or you can open this up keep in mind i’m doing this with one hand because i’m holding the phone with the other you’ve got a backstop there for a little extra storage space or this is actually my favorite one you can hit them both let it drop down and just press this button put it down and voila you have a staircase

To climb up and down into the bed very easily neat feature as advertised they have been advertising it a lot but it really is a cool idea while i’m here i want to point out you’ve also got that 120 volt 400 watt outlet for the back oh and also your nice led lights here here and here and that at4 badge which looks really cool i mean i know you don’t necessarily

Have to have that going for you but i think it’s kind of neat there’s the corner steps completely redesigned makes it easier to get into and out of there are those great looking wrangler duratrax again and the special at4 badging just a great looking truck very capable very comfortable very nicely equipped with any luck it will still be sitting here on the lot by

The time i post this video because they are hot and there aren’t many of them but we got them so if you’d like to learn more about this great truck if you’re watching this video on facebook you can click on the learn more button if you’re watching it on youtube you can click on the link in the comments below or better yet come see it in person we’re at 65 wincrest

Road in rutland vermont that’s just off route 7 south hope to see you soon

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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab AT4 By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC