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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Double Cab

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Hey steve justin pill here at alderman chevrolet buick gmc i was a pleasure seeing you today and thank you for your visit thought i put a little video recap on that truck you were interested in uh it’s a the 2021 gmc sierra sle it’s got the 5.3 liter v8 engine in it um you can see the front end there i didn’t show you this when you’re here but the the front end

With those led uh daytime running lamps is super sharp chromed out and trim there got chrome on the bumpers and on on the grill there very sharp looking truck this is in the black got a little bit of chrome on the mirrors there too and then the side view is that double cab and uh the four doors on the double cab now uh it’s very nice got some nice space back there

The wheels on there are just super sharp looking you do have uh the keyless entry here on all four doors and this one comes with that wheel well protector right there okay i’ve mentioned before here’s that rear wheel really sharp looking got nice uh trim around they’re also in chrome you can see how much space you have for uh some storage back there that’s what

The seats up with the seats down they just go down nice and easy you still got tons of room for people to sit back here i’ll jump back in yeah so i’m about six feet tall and i have plenty of room back here do have a couple usb ports if you had people ryan back here that needed cell phone charges and then here’s the cockpit beautiful way they laid this out nice

Features easy right on your fingertips there’s that big touch screen i’ll jump out there and show you some of those features as well great stuff to have in the wintertime get your trailering mode right here so if you’re trailing anything but you also have sport and off-road mode which you can toggle back and forth to with that dial and then here’s your push

Button transfer case auto drive for high and then this is kind of like off-road mode or for low do have a button here that illuminate the lights in the bed you can see those are all on there and the corners and up there nice led then you do have automatic lighting so that you never have to worry about turning your lights off it just happens automatically you got

Push button parking brake and then these seats are super comfortable do get a power driver seat right there this is the lsle trim you got push button start trailer brake control here’s some usb ports automatic start and stop this will drop the tailgate the heated seats are right here and you can charge you can change the intensity or where you want the heat to

Go do have a dual climate control and then your uh nice big touch screen here you can run uh your your climate control right from the touch screen if you want and then just the interior itself is really nicely how that’s trimmed out there you got heated steering wheel right here you can turn on and off and then your controls right there so very nicely equipped

Comes factory installed remote start and also download my gmc app which you can start your truck from your phone and then this center console has some nice storage there it goes up and then you actually have another storage bin in there moving around to the back got some nice side steps there on the bumper it’s got the tow hooks ready to go right there you have

A backup camera and then that pro grade tailgate this is something that i didn’t show you when you were here but just this top part goes down so if you add cargo back there uh acts as a nice uh backstop or if you had this down flat like that you got like your nice little workbench super nice to have but yeah that is the 2021 gmc sierra 1500 sle i want to thank

You again for stopping by and uh please let me know if you have any questions have a great day

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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Double Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC