2021 GMC Sierra 3500 Chassis Cab | The ULTIMATE WORK TRUCK

Maximum power. Endless possibilities.

Hey guys i’m tony godfrey here at dave sinclair buick gmc in st louis missouri and today i’m going to talk to you about the 2021 gmc 3500 chassis cab now normally when we talk about 3 500 sierras they go anywhere from work truck all the way up to denali with chassis cab you can only get a couple trim levels this one is in the work truck trim level now even

In the chassis cab work truck trim level you still get the 6.6 liter v8 turbo diesel coupled with the 10-speed automatic allison transmission and what differentiates our trucks from other work trucks you still get led running lights standard led headlights and high beam standards so it’s great for work sites cars deer on the side of the road nothing’s going to

Escape your vision and even led turn signals so everybody knows exactly how wide your truck is when you’re going down the road three things you’ll notice up front that i like especially for business owners who are going to buy this truck the heater plug is right here no more plugs sticking out of the grille looking like a cow tongue the lights on the fenders

Light up so people can see exactly how long your truck and trailer are when you’re hooked up and our standard mirrors have the led turn signals and are easily extendable even on the work truck trim level now this chassis cab is a blank slate so you can pick any loadout you want flatbed hydraulic bed dump bed it’s ready for whatever you need another great thing i

Like about our gmc trucks and the back even on the work truck trim level got the easy clean floor easy lift and lower seats and your guys in the back have their own air conditioning vents up front gauges are nice and crystal clear and you even have a driver information center that tells you anywhere from air filter quality tire pressure sensor fuel life oil life

Tripometer anything you need to track the truck inside buttons are very easy to manage especially with work gloves or winter gloves on everything’s nice and big robust easy to control got a home base button just press on base here get you the main screen on the main screen even in our work truck trim level you have apple carplay and android auto just scroll down

When you plug your phone in continue once that lights up green you hit apple carplay you have apple carplay on the screen now what’s nice about apple carplay especially in a work truck like this where you’re constantly driving constantly working it can read out messages to you or you can dictate messages to whoever you need mom dad homework so as you’re driving

Down the road the radio’s on if somebody calls you you don’t need to worry about where your phone is or who’s calling you it’ll show up right on the screen you just answer and then when as soon as you’re done just hit end and then keep about your day now with this work trick trim level navigation is not an option but it doesn’t really matter anymore because now

You have android auto or apple carplay so you can just go to maps or google maps or waze or whichever platform you like best let’s use google maps and you just type in whatever you want or restaurants grocery stores or recent searches now even with this big bertha of a truck being work trick trim level it’s nice getting your messages read to you especially when

You’re working on the road you just see your message there press the message and then you can answer back or decline but it’s nice to have messages read to you especially on a big bertha truck like this where you need to keep your eyes on the road this one’s a six passenger seating configuration so you have your own center console right here or flip it up into

A sixth seat if you need it lower it by pulling the strap right here down it goes and that’s it for today’s video of the 2021 gmc 3500 chassis cab if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel or follow the link below to email me any questions or comments this is the last one in our inventory so please click the link below for any questions or comments about the truck

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2021 GMC Sierra 3500 Chassis Cab | The ULTIMATE WORK TRUCK By Dave Sinclair Buick GMC