2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring – POV Review

MSRP: From $36,240

Today we’re driving the new 2021 honda accord hybrid honda has done a minor refresh and a few little updates to this 21 model year accord we have now wireless apple carplay and android auto available as an option this larger eight inch touchscreen and uh a few changes on the outside for the most part though honda has stuck to the formula the accord has followed

For the last few years and it is a good one i do really like the honda accord this is probably my favorite midsize sedan on sale today if i were to buy one the accord would be number one on my list and you kind of can’t go wrong with any of their models from the 1.5 liter cvt turbo to the 2-liter turbo with a 10-speed auto this hybrid is quite good as well it’s

Kind of sad they got rid of the manual for the 21 model year but luckily it’s a honda you can get an old one it’ll be fine let’s talk about this hybrid though today msrp on this is a little over 36 000. it has a combined horsepower output of 212 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque all that power goes through an electric motor a generator an ecvt it all kind

Of combines to create a really nice smooth driving experience unfortunately this touring trim with the 19-inch wheels it’s a pretty significant decrease in fuel economy it’s rated for 43 mpg combined instead of 48 mpg combined for the accord hybrid with the 17s so pretty significant difference there um it looks good but i don’t know if it’s worth the extra

Hit on economy we’ve done a lot of reviews on the accord it’s very spacious inside a massive trunk we’ve got a lot of space in the back seats as well plenty of leg room and headroom this one has a couple of usb charge ports back there as well as heated rear seats let’s walk you around the interior and then we’ll go for a drive so inside we’ve got a very familiar

Space honda has fantastic ergonomics in this new accord everything is a button it’s all visible from the driver’s position we have buttons and knobs for climate control very easy to adjust and control you have to go into menus or anything silly like that we have heated and cooled seats though no heated steering wheel function which i think would be very nice in

This touring down here you can plug in your apple carplay android auto you have wireless charging good stuff sometimes this uh this door doesn’t quite open it’s about a 70 success rate kind of weird really the only piece in this interior that feels cheap everything in here is bolted together really well the leather on the steering wheel feels fantastic and

The driving experience of this accord is class leading it’s really phenomenal this is almost luxury car levels of refinement so i’ve always been a really big fan of the accord i love the way this hybrid drives let’s take it on the road and see what it’s like you can see it low speeds reversing you’ve got a little bit of a hum from the hybrid powertrain just to

Warn pedestrians around you that you exist right now we have ev mode engaged and that can run the car in full electric driving for only about a mile or so the gasoline engine will kick in if you give it a good amount of throttle or if you exceed a certain speed we’re on a pretty bumpy section of road right here and the ride quality is fantastic even on these

19 inch wheels this hybrid touring does have adaptive suspension so it can adjust according to drive modes we have economy normal and sport mode and those kind of change various parameters and suspension tuning the drivetrain stuff like that you get a lot more power instantly in sport mode actually let’s try that right now and see how it does it’s a very smooth

And unobtrusive drivetrain when you’re just putting around normal driving uh this is a very relaxing and quiet experience if you’re going to be hustling your accord around you probably don’t want to get the hybrid anyway probably want to swing for the 2-liter turbo with the 10-speed cornering is nice and flat this accord really does strike a fantastic ride

Handling balance honda’s also made some improvements to the lane keep assist and honda sensing systems in this car finding radar cruise control to work a little bit better than it used to for the 2020 model euro cords it’s a little bit smoother it doesn’t break as abruptly if there are slower vehicles far ahead it’ll kind of slow down a little bit earlier which

Is nice the lane keep assist system seems to work well on the highway everywhere else though it’s kind of anyone’s guess it’s a little bit of an unpredictable system you definitely have to keep your eye on it it’s not one of those set it and forget it lane keep assist systems like maybe hyundai would have this accord hybrid is just one of those sedans that is

Super relaxing and nice to drive it has a very premium feel to it from your touch points to the buttons to the just the way it rides down the road it’s kind of hard to explain and translate through video or words you just you have to go and drive it and experience it and i know a lot of people aren’t crazy about the way this thing looks i think it looks great

Compared to the older records but beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you can get beyond the looks of this thing it is a fantastic sedan the accord probably doesn’t make a lot of sense unless if you’re going to be keeping it long-term you could probably do well with a lower model or a slightly cheaper model without the hybrid powertrain and save some

Money if you’re just going to keep it for a few years but if this is going to be a vehicle that you’re owning for five six seven or more years you’re gonna save a lot of money at the pump it’s gonna be a fuel efficient it’s gonna be nice to drive on the highway it’s pretty quiet not a lot of uh wind noise you do get some tire noise from these 19s probably not the

Uh the wheel size that i would swing for i’d rather have that extra economy in the 17-inch wheels for a hybrid the brake pedal is nice and firm it’s very linear and progressive doesn’t feel strange or different from a standard braking system at all rondo’s always done a pretty good job with that stuff look at this acceleration off the line it’s pretty impressive

For an ecvt hybrid it’s just instant power very immediate like i said that 232 pound-feet of torque kicks in at zero rpm so you are off let’s pull over here we’ll plug in apple carplay and see what the sound system is like when you’re driving so one thing i will say is you can connect apple carplay via bluetooth wirelessly and it’s okay it works great it’s nice

And smooth it’s fast it operates normally but if you’re going to be listening to music you’re going to want to plug in via the cable you’re just going to get much better sound quality through the sound system it’s a pretty noticeable difference between wireless apple carplay and wired apple carplay i’d say if there is one place where the accord is lacking

It’s the sound system it’s not the best sound system i think it’s acceptable for the price point but i would like to see honda improve this just a little bit especially with how nice their accurate els systems are all right hopefully that gives you guys a pretty good idea of what that sounds like see here we’re just cruising on the highway with lane keep assist

Keeping us nice and centered gives us a prompt every few seconds to put our hands on the wheel but for the most part it’s a really nice system it works quite well it’s getting sucked into this side lane just a little bit here i mean if there’s nothing else going on the system keeps you between the lines but really it’s one of those things that you’re just going

To be using occasionally and not for long distance travel you need to take your eyes off the road adjust something in the settings around up on the infotainment you can just press this button very quickly and it’s done the radar cruise works a lot better it’s a lot smoother it’s a lot nicer to use and experience i don’t feel like i’m braking too heavily for the

Vehicles behind me there are lots of different screen options here for your digital gauge cluster right there you can see we have an average amazing fuel economy this week because we’ve been doing a lot of short drives and it is cold out but you should average around 43 miles to the gallon in this accord hybrid is super impressive sport mode is very nice but

Even just in normal or eco perfectly happy with how this car drives alright guys well i think that’s going to sum up the honda accord hybrid like i said at the beginning of this video honda’s just done some subtle improvements here they haven’t messed with their formula this is just one of the best midsize sedans on sale today and i think this is maybe one of

The best cars honda makes currently if you just want a good daily driver this accord is it’s just so nice it’s built incredibly well it’s very comfortable it’s very nice to live with i’ve said that if one of these would fit in my garage i would have bought one and uh it’s just a little bit large for our our situation not sure which accord i would have gone with

There are so many options but you kind of can’t go wrong ex trim is probably the best value with this hybrid but it’s nice that honda offers such a wide range of options for different budgets and preferences and if you want something sporty just get a civic type r all right guys that’s it for this one thanks for watching let me know if you have any questions in

The comments we will see you in the next video take care see i got a very poor ego score there oh well better luck next time

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