2021 Honda CR-V Review – Behind the Wheel

The 2021 Honda CR-V is comes back to the market with a new face in the Philippines. Watch our review of Honda’s new and improved compact crossover that has features like a wireless charger and a panoramic sunroof. Under the hood beats the same 1.6-liter diesel engine with enough punch to make bigger diesel SUVs worried. A comfortable runabout for the city or out of it, catch it on this episode of Behind the Wheel.

A couple of weeks back we reviewed the updated toyota nova now because of what the car means to filipinos and to be honest what the car actually can do for filipinos i gave it its rightful praises i mean it’s just right it’s completely understandable why so many filipino families want that card however some consumers want a more premium feel without sacrificing

Versatility basically they want a better ride better tech better interior without sacrificing a ridiculously frugal diesel engine and well seven seats just then honda sat up and said wait a tick we’ve got something up our sleeves face lifted for 2021 this is the crv the facelifted 5th generation diesel 7 seater dominates the range with three trim levels the v s

And this sx all-wheel drive the advantage of being both aspirational and pragmatic however doesn’t exactly exclude it from a higher price range now this sx model comes in at two million one hundred and fifty eight thousand philippine pesos but if you’re willing to part with some conveniences and some flex and of course an all-wheel drive system you can pick one up

On autodeal.com.ph for one million eight hundred and eighty eight thousand philippine pesos autodeal.com.ph can connect you to get the best quote from multiple dealerships near you you can request and compare quotes from any dealership in the philippines get the best deal with audio up and down the current line of the crv though save a couple of color options the

Exterior is actually identical the changes from the previous generation start with less chrome on the front grille and a bumper with a lower half with more black cladding than body color it’s also laid in with leds from its sequential turn signals down to its fog lamps and everything else in between now down the side persons with ocd may find the camera that sticks

Out to the side mirror which activates every time you indicate to the right a bit bothersome but to be honest with you tight street and dennis leary drivers out there that thing’s worth it roof rails add to its refined but aggressive look ground clearance is a healthy 208 millimeters which is 10 more than the other models down the line with disc brakes all around

My qualm however are these 18 inch daisy looking alloys which are wrapped by 60 series tires they don’t really do much for the ego they’re nothing spectacular and i wish that they did change it i mean the previous generation had better looking ones but i guess yeah they got the job done with the rear pretty much unchanged open her up with the power tailgate and

It will reveal well really not much about 150 liters of space that’s with the third row up when you do fold the third row you’re looking a little bit more than 450 and then if you fold the second row you’re looking at over 900 liters of space what’s nice though is that this false bottom can go low or high depending on your needs and it may not be much but it’s

Really a great space saver okay so seven seats sorta look you know how some porsches are like two plus two this is more like a five plus two kind of a thing now there are bottle holders back here and massive air vents but really the seats back here are for well smaller people and for just really trips around the block i will give this to honda however because

Ingress and egress is like super easy adjustable spacious and not bolstered to the rafters you can definitely seat three adults in here and keep them comfortable too with air vents found in the back and down up front toys include two usb charging points found down below which are both 2.5 amperes i must add you’ve got tweeters on either door with speakers on

Either door oh and not to mention you also have a sunroof up on top so that you can tell when planes go by if it’s a commercial plane or if it’s a male plane or if it’s a female plane i don’t get it dude male plane female plane oh my god what is that tu tito unless we forget there’s also a center armrest with two cup holders one last thing and this is actually

Kind of big check this out when you open the door look at that angle it’s a 90 degree angle this thing opens wider than the front doors themselves which makes loading stuff inside the second row a heck of a lot easier whether you’re loading passengers or cargo now if it wasn’t for the fact that i drove the previous generation i may have freaked out thinking oh

God i broke the car now if you’re not a fan of the buttons and electronic gear selector and i don’t know why you wouldn’t be because it only takes like a day or two to get used to there’s always the gasoline variant but then there are other people out there that will say ah it’s not a real automobile because there’s no liver okay so what do you call mclarens and

Ferraris and gmc’s and volvos and whatnot an all digital instrument cluster color display i might add sits in the background of a multi-button steering wheel with cruise trip and audio controls the center is a 7-inch touchscreen with a multi-reverse camera with nav android auto and apple carplay which sits above the pretty simple air controls it can be argued

As a gimmick but i think the wireless charging pad and the subtle four wood panels which are polar opposites really just add flavor to the cabin i’ll tell you what is in the gimmick the amount of tech and features inside this thing you ready the honda crv sx is equipped with driver front passenger side and curtain airbags abs hill start assist vehicle stability

Assist emergency stop signal corner sensors tire pressure warning agile handling assist honda sensing which includes adaptive cruise control low speed follow collision mitigation braking system lane keep assist road departure mitigation forward collision warning lane departure warning analysis oh my god if you do like our videos consider subscribing to our channel

Because we create them just for you it was fabulous when it was first introduced and it’s still fabulous today that diesel engine up front is a four-cylinder turbo diesel that produces 118 horses and 300 newton meters of torque all from a 1.6 liter four-cylinder double overhead cam id tech turbo engine mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission fuel efficiency

As you’d expect is redonkulous inside the city and traffic has been building up a little over 11 kilometers per liter now on the highway stretch its legs it’s a nine-speed automatic transmission and you’re doing even over 18 kilometers per liter it’s ridiculous how just frugal this car is i’ve taken this car for a week around metro manila and then after that

Week was over i’ve taken it to lipa and then the following day i took it to santa rosa and then the following day after that i took it to clark i still have yet to fill it up i love it it’s like the energizer buddy it just keeps going and going and going it’s amazing i’ll tell you it feels really odd to be in an elevated car with a diesel engine up front in the

Philippines mind you and not feel like you’re carrying so much weight behind because that’s exactly what this is and well when you’re in an elevated car with a diesel engine you’re thinking it’s an suv no not this it’s actually very freeing it’s like getting home at the end of the day and a very long day and taking off your backpack it’s just it feels so light

Speaking of light the steering is actually very light it’s responsive it’s not dumb or anything but it’s light enough it’s not as light as say a ford because that’s like the champion of being light this is it offers just the right amount of obedience slash resistance is that even a thing yeah that’s gotta be a thing the ride too is actually pretty surprising yes

I understand it is a crv it’s a crossover so you expect it to be uh quite blind on the road but it’s the diesel engine really that throws you off it’s like what the hell is going on and then you realize oh it’s the seven seater diesel at crv okay i will say this though that the isolation does need help not from the wind and not from the tire noise but believe it

Or not from the engine now i do remember from the previous generation you could hear the diesel engine but in this one it just seems much more apparent it’s not as ridiculous as let’s say cats doing it no nothing that bad but it is apparent it might be something that you need to get used to thankfully there are eight speakers inside this automobile which will

Drown it out quick fast and in a hurry a quirk that i’ve found while driving is that while rolling and you release the accelerator you expect the car to slow down ever so slightly not in this particular car see well it actually catches you it revs up and yet still maintains the same speed which is not necessarily a bad thing because obviously it gives you more

Control the higher the revs the thing though is is that it even does that in traffic so you might need to sort of like change the way that you anticipate things that happen since we drive at such closer proximity when we’re inside the city so you might be on the brakes a little bit faster than you thought it’s not a deal breaker no nothing at all just something

That i observed and i thought well maybe you’d like to know wow look i’m not trying to blow sunshine up anyone’s skirt or anything but check this out you’re inside a crossover in the philippines so the ride is a heck of a lot better than the suvs you got a diesel engine up front that’s redonkulously frugal you’ve got ground clearance and you’ve got seven seats if

You need them well five plus two really but still seven seats if you need them in all honesty this could actually be for those that aspire uh in filipino assan car i mean think about it right it just might be upwards of two million philippine pesos for a seven seater diesel engine suv is somewhat understandable it stings a little when you’re talking about a

Car of the same shape but a heck of a lot smaller hear me out though it’s a japanese seven-seater crossover powered by a diesel engine and the icing is that not only is it the most well equipped but it’s also the most affordable when you’re talking about cars of this category especially off at the top of the line so yeah it may not be the knee jerk reaction when

It comes to filipinos looking for a car and thinking of what it is that they need but it could just be just be the car that filipinos want without actually even knowing bye

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