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2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line full features and specification explained.

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2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line full features and specification explaining video.

Hello i’m minje su from hyundai global high tech team hello i am jungwoo lee i’m a car racer nice to meet you teaser videos of a camo wrapped elantra n-line have been popping up all over the place recently we have that very car here with us today it seems that you are popping up a lot recently too mingjae we are here today to tell you all you need to know about

The elantra and line first in the front the radiator grille design immediately catches your eye by chainwood even at a glance the horizontal layout of the rear diffuser gives the car a wider feel the rear bump moves the visual center of gravity to a lower point giving the car a stable and dynamic image i find this rear spoiler extremely attractive not only does it

Give off sporty vibes but aerodynamically speaking it can also add stability when driving at a high speed also the single twin tip muffler you’ll know it’s an end line when you see that the spacious interior which is proper for an elantra and all the emblems make it really good looking and the red stitches are everywhere this is exactly the point that makes your

Heart beat fast content-like structure and panoramic display are already very attractive but elantra n has something even more special that is the sports scene with thick bolsters and the paddle shift it’s the best for people like me who love driving at high speeds and with the driving mode button right here beside the panoramic display you can change modes by

Moving your hand just a little from the steering wheel making the drive feel even more sporty the elantra n-line comes with our third generation smartstream 1.6 turbo engine equipped with cvvd its performance has been upgraded even further i think a lot of people will be curious about the cbvd we all know that engines move by the power of a fuel and air combustion

The important part is the flow of air the cvvd finely tunes the flow of air to improve efficiency and performance using this cvvd technology the elantra n-line has improved its fuel efficiency and reduced emissions the seven level double clutch transmission used in the elantra end line is also impressive an up shift push feel has been added to really bring to

Life that driving experience push feel is what we call the feeling of thrust as you push the pedal to the floor and you quickly increase your speed while the gears rapidly shift up you can enjoy a very professional driving experience what’s more when you slow down in sports mode or when you downshift in manual mode the downshift rev matching comes into work

Increasing engine rev count beforehand to enable speedy gear switch it helps you match the rev count rapidly when you downshift to get out of a corner quickly without putting too much pressure on the engine it’s like the technique that professional racers use on the race track we can’t leave without talking about the multi-link rear suspension the joint between

The damper and the body have been optimized to improve performance this gives us a better ride and more stability in the chassis at high speeds and when cornering to match the sporty performance we added front disc brakes with a diameter of 305 pi the brake also feels very sporty so we’ve looked at the elantra n line today for me i love that no matter where you

Look the design stands out as an end line i also want to mention that just like the standard elantra models the n-line also gives you hyundai carpet voice recognition controls and other high-tech features and don’t forget to check out the four types of end performance parts if you want to customize your elantra and line or upgrade your performance we hope this

Was helpful for you now we’ll say goodbye you

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2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line full features and specification explained. By Real Channel Automotive