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2021 Hyundai Nexo Review

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Does hydrogen make more sense than electricity to power a car. Check out my review!

Yeah g’day chris bowen from bowen’s garage welcome aboard the hyundai nexo the first question that most people ask me about this is how does it drive well it drives exactly like an electric car the hyundai nexo is a fuel cell electric vehicle that means it runs on hydrogen the only thing that comes out of the exhaust pipe is water i you not the interior is

Up market and quite premium but there are about 467 buttons here that you really would need to get used to if this is your daily driver any car that dares to step outside of the internal combustion engine era comes under immediate scrutiny when it comes to range well the hyundai nexo can go up to 666 kilometers based on the gold standard rating system used

Across the world to measure such things that’s pretty good and you know what after driving this for a few days i would much rather a hydrogen-powered vehicle than an electric car every day of the week now i understand you can pick that statement apart almost instantly there’s only one public refuelling station and it’s in the nation’s capital canberra where

The first 20 road registered vehicles were offered to the government as fleet vehicles the only other refueling station is at macquarie park in sydney at hyundai hq also this whole hydrogen thing just didn’t occur overnight hyundai have been added for around 20 years and we’ve seen it before in the ix-35 in terms of how all this works is actually quite easy

To understand it has an electric motor now what gives the electric motor electricity the hydrogen which is in the fuel cell which generates the current to send back to the motor where eventually it combines with oxygen simply taken from the atmosphere that reaction results in water and electricity being created the water goes out the exhaust and any unused

Electricity that doesn’t go to the motor is stored in a battery on board as well but the clincher is how quickly this car can be refueled it’s only around five minutes to fill the 150 liter storage tanks on board and before i forget the nexo can also do this i if i find myself in a situation a tight car spot for example can go forward all back watch this

Just gotta get close enough to it and i can tell you there’s no one hiding in there there’s literally no one in there it’s maneuvering itself it’s a very expensive remote control vehicle let’s go backwards now the hawks fish just down the back there so hopefully uh we don’t run into it look at that i don’t know when you would ever use this function maybe

Coming out of your garage in a tight spot but i think that’s pretty cool don’t you better stop there’s a long way to go but it’s not exactly like hyundai woke up yesterday and said let’s make hydrogen cars it’s been going on for a while as i mentioned for those who do have them in terms of government fleets and other private buyers it’s fully specced you apple

Carplay android auto dual zone air conditioning all the safety features you need autonomous emergency braking blind spot monitors it’s all there so while i won’t be drinking out of the exhaust anytime soon it just adds further weight i reckon for those who really want a genuine green alternative let’s look at some thumbs up thumbs down thumbs up great range

666k great technology right up to speed with 2021 standards comfortable premium interior thumbs down good luck finding a charging point you can’t actually buy it yet and who knows where we’ll be in five or ten years will it be this form of technology will it be hybrid will it be fev will it be ev uh internal combustion engine a combination of all i don’t know

There’s just so many different things going on but i’m a huge fan it’s a 90 out of 100 for me it’s the hyundai nexo i’ve really enjoyed it i’m chris barwin normal programming will resume right after this and don’t forget subscribe to my youtube channel because if you don’t subscribe i won’t survive good luck and goodbye you

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2021 Hyundai Nexo Review By Bowen’s Garage