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Is a four-cylinder-only 2021 Jaguar XF still worth your attention? Find out in this Buyer’s Guide. Learn more about the 2021 Jaguar XF right here. ➡️

This is the 2021 jaguar xf p300 and if you want to buy a jaguar sedan the xf is the last jag saloon you can buy for 2021 it’s only available with a four-cylinder engine the question is if you’re in the market for a mid-sized luxury car should you consider the xf let’s find out this is the second generation jag xf the first steel body car debuted in 2009 and it

Was replaced by this very car in 2015 which has some aluminum body panels to make it lighter for better performance but as i mentioned sadly jack has gotten rid of a six cylinder option for the xf which is a shame because that new mild hybrid inline six that we love so much in the land rover defender when we know it would fit and it’s the same company they’re not

Offering it because jaguar says there’s not enough demand for the xf to justify two engine choices and that’s a real shame because of what this car competes against it is going up against some of the best cars in the history of the sedan the audi a6 the bmw 5 series the mercedes-benz e-class and all those vehicles they offer a four-cylinder a six-cylinder a v8 a

Hybrid whatever you want this sadly you’re stuck with one engine choice and two different power levels what jag is banking on apparently is that people will overlook the xf’s relative lack of performance and instead concentrate on its quintessentially british style let’s talk design but we’re going to start with color british racing green the best possible color

For this car it looks fantastic it’s a steal of britishism it’s smashing second this is an ian callum design ian was the head of jaguar design when this car debuted and it shows it is stunning to look at love the grill it’s big without being too big without being comical like we see on so many modern grills these days it really has defined the face of jaguar love

The double j daytime running lights here that’s great playing the letter j which you know they used to have for the shifter now it’s in the lights it’s fine not so big on these intakes but every car seems to have to have them so so be it when you start coming down the side though it’s just a master class on how to bend and shape metal it’s just stunning this this

Area here is traditionally called the catwalk and it’s just so good then you have the you know the surfacing on the panels here it’s so well done british cars are slab sided this one’s no different however there is a difference has a nice gentle radius to it the strong line work makes the whole door pop you know coming back here to the c pillar i love it yeah it

Slopes so much it kind of says i’m a hatchback even though it has a trunk but i’ll forgive that because of how elegant and simple and strong this area of the car is just so good and then i think the view from the rear is the best looking part of the car the bright work the taillights too many badges and that’s a problem with modern jaguars they just have all this

Stuff fastened all over the place but i’ll forgive it because look at the diffuser it’s so well integrated maybe the best i’ve ever seen and brilliantly it has a little piece of bright work which just makes it pop again at the end of the day it’s a mid-sized family sedan right but it’s just gorgeous like literally a knockout while not as striking or dramatic

As the exterior i think the interior of the new jag xf is really nice it has the three components necessary for what i would consider to be a real luxury interior namely leather metal and wood and lots of that first one there’s so much leather in here and i think more than it looks like more than normal because it’s in this oyster color so there’s a rather bold

Choice it does look really nice especially this piece contrasted here against this nice dark wood then against this nice upper dark piece of leather right here it just looks great new is this 11.4 inch touchscreen it’s bigger and it’s brighter and it’s faster than the screens that came before it isn’t as feature packed with stuff is all the germans no it’s not

However it does have apple carplay and android auto so how often are you going to really be using all the features found in the touchscreen one cool thing i want to point out is the drive mode knob it’s a nice piece of knurled metal it feels rather premium but you pick your mode you go from comfort to dynamic and then you can put it away and it’s just gone and

Locked in there and also when you start the car your choice will be remembered which is very cool gone is jag’s pop-up gear selector has been replaced by a leather-covered normal shift knob and that’s a very good thing i like that a lot as far as driving position and space and all that it feels like i’m in a midsize sedan same is true for the rear seat you know

Big enough is it the biggest in the segment no and you can say the same thing about the trunk plenty of room not the very biggest on the market this is the xfp 300 there is a p250 you can buy makes 50 horsepower less p300 makes 296 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque from its 2-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine the power goes into a zf 8-speed automatic

Transmission that powers all four wheels and the bad news is it’s not enough this car is screaming for more power it’s such a good chassis it’s neutral it’s balanced it’s delightful to drive but this is a cylinder it’s just not enough and in my book it’s a tragedy you know they put this badge here r dynamic it’s not really r and especially on these tires it’s not

Really dynamic the good news is because it’s four cylinder only fuel economy is okay around town you’ll get 22 miles per gallon and on the highway you will get 30 mpgs check this out even though the xf is on its seventh model year it’s never been crash tested so we don’t know what we do know is it comes standard with a whole bunch of active safety features including

Lane keeping assist blind spot monitoring and emergency braking however adaptive cruise control that’s a 1200 option you can get into a jag xf p250 rear wheel drive for 45 145 dollars if you want to step it up to the p300 all-wheel drive r dynamic we’re talking fifty one thousand one hundred and forty five dollars which is about four thousand dollars less than the

Competition so from that point of view the xf is a bit of a bargain however this one sitting next to me resplendent in its 600 british racing green paint job is over 62 000 so if you’re not careful with the options they can get a bit pricey if there’s one thing i want you to know about the 2021 jaguar xf p300 all-wheel drive r-dynamic se aside from its ridiculous

Name it’s that this car is lovely i personally can’t get past the sheet metal you know it’s elegant it’s real luxury yes it’s not a technological powerhouse like the germans but how much technology do you actually need isn’t your phone enough now sadly there is not enough power under that hood however if you’re in the market for a mid-sized used to be performance

Now it’s more of a luxury family sedan this will serve you well and if you want one get them quick because i have a feeling the jag ain’t gonna be making the xf much longer to see vehicle rankings and a complete buyer’s guide please visit motortrend.com cars you

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