2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Walk Around Part 2

Part 2 of 2: Showing you all the features of the brand new redesigned luxury 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit (highest trim level package) featuring a new air suspension system and third row seating. Available now at Gengras Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in East Hartford, CT.

I want to highlight this american flag here these vehicles were actually built in a special manufacturer in a special factory that was just recently built in detroit a 1.8 billion dollar facility and the first thing they did was start making these okay so they are one american-made and two really want to make sure that that we show that by showing you these little

Trinkets here we call them easter eggs as far as the jeep community goes the motor in this one is a 3.6 cylinder so when you talk about jeep you’re going to talk about the stylings and you’re going to talk about the motors those are two things that have always been sanctuary jeep as well as our four wheel drive system the 3.6 motor is something that is going to

Give you the power you need as far as being on the highway getting around a vehicle and it’s also going to help you in terms of fuel economy okay and if i go ahead and close this i don’t know if you can see this camera here this vehicle is actually equipped with a night vision camera so when it’s night time when it’s dark outside this camera can see up to 100 feet

Out anything that’s four feet or higher what i mean by that is if we’re driving in terms of deer animals things crossing on the on the on the highway or on the back roads even in our own driveways let’s say we’re trying to get out and there’s a kid’s bike or some toys or something whatever it is that camera actually picks it up again i want to highlight the wider

The wider lights how everything is led and again how it wraps around the front here one aesthetically very pleasing and then two safety wise the bigger the light is the brighter things are the better visibility from the side here you can actually see that the forward okay reason for that being is again being in a third third row vehicle you want to maximize your

Visibility to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible as you’re driving by slanting the grille forward it allows us to slope our hood downwards which is going to give us a really big field of vision as we’re driving in our vehicle and again it’s a jeep so you can’t forget about the seven slot grille another jeep feature is always going to be the trapezoidal

Wheel arches here so seven slot gross trapezoidal wheel arches um easter eggs like we like to call it in terms of like the american flag on this vehicle those are things that when you see you know what’s achieved now as we’re on the outside of this vehicle and have everything closed engineering wise what they did was they brought the belt line down what i mean

By that is if you come over here we like to call this the guideline or the belt line depending who you’re talking to by bringing that belt line down we brought the center of gravity down and again gives you more visibility when you’re driving when they redesigned this vehicle because it’s not just a grand cherokee with a third row it is a complete redesign they

Built the engine on top of the axle and your transmission actually runs through your engine what that enables you to do is have a lower center of gravity so even if you are in a bigger vehicle which you will be you don’t have to deal with the body roll or the the the roughness that you would typically associate with your drive so very first thing we see when we

Get into this vehicle is going to be our brand new uconnect 5 with the 10.1 inch display my favorite thing about this is it’ll automatically do a split screen for you between a navigation and another page in this instance it has navigation and it has media let’s say i want to zoom in on media i can either press the media button here or i can just hit full screen

Right there okay what i really want to highlight is our navigation so with the navigation they did a complete retool what i mean by that is this vehicle is going to give you connected services and in this instance being the uconnect 5 things like tomtom things like apple carplay they’re already going to be built into the system um let’s say i want to come right

Here to the dealership first thing you’re going to notice is this does have a predictive feature so i’m at 460. connecticut boulevard it gives me all the 460 connecticut boulevards or abs that i could use in this case it’s right here in east hartford click on that you have a couple options i can just hit drive or if i can hit this right here i can use it as a

Starting point i can add to favorites or i can search near here so if i’m looking for restaurants gas stations hotels near my destination that’s how i would do it okay once i hit drive here your screen will change to tell you obviously how far away you are when you’ll be there if i want to get out of the screen i just hit x and now i go back to a map view okay

It is touch screen so i can move around i can zoom out i can zoom in if you notice how fast it moves there is not a lag okay which obviously when we deal with things like this we want to avoid a lag if you can see from where you are there as i move around the screen depending how zoomed in i am it’ll show me streets it’ll show me flow of traffic and it’ll show me

Points of interest things like gas stations things like restaurants things like hotels are all going to pop up on here okay this three line bar here this menu if i click on this i can do things like at home add work see what recents i might have been to and see what trips i might have taken i hit settings here i can adjust the map view routing sounds and alerts

For example routing if i click on this i can do different route types what i mean by that is if i can click on it you can choose between the fastest route the shortest route in terms of how many miles you’ll drive and the most eco-friendly router as well again we want to make sure that you get where you want to be but you get there in a way that you want to get

There if i get out of here i can avoid ferries trains toll roads even things like unpaved roads interstate highways carpool lanes and tunnels so again make sure that where you want to go you get there in a way that makes sense for you right here where it says vehicle i can click on vehicle and i have a couple options in the car itself what i mean by that is you

Have your mirror dimmer you have third row headrest fold so if the third row seats are up and i want to be able to get a clear field of vision to the back i can press that button and have them come down you have a surround camera on this vehicle so if i click on this here not only do you have your traditional backup camera you have a surround view of the vehicle

360 degrees that’s what the cameras are for on the outside of the vehicle and you have different views so behind me a fish-eye view behind me fish-eye view ahead of me zoomed-in view ahead of me and i can do a bigger screen here where i can zoom in again if i’m using that tow hitch make sure i get to where i need to be and you also have the vehicle equipped with

The front camera everything has guidelines so whether i’m in the front here let’s say i need to follow these red lines here i can adjust the wheels to make sure that i’m on path same as i can when i’m behind me and if my camera gets dirty from off-roading now it’s clean that was pretty cool actually so my favorite part about the interior obviously aside from the

Aesthetics part of it is how practical it is focused on the horizontal layout what i mean by that is as i’m driving i just looked at my screen five times not once that i turned my head if we turn our head we’re not looking at the road we just put ourselves and others in danger by having everything pushed back and everything leaning back as well i don’t know if you

Can see it from here everything is leaned backwards so again i have maximum visibility while staying as safe as possible okay everything i can do on the screen i can do through buttons and through toggles what that enables us to do is make sure that if i’m driving i don’t distract myself with the screen because i know what this button does i know what that button

Does i know if i want to turn on my fan i can raise and lower from here dual climate control so if i’m hot in your cold we can adjust accordingly you also have your buttons here for your heated seat heated steering wheel and your ventilated seats so your first row gives you heated seat heated steering wheel ventilated seats you can tell when you have perforated

Seats like this it means that they’re air conditioned seats your second row actually gets heated seats as well when it’s under 40 degrees your heated seat and steering wheel will automatically start whether you start it from your phone the key fob or from inside the vehicle when it’s over 75 degrees your ventilated seats will automatically kick on same way okay

If we zoom in right in here we can see again make sure everything stays charged you have two usb ports two type c ports an auxiliary cable port and then if i pop this open here you do have a space for a traditional car charger but again everything nowadays is wireless so right in the middle here you have a wireless charger for your phones okay if we focus on this

Section here this toggle is how we’re gonna go ahead and shift gears okay this being a jeep you’re gonna have different drive modes for different terrains now our four wheel drive system is an automatic four wheel drive system what i mean by that is in our vehicle let’s say my front left tire hits a patch of ice the system is made to send power to that tire to

Make sure it doesn’t lose traction so you don’t worry about spinning out in the first place okay these different modes here are gonna do different things to the drivetrain for example if i throw it in rock mode what’s gonna happen is four wheel drive low is going to engage because in that instance i’m off-roading and i need to get over a boulder if i put it in snow

Mode you’re gonna start off in second gear versus first gear to make sure you have maximum traction to get you out of those snow banks on the side here this toggle with the three lines you have five different ride heights that you can use okay your lowest height here is going to be entry exit level that’s going to be the lowest the vehicle goes enable you to get

In and out really easy when it’s when you’re driving over 15 miles an hour the vehicle will automatically raise to make sure that you don’t catch your bumper on a rock or twig whatever it is your highest ride height is going to be off-road 2. that’s going to give you at least a two inch lift that’s enabled for if we are off-roading getting over those logs those

Rocks whatever the case is again if you’re over 15 miles an hour the vehicle will automatically lower to help you save on gas this being a summit you actually have summit written out in the seat which is really nice going back to the dashboard here real wood all the materials here are soft materials to the touch and the best part about it is even if you’re in the

Third row you still get the nice materials a lot of the times with third row vehicles we find that the third row is just a sea of black plastic and that’s we wanted to avoid we want to make sure if you’re driving or if you’re in the third row you know you’re in a luxury vehicle okay so if you do like the features in the grand cherokeel i advise you to comment down

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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Walk Around Part 2 By Gengras Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram