2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Review // Would you buy this plug-in?


We’ve got jeep’s first electrified wrangler it’s the four by e let’s get in go for a drive it’s nice and quiet andrea it’s a quiet wrangler it’s electrify it’s the four by e what’s under the hood a two liter turbo four-cylinder engine with two electric motors it has an eight-speed automatic transmission it has 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque 35

Kilometers of ev range that’s 22 miles all right we should explain the two electric motors so there’s one big electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the transmission that’s doing most of the heavy lifting now uh fca stalantis chrysler they have what is called e-torque available on a lot of their different engines this is only initial launch torque and it

Helps with auto start stop so don’t think there’s two massive electric motors there’s one big one and one little one yeah so you’ve got to stick around we’ve got a good hot topic coming up i’m going to take the phv side and zach’s going to take the diesel it’s a good one also we have questions coffee and cars fuel economy price pods for your consideration it’s

All coming up but right now we’re going to get into the key standard features the jeep wrangler 4 by e comes standard with an 8.4 inch touchscreen with uconnect 4 a 7 inch full color information display apple carplay and android auto alpine sound system leather face seats leather wrapped steering wheel power heated exterior mirrors led headlamps 20 inch wheels

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But because the price and the fuel economy is so integral to buying a 4 by e we’re going to do that first so let’s get into it the unlimited sahara starts at just under fifty five thousand dollars and the unlimited rubicon is just under sixty thousand dollars as tested seventy four thousand three hundred and forty dollars here’s the fuel economy the rubicon 4 by

E earns a combined city highway rating in the first hundred kilometers of 4.8 liters that’s 49 miles per gallon equivalent when it’s charged with the battery depleted it gets a combined city highway rating of 11.7 liters per hundred kilometers that’s 20 miles per gallon now that is expensive andrea it sure is it adds up quickly the 2-liter turbo gas engine is

Around five thousand dollars less than this in canada the v6 is around 4 600 less and the diesel engine is more 2600 more but worth it we’ll get to that in a moment uh all right so there’s a lot to unbox here and when you buy an electric or plug-in vehicle a lot of times it just comes down to a calculation yeah but you had some something fun happen on instagram

Yeah well one of our followers commented on the wrangler for by e post and i was so excited he owns a sahara and he has his own instagram page where he likes to you know show his vehicle and some of the different things that he’s doing and he has a fan page on facebook that is really blown up his name is chris hall and he gave us a lot of valuable information

Now one of the things is that he does a lot of short trips which is what phevs are perfect for what does he do he drives to work he uses mostly eevee range he does about eight miles and he is the kind of guy hugh is dedicated to plugging in he has loved the wrangler but he didn’t like what came out of the tailpipe and then he bought himself a sahara and he loves

It he did some 0-60 tests and he came in under six seconds when it’s fully charged and even when it’s not and he towed a 2 000 pound trailer and he came in at around nine and a half seconds so these are really good numbers so even when the range is depleted it says zero on the dash it still has capacity in the battery to run as a hybrid 15 in fact yeah so like

Most hybrids have very small batteries so they keep some of the battery back to run just as regular hybrid but um one thing about the fuel economy andrea when it’s off of the plug-in portion and you’re driving just as a hybrid the fuel economy is worse than the diesel yeah it’s worse than the diesel chris is getting on average about 24 to 25 miles per gallon but

The diesel gets about 25 miles per gallon as well but chris has a very clean drive because he’s mostly running it on ev range but also where is the fuel coming from is his electricity generated at a coal fire plant we don’t know is it for example here in british columbia or in the province of quebec it’s hydro it’s 100 clean it really depends on where you live

Yeah all right we’re going to touch on the aesthetics of this outside and inside it looks like a jeep we know that but you get some modifications yeah the exterior has got the blue electric trim all around which i think is pretty cool and distinguishes it from the regular model and the interior on this rubicon has some blue stitching the other models get red

Stitching you’ve got the 8.4 inch touchscreen and the 7-inch information display in here still to come that hot topic but right now it’s time for questions time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram i guess my only question is the water crossing abilities with all the extra electrical components added is it going to attract those true

Off-road die-hard types yes i think it will because there’s nothing different this wrangler offers the same as all the other wranglers and you can go through 30 inches of water no problem at all the battery is inside the cab it’s under the rear seat so it’s protected from the elements because it’s inside and it’s waterproof and sealed there is a there’s a case

To be made for using saving e energy which you can do in this and using it for going extreme off-roading because you have instant torque from the electric motor you don’t have to wait for the engine to rev up so you can crawl over things slowly especially in low range using the electric motor however andrea most people that go off-roading don’t buy brand new

70 000 jeeps they buy an old rubicon and they fix it up the way they want and that’s what they go off-roading well that’s what i want to know how many people are spending this is prices tested on this rubicon almost 75 000 and then going off roading you’re going to put it in your driveway and polish it for that kind of money yeah i would be worried about that how

Long will the batteries last till they have to be replaced and what will the cost be i’ve read a few articles on this it’s around 5 500 to replace them and then batteries can last up to 10 years and in some studies they’ve seen 12 to 15 years you buy a diesel jeep and you’re gonna get half a million miles out of that engine if you maintain it like it’s not even

Close i’m sorry this is the this is where this all falls down it’s like yeah it’s great it’s brand new it does this it does that but you know what in 15 years the jeep even with the 3.6 liter pentastar or the diesel is going to be the one people want well that was one of the comments that we had on instagram see the battery needs replaced and you’ve got a 12 13

Year old vehicle what’s the resale value on that and when you replace the battery is it going to be worth the extra cost that i don’t know time will tell but just one more thing people replace engines and transmissions in cars for sure so say the engine blows up which can happen um you got to change the engine that’s going to be 5 000 so people do that all the

Time so you have to kind of equate it the same way very cool never thought i’d see a phev wrangler does this phev limit the ability to add exterior mods customizations winches bigger wheels rims etc no there’s tons of after market stuff and also jeep has lots of interior and exterior options the price really adds up get your mopar on that’s what they want you

To do get all those accessories yep and that’s it thanks for your questions we love interacting with you on instagram keep them all coming motormouth underscore andrea is where you get your questions and follow along to find out when videos drop and now because you hear the music it’s time for nightlife we keep back one question from question coffee and cars

And expand on it it’s our hot topic what’s this one andrea do you think going electric with this is worth it it seems to me that with the electric range so low it’s hardly worth the effort they get better economy with a modern diesel and wouldn’t you know it it’s starting to rain we got sun we’ve got rain we’ve got it all we’re closing the roof look at this

Roof with the touch of a button you can get up to 60 miles per hour and you can still open and close it which is awesome that’s gonna cost you just under four thousand dollars but i think it’s worth every point oh yeah yes spend it all get this i like that so before we get into this andrea i just want to take the side of the diesel okay because everybody talks

About carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions carbon emissions are directly related to fuel economy now don’t confuse smog forming pollutants that’s something totally different we’re talking about carbon emissions if you want to reduce how much carbon goes into the atmosphere you get the best fuel economy and i believe over the lifespan of a vehicle that

A diesel will get better fuel economy than this unless you plug it in every five minutes okay so you don’t have to plug it in every five minutes zach but yes diesel gets great fuel economy we all know that we have a diesel vehicle ourselves however i think it’s different for everybody everybody has a different lifestyle for me if i had a garage and i had a charger

I would be the kind of person that would go into the garage park my vehicle and charge it all the time every time i got home my vehicle would be charged and i believe that i would probably only be using ev range most of the time we should explain we live right in the middle of the city we have a 100 year old house and we park on the street if we wanted to put

That infrastructure in our house we’d have to redo the whole back lane the garage the whole thing it’s not worth it to get 240 volts out to the back lane yeah so for us it makes no sense it’s not feasible unless you want a very clean drive and if that’s the case maybe that’s more important to us and we would invest that money in that garage and the vehicle yeah

But if you had a classic suburban setup with a nice big driveway in a garage you get the 240 volts you plug it in you can do it easily as andrea mentioned all the time for me though talking once again about the lifespan of the vehicle a diesel will go hundreds of thousands of miles if maintained properly and it’s going to deliver amazing fuel economy whether

It’s hot whether it’s cold whether it’s in the city or on the highway that’s all a function of how much carbon you’re putting into the atmosphere now before you start typing away i get it the diesels aren’t as clean for smog forming pollutants that is true so if that’s your main goal then this is your girl um i like diesel like i said but i am very interested in

This phev my mind is wide open about that that’s a shot drea you’re saying my mind is closed i’m not saying it’s close just that maybe mine is a little bit more open about electrification all right let’s open your mind to other alternatives what other plugins can you get for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider the wrangler doesn’t really have any

Direct competition but here are four plug-in hybrids to consider the best-selling phev goes to the mitsubishi outlander with a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor matched with a cvt it has 221 horsepower and 39 kilometers of ev range with a starting price of just over 44 000. the phev with the most eevee range is the toyota rav4 prime with

68 kilometers it has a 2.5 liter four-cylinder gas engine and toyota’s hybrid system it produces 219 horsepower and a starting price of almost five 45 dollars the volvo xc60 plug-in hybrid t8 powertrain borrows the t6 engine and pairs it with a set of electric motors it has 29 kilometers of ev range 400 horsepower and a starting price of 66 and a half thousand

Dollars two plug-in hybrids to keep an eye out for are the hyundai tucson and the hyundai santa fe the santa fe will get 50 kilometers of ev range but the tucson is rumored to get slightly more at 52 kilometers no pricing is being announced for these two models they will be available sometime this summer so there are four phevs for you to consider here are the

Vital stats of the wrangler 4 by e the jeep wrangler is a top performer for maintaining its value car edge states it will depreciate only 31 over 5 years the 4 by e is a new model there are no predicted depreciation and reliability numbers at this time jd power gives the 2021 jeep wrangler a predicted quality and reliability score of 81 out of a hundred so andrew

Is going to touch on the different modes here in a second but we want to talk about the handling and the differences it is very quiet especially when you’re driving just on pure wider than the diesel i might ask absolutely uh but that has a real manly truck sound to it andrea uh what i would suggest though is if you’re interested in this if you’re just gonna

Drive on city roads do not get this rubicon it kind of wanders the steering with the big tires it’s meant for going off-road so do yourself a favor and drive the sahara so this 4×8 comes with three drive modes hybrid electric and e-save it always defaults to the hybrid mode it runs like a true hybrid the electric is exactly what it sounds like it runs on full

Battery and then the e-save gives you the chance to save the battery if you want to go off-roading maybe you want to have a very silent off-road experience you can save that ev range for when you get there or you’re driving on the highway and then you get to an urban setting where the vehicle is less efficient so vehicles are more efficient on the highway less

Efficient in city driving save the battery you get into the city bumper-to-bumper traffic it’s just eevee yeah i think that this four by e is going to attract a new set of buyers for jeep ones that are looking for electrification i’m not entirely sold i’m kind of in a bit of a wait and see on this one i think die hard jeep fans will gravitate towards traditional

Powertrains we’ll have to wait and see this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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