2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4Xe

Learning how to operate an off-road vehicle.

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the auto insider this week we’re doing the 2021 jeep wrangler off-road experience well semi-off-road we found this loose gravel light here there’s a lot of heels a lot of bumps a lot of ups and downs let’s see what this rubicon does in a way that you might use it in your everyday life now for those of you who are real

Off-roaders leave your comments laugh pick on me i know i don’t do it all right but we’re gonna have a lot of fun in it and see why so many people are hell-bent on owning a jeep wrangler now anytime i’ve ever heard anyone talking about a deep wrangler i don’t know that i’ve ever heard the topic of field economy coming up in the conversation but it is a plug-in hybrid

So it can get you some upfront parking at some of your favorite places i brought many all-wheel drive vehicles to this course before they didn’t fare so well they all got over it but it was always white knuckle grips getting over these hills through this loose grout well let’s see wrangler’s supposed to be the top of the food chain when it comes to off-roading

Let’s see how it does well it’s obvious from the beginning that i totally underestimated the off-road capability of this jeep wrangler rubicon 4×8 i don’t know why i would it’s still a jeep and it’s obvious loose gravel or not the jeep wrangler rubicon is totally unfazed by any slippage here in this little gravel pit but when i started out as i said not very

Familiar with off-roading so i only had the transmission set in four high so some of those heels were a bit of a challenge so i did what anyone else would do when i didn’t know what to do i went to my friend youtube to figure out how to get the most out of this rubicon 4×8 shift this over into neutral when you do you pull this down into four low when that happens

You get the indication here that it’s in for a low then when i put it back in drive then i’m ready to try to tackle the heal and voila the rubicon separated itself from all other all-wheel drive vehicles i had ever driven and yes i was even impressed with this electrified version it comes with the turbocharged inline four cylinder that makes 375 horsepower and

470 pound-feet of torque and according to jeep that also makes this the fastest jeep wrangler on the road at the time of this video with a 0-60 time in around 6 seconds well that is until the 392 jeep comes out in 2022 so if you’re looking to have the fastest wrangler for now you’ll have to opt for the rubicon or the sahara as they’re the only two that come in

The plug-in hybrid option for now and in case you’re wondering everyone will know that you’re driving the four by e jeep is added all blue badging and blue tow hooks in case they missed the badges and while being innovative and technologically advanced jeep also made this a pretty fun family vehicle you have multiple usb charging ports here in the second row and

The usbc fast chargers right below the second row seats you have your battery for your hybrid technology here out of the way so it doesn’t get damaged when you take the family on an off-road adventure also if you plan on using your rubicon like an suv like many people do there’s decent space back here and the back seats fold down to allow for extra cargo the

Alpine stereo system is fantastic so whether the roof is on or off you get to enjoy all your favorite tunes and you don’t miss any of the highs and the lows the rubicon interior of course has more blue stitching just another indication that you’re driving a hybrid vehicle like the rest of the jeeps you do get your kit here to take your doors off which we never

Did and many of you may not take your doors off either the tester that we had came with the custom preferred package which has a cold weather group that gets you heated front seats heated steering wheel remote start we also have multiple usb charging ports power window with power up and down for your driver’s window you have apple carplay and android auto also for

The hybrid edition you have multiple drive modes hybrid electric and esa which allows you to store energy while you’re driving and that power comes from your regenerative braking system and our tester also came with the 995 optional safety group which gives you park sense rear park assist system the advanced safety group automatic high beam headlights full speed

Forward collision warning adaptive cruise control with stop and advanced brake assist and standing on this rubicon unlimited you have the 8.4 inch stereo with the touchscreen also the uconnect nav system and xm radio with a five-year subscription along with 4g lte wi-fi hotspot in case you’re working off-road in your jeep wrangler well i’m sure by now many of you

Have to be wondering about the fuel economy well we averaged 16.3 miles per gallon in all fairness to jeep though we never once plugged in the jeep wrangler to get his charge from the plug-in hybrid capability it’s just too much trouble pulling out that case unraveling that cord parking close enough to a building so that i can get a charge just so i can get maybe

25 miles to the charge and when you only have 120 volt charger in your house it takes forever to charge it up jeep says it takes about two and a half hours if you have a 240 volt charger in your home and if you find one of those fast chargers out in your neighborhood it’ll charge a lot quicker than that but to get 25 miles on the electric charge i don’t know if

It’s worth it for me to install 100 240 volt charger in my home but there is that 7 500 possible tax credit i can get from the federal government for driving this plug-in hybrid well that’s all the time we have this week with this 2021 jeep wrangler and for more of what’s new what’s hot and what’s not be sure to follow us on facebook instagram youtube then download

The soundcloud app and you can hear all of our reviews in their entirety and as far as whether or not this rubicon is hot or not i think you can tell this one’s hot even in a hype well until next week i’m daryl killian for the auto inside you

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