2021 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 S

Introducing yet another beautifully styled example of the new generation Defender 110 finished in Fuji White with Black Exterior Pack, 19” Gloss Black Alloys, Front/Rear Classic Mudflaps, Black Roof Rails, Side Steps & Full Black Leather Interior

Another land rover defender 110 now i’ve had customers calling me over the last few days asking for 110s we’ve got a few 90s but there’s not the availability of the 110. this car’s a three liter 250 horsepower s but it’s been spec beautifully well and it’s priced on the money 62 990 you can see how well it looks it’s got the contrast in black wheels the bonnet

Decals the black roof privacy glass side steps mud flaps it’s got great spec and without having the black pack you can see the front the badging has all been done in black the 110 decal which just transforms the look of the front of the car like i said earlier 19-inch gloss black wheels but it is priced on the money to sell we’re gonna put this car live today

And we will sell it we’ve got people who’ve contacted us like i said looking for 110s stunning led cube lights at the back but even though it’s an s it’s got great spec i told you you can see how well the car looks anyway but it’s keyless so you don’t have to use the keys press the button and the car opens you’ve then got full heated leather throughout and you

Can see not half leather it’s got the full length you’ve got two big seats in the front and then the big seats in the back so you’ve got bags and bags of room it’s also got the air suspension as well which does make a difference to how this car drives a lot of the 90s we’re getting don’t have that and it does make a difference you’ve got your touchscreen camera

System which is fantastic which has got all your apple carplay you’ve got your wonderful new land rover surround camera and then you’ve got all your different all your different new options your digital climate control your heated seats all the new there’s just ports everywhere for charging cruise control and the car’s in beautiful condition it’s done just 5

Miles again look at the space beautiful in the back all the charging points and it’s such a big car aren’t there so they’ve got such a big presence full-size alloys are spare again all extra the defender badge here has been done in black and i think that works really well as well and then you’ve got this huge look at the size of that boot it’s massive you can

Drop them seats if you want as well you’ve also got the extra storage which is being paid for as options built into the sides there so it’s the new three liter 250 horsepower so it’s the engine which people want it’s still got land rover warranty and assist you’ve got all you’ll benefit from just under three years of that as well and that car just looks the part

I think the contrasting black roof the black pack the wheels it’s superb it’s going on the website now 62990 what a car

Transcribed from video
2021 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 S By Acklam Car Centre