2021 Land Rover Defender 110 P400 X

There’s tough and then there’s Defender X. A true showcase of the full potential of the new generation Defender. Boasting the 400bhp P400 engine, bespoke X styling & a fully loaded feature list as standard enhanced with upgraded 22” Alloys & Electric Deployable Towbar

Introducing the land rover defender x now this is a three liter p 400 400 brick horsepower 110 in a cuba silver on a 71 plate done 700 miles first one we’ve had we’ve had a couple of the p 400 hybrid cars but this is the 400 horsepower and look at it you get an unbelievably specked car you get that stunning gloss black bonnet and front which runs all the way

Through then you get the contrasting roof it’s got the big upgraded 22 inch wheels you get them red calipers it’s a proper performance power great looking defender you get heads up display full leather memory seats heated seats cooled seats panoramic roof it’s just a great car and to drive it it’s quick you know it’s very very fast we’re pricing this car

On the market today a hundred and thousand nine hundred and ninety pounds the best buy in the uk and we say it and the amount of times i do videos and i say to people it is the best go online put in land rover defender x 2021 it’s by far the best buy it’s a 71 registered it’s ready to go three years warranty three years breakdown let me quickly show you a few

More features obviously the lights you get the matrix led headlights the bonnet just how well does it look and then it’s broken up with this big under section here it’s got adaptive cruise control so there’s a a sensible into the front it’s got the mud flaps i touched on it earlier the wheels they’re a key extra so on the x you don’t get 22s it’s got the 22s

With the red calipers which set the car off you’ve then got the mud flaps you’ve got the fixed side steps the contrasting roof and then you get the smoked light finish at the back full size spare it just looks right it does look right and it sounds even when you start it and drive it’s got that raspy sound now with this car being an x if you look at the all

Around the arches it’s all color coded in high gloss black and i think when you’ve got a hakuba silver car with a black styling with the wheels and with the black sections it all works great it’s all keyless and then look at it inside so it’s it’s it’s stunning so we’ve got meridian surround sound system you’ve got memory seats you’ve got illuminated kick plates

Full leather leather steering wheel which is heated heads-up display and then you’ve got that stunning orc effect wood which runs down the center console and on the door cards and i think it just breaks the interior up really really well you get a stunning it’s it’s a little detail so you can look at the leather stitch around there you get leather stitched all

The way through the display let’s start the car off you can hear there you get a little bit of rust when you start the car up so let me just show you features on this car so we’ve got we’ve got the extra camera in the mirror we’ve got heated steering wheel we’ve got adaptive cruise control in your seats you’ve got heated and you’ve got cooled adjustable air

Suspension the camera system full surround and off-road in 3d heads-up display massive massive option sliding sunroof again and also the leather if you can just the leather is is more of an exclusive leather it’s like what they put in the hsa top spec leather it’s softer you get a softer gray and leather which does make a big difference to the interior because

Defenders there’s so many different models and specs and when you’re spending this type of money you want to see what you get you get a different steering wheel you get all these other extras it makes a huge difference to your driving experience in the back again you’ve got reheated seats you’ve got this lovely trim you’ve got all the surround speakers built

In and as you would expect the car in condition is uh is stunning but the engine you know it’s the engine it’s that petrol three liter 400 horsepower engine which makes the difference you can see here you’ve got adjustable air suspension if you need to drop the car down and another very expensive option electric detachable tow bar which just works off the

Button there you can also do that from inside as well so again big big option that but you can just see how well it looks when you’ve got them different lights the dynamic x styling the contrasting black roof against the color with the 22s and then you’ve got that big bonnet down the front it just looks right on top of all that it’s all about the engine that’s

What you’re paying for you’re paying for the the extras the presents what the car gives you but it’s the 400 brake horsepower what makes the difference with the x it’s going live on the website we’ll hear from you very soon

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2021 Land Rover Defender 110 P400 X By Acklam Car Centre