2021 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport vs 2019 Lexus ES 350 F-Sport Part 1

Hey everybody mike here and i have the 2021 lexus is 350 f-sport dhp dynamic handling pack and this is my wife’s 2019 fully loaded alexis esf sport and i thought to myself maybe you’re interested in seeing them together and i’m gonna show you some of the similarities and some of the differences from an exterior standpoint i’ll show you the interior as well of these

Two cars i’m going to rehash some information obviously it’s all available online in the lexus press room so if i’m a little off in regards to dimensions and that sort of thing don’t kill me you can look online obviously straight on you can see how similar the lexus spindle grille design themes have become but there are a couple distinct differences that would

Like to point out to you and the first one is if you notice with the es a couple things you see how the chrome the black chrome on the grill flows past the actual top of the grill line whereas with the isf sport the grill line stops traditionally but there’s actually no chrome lip here it’s um the hood oil the bumper so subtle but definitely a difference another

Difference you’ll notice is notice how the air intakes at the bottom and this is very traditional as in the front bumper is surrounding it whereas with the the is and you can see michael michael is playing detective i’m uh today shoes don’t match but um you can see that the bottom is black with the uh the fox air intake it looks like so that’s one difference um

A couple other differences the air intakes on f-sports if you notice so the air goes through here like on the ls et cetera you also got a nice front camera that you barely will notice i love the implementation of it it is not an option on the esf sport uh well for 2019 and i wish it was because that’s something we definitely miss uh in comparison let’s look at

The headlights right so they’re the same well not really right so you can see with the es that traditional trademark lexus check or l is at the bottom and it’s all integrated triple led lights um there’s no other way to get a headlight as far as i’m concerned with lexus you got to get a triple of these so the is integrated as well but it’s at the top and triple

Leds and i’ll turn the lights on so y’all can see what i’m talking about all right very familiar dial you see it all right all right so we got lights on and now i’m going to show them to you all right trip led i’m sorry that’s the only way to go if you can insist that the car that you’re buying has it make sure you option out i mean it’s just a brighter better uh

Light pattern but it also just looks so much sexier uh with the car as far as i’m concerned all right so um that’s the front look at the savvy mirrors you’ll notice the is does have the chrome piece in the middle just like the es does but the es and even my lc the bottom is body color uh whereas the is is all black um you can see it has helps with the wind same

Thing right there and then it has a chrome trim right here and you can see the difference is with the is the chrome trim it ends with the door whereas with the es it’s actually still back here into the c pillar um i’ll go to the rare so one of the not the most controversial aspects but definitely probably uh i would say probably what most people talk about most

About is the rear and you can see where this rear line forms now this is a pre-production unit so um this the lip spoiler i believe that goes here it’s not there um but you can see to me i’ve always loved raised uh trunks uh the first generation gs300 had a really high trunk uh the gs 300 400 the gs line traditionally had it so the is really inherited a really

Thick c pillar going into the rear and obviously you have the light bar which is completely different than the es so then i’ll come here very traditional um with the lexus trademark elves i just love the trademark l’s uh chrissy’s esport esf sport has the rear spoiler but you can kind of see some of the similarities it’s not as hard into the line as with the

Es but you can definitely see that it was it’s forming here and the spoiler kind of hides it but you can kind of see i i think both cars are absolutely really good looking sedans uh bumper-wise you can see integrated exhaust so the exhaust is actually on in the cutout whereas the is has traditional exhaust tips on both sides badges are the same placement and you

Got es350 is350 quickly open the trunk and you can kind of see and that’s uh detailing stuff one cool thing about the is that i always love the seats drop down and you can see the trunk is really big um the es hopefully chrissy doesn’t have anything in here that’s playing she wouldn’t um so the es has a ski uh drop down the seats do not drop down as you can see

The gas tank is on both sides of the same i’m going to go inside really quickly as you can see as a bigger screen the cup holders are exposed and it has the mouse pad this is also a touch screen which is fantastic compared to the es which isn’t it’s just a remote touch and then you have in here nothing’s changed that’s where your usb ports go um so this reminds

Me of the gs uh f sport we used to have so the knobs exchanged abs is located on the center console believe it or not in the es everything is easy to use right here i mean all the buttons you know there’s no it’s all for me just really the piano black here and again larger screen look touch green so now i can alright get my get my fingerprint on i’ve already

Used it uh you know because sometimes your brain for whatever reason it’s just easier to touch something i was on a phone call actually instead of turning it off on the phone or over here i just bow turned it off because i just saw that big red button um a couple things here it has this nice wood trim very sporty it’s it’s perfect and it’s also on the door and

It has the circular vents um i’ve heard that that is a throwback to the is-300 the first generation is and i’m gonna hop in the es and turn that on you can kind of see the difference for yourself and there’s michael i have discovering that’s what children do i feel so bad for them they can’t be kids with this covenant environment so you can see the door so the es

Is obviously more of a luxury experience the is has always been the sportier experience uh chrissy did go with the red leather as you can see and i’m gonna start her up don’t worry i just got her 10 000k service done shout out to henry alexis gwinnett for taking care of me very similar startups as you can see um but influenced by the lfa you got you change your

Abs up at the top whereas there was a knob here you got your remote touch as well but there’s no touch screen so you’ll notice when i’m touching nothing happens uh hidden cup holder here you can see the usb ports are up here and then the cup holders in here this has the optional um wireless charger as well um and you can see the difference now i’m gonna do your

Favorite hey michael come here please come here come here come down here michael oh

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2021 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport vs 2019 Lexus ES 350 F-Sport Part 1 By Mike Forsythe