2021 Lincoln Navigator L walkaround 21J3L02 Asher Grey

Hey everyone i’m jason gillette with hanson ford lincoln let’s take a look at this beautiful 2021 lincoln navigator l in asher gray this one has been outfitted with the ebony environment it has all kinds of upgrades let’s check it out together so right under the hood this does have the high performance twin turbo 3.5 liter engine that puts out 450 horsepower

That is the same as the raptor truck this vehicle also has a 10-speed transmission making it super smooth to drive and actually giving it pretty decent fuel economy while making it move incredibly fast when you want it to right up front the first upgrade is the lincoln embrace lit which means that front grille does light up at night and looks so nice in that star

Emblem this also has the around view camera system meaning there is a video camera in the front under both mirrors and in the back vehicle also has front park sensors so if you get too close to something those are going to go off on you and then it does have a uh autonomous braking system with pedestrian detection and that means that if you get too close to another

Vehicle or even if a person walks out in front of you this vehicle is going to give you a warning that you’re gonna have impact and if you don’t stop it’ll put the brakes on for you that is a feature that saves lives as well as saves money on insurance so uh definitely a nice bonus these headlights are a beautiful led projection automatic headlight with automatic

Bright feature so you can just set them and forget them always nice led fog lights to go with that and then this little sensor off to the side is a self park sensor that’s right this great big beast will park itself if you think that that parking spot’s too tight it’ll let you know then you see these awesome upgraded 22-inch monochromatic wheels they look great

With this asher gray and definitely do their job for a nice ride on the bottom you have the matching gloss black power deployable running boards as soon as we open the door those will come out and then the gloss black mirror caps with signal 8 inside of them now we have had some 3m applied to this vehicle so there is protective film over the front in the front

Bumper and on the mirror caps now these mirrors are intelligent they are a memory mirror they have a heated mirror power mirror power folding mirror and have a blind spot integration in them so right inside here this will light up and let somebody know in your blind spot if you forget the shoulder check when you lock the vehicle they fold in automatically and

Give you that nice little touch of class to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your hand inside of the door handle sent the heat from my hand my power running boards deploy and it unlocks if i want to lock it i can just put my thumb here and it will lock it also has a touch pad on the side but it’s hidden as soon as you press this then it starts to

Light up and you can put your code in to unlock or lock that way or traditionally you can use this key fob with the unlock lock remote start power tailgate as well as alarm system or you can download the my lincoln app and you can unlock lock remote start track your vehicle and so much more from anywhere in the world and that is no subscription required on that

App tinted windows in the back open up this back door and you’ll get your first look at this gorgeous ebony interior nice touches of wood grain throughout and then you see these rebel audio speakers this does have the upgraded 20 speaker revel ultima system that sounds beautiful like live in concert nice piano black finishes and then you’ll see this does have

The seven passenger configuration with these captains chairs in the middle these seats are heated and this leather is bridge of wear leather that means it’s from the highlands of scotland uh they do very quality craftsmanship and you find bridge of wear in lincoln products nice center console upgrade and this center console gives you so much gives you some nice

Storage inside cup holders place underneath to put things as well as controls you actually have stereo controls right there and then in the front we have controls for climate and even the power shade for the huge moon roof up top that’s right take a look you’ve got that giant panoramic moon roof with power shade you also have charging ports you have usb 12 volt

And full inverted power supply and that folds down to more cup holders you have cup holders everywhere you could want them which is great let’s go to the back of the vehicle and you do have another sensor down here that’s another parking sensor and then sensors on the back bumper for parking as well let you know what’s going on your backup camera right here and

Really nice to note there’s a little piece that comes out here and that’s a washer nozzle you can actually spray the camera off just by hitting your washer nozzle which is great this has the upgraded tow package so there’s a tow package underneath that black finisher in the middle and this one has the auxiliary transmission cooler and a gear set that’s made to

Tow a little bit more very rare i told you that this has a power liftgate but it is motion activated if you want it to be as well so i just wipe my foot underneath there and that opens up all kinds of space in the back of this navigator and you can see behind this third row we have plenty of room and this has the upgraded cargo inconvenience package meaning that

This can actually move around that can become a shelf you have all kinds of storage underneath which is really nice and then to put these seats down we can just press this button right here those are going to power fold down and then we can press this button if we want and we can fold down the front ones and now you truly do have just an awe-inspiring amount

Of cargo space in here you see a subwoofer in the back part of that 20 speaker rebel ultima system you have a 12 volt charging port here you have usbs on either side for the third row and on both sides they can actually make their seats go up and down for the third row power while you’re getting in from the front which is great part of that cargo inconvenience

Package does include these roof rails up top so if you have a paddle board a kayak anything like that you’ve got places to put them let’s jump up front here and take a look at the inside um so the driver’s door panel here will start with another one of the 20 speakers of the rebel ultima stereo system come down you do have controls for your driver’s seat now

This is the upgraded perfect position 28-way adjustable seat with heating air conditioning and massage i’ll show you more of that but it’s so nice that they put these controls up top even your headrest and everything can be controlled all from up here three different memory settings and then we have our unlock our power folding power mirrors and our power windows

And another one of those gorgeous speaker covers more of a nice trim on the inside the piano black finish and then the automatic set it and forget it headlights fog lights interior dimmer switches that power lift gate and power adjustable pedals now this is a power tilt and telescopic memory steering wheel so that’ll remember go in and out and up and down where

You want to set it and then we do have a lane departure warning on this vehicle and the turn it on or off is a nice handy spot it’s right on the end of the signal light here just press that button to turn on or off your lane departure system take a look at these 28 way adjustable perfect position seats massaging air conditioned heated and as i mentioned bridge of

Wear leather beautifully done even individual thigh bolsters that can move in different positions again this can all cradle you however you want the headrest can go up down back forward all sorts of spots let’s climb inside all right so now that we are in here we’re going to hit the push button ignition and this is going to fire up for us so we have this beautiful

Digital display gives you all the information that you could want and you can go through and set the different screens you can have it display nothing if you want obviously you can see it’s 21 degrees outside and southwest is the direction that we are pointed to and then if you look up top it also has the upgraded heads up display and that means in your glass you

See the speedometer um you see the gear you’re in you see the distance to empty temperature and time really nice feature you almost never catch yourself looking down on the steering wheel itself um you’ve got volume control to the steering wheel we have the adaptive cruise control which is great um on this side we have controls um for more of our voice controls

And stereo and the controls for the heads-up display and some of the menus uh and phone controls you do have paddle shifters if you really want to race through the gear set with these on the back of the steering wheel on either side plus and minus and then this is your wiper switch with automatic wiping setting if you want to just set it and forget it again a

Lot of convenient features in the middle you see the revel ultima badging letting you know you have the best stereo money can buy um sounds amazing like a symphony and then we have this floating screen now the screen does so much for us um it has wi-fi built right in it does have a hard-based navigation in case you’re rolling through the mountains have no cell

Phone signal need to find out where you’re going um this also has your camera system it has apple carplay and android auto which means it’ll mirror your phone this becomes your phone you can use your spotify your podcast even your maps from your phone everything comes up there which is great i mentioned that camera system we hit this button right here you can see

All around the vehicle for parking and we can change the views that’s right out front of us here we can do a full front view or we can do a triple split screen which is all pretty cool um hazard button here we have all our nice vents this is a trailer backup pro assist so if we have a trailer back hooked on we can actually turn using this it’ll counter steer for

Us makes backup trailers so nice trailer brake controller installed already and then we have our piano key style shifters now these are amazing um lincoln spent a lot of time making sure these felt like a piano key and when you shift they feel great and they’re very easy to use it just takes all the work out of driving um we have our volume controls down here

We have our climate control here including our heated seats and our air conditioned seats which is wonderful i did want to bring up the screen one more time this button right here simple as our heated steering wheel that’s right this bridge of wear leather wrapped steering wheel is heated and feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning which is

Awesome come down a little bit more we’re going to open up some things here so we have a wireless charging pad usbc and usb hookups open this one up more spots to put things these cup holders are lit and i do want to just bring your attention if we go into the settings screen this is always kind of fun you can go into ambient lighting and you can choose the

Interior lighting package you have in the vehicle we can be violet one day we can be light blue another whatever your mood suits you come down a little bit more electronic parking brake engine auto off option rear park sensors auto hold what does auto hold do well when you have auto hold on um essentially this will mean you can take your foot off the brake and

The vehicle will not go anywhere until you touch the gas really nice for sets of lights or trains self park feature so if we press that button uh it’s gonna start looking for a parking spot which is pretty cool and then drive modes what are drive modes well if i turn that dial in our display it’s gonna change the four wheel drive we can be a normal we can be in

Slippery we can be in deep conditions we can be in a slow climb all kinds of options there which is pretty cool or if we go the other direction we can go to conserve which is for fuel efficiency or excite and really wake up that twin turbo high performance engine nice center console in the middle here similar to the rear one you have an upper and lower section

There which is nice and as we come up top this is a frameless electrochromatic auto dimming mirror it looks nice it auto dims it does its job up top here we have our map lights and controls for our big power sunshade and power sun roof and then we have what’s nice a conversation mirror that’s right we can see the people behind us and we can chat with them and

Then we have a sunglasses holder always a nice feature to have and then at the very top here are garage door openers so that is our beautiful asher gray with ebony interior seven passenger with console 2021 uh lincoln navigator uh thanks for taking a look if you have any questions let me know

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2021 Lincoln Navigator L walkaround 21J3L02 Asher Grey By Jason Gillett