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2021 Lincoln Navigator Philippines – TEAM PAYAMAN SUV FULL REVIEW

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2021 Lincoln Navigator Philippines – TEAM PAYAMAN SUV FULL REVIEW!!!

Welcome to the number one filipino luxury rides channel agongapalasi ricobi for rico suave channel and on today’s video we have here a very dominant full-size luxury suv ladies and gentlemen it’s the 2021 lincoln navigator let’s begin for making this video possible para makapag revue tayo nagisang 2021 navigator lincoln lincoln navigator ayana balik

For more information please contact the details below available among sports car or luxury cars details this one a navigator escalade which is better cadillac escalade or lincoln navigator nothing this one is the fourth generation and i’ll start from 2018 onwards they are rising up dahil nakarun silan and downfalls second and third generation 2003 and 2007.

The next start from 1998. platform some fourth expedition this one is more upscale and upgraded in everything they share the same dimension length with spaces sally code sobrang and this one is very dominant interior styling and high quality and very lavish no joke after nang rolls-royce for me bentley sumurud is the navigator mas maganda and weaknesses this

Vehicle here is the first non-limo nangling to offer six passengers or more navigator what kind of styling side profile what makes this beautiful things rear end interior styling let’s begin for our first swappy cool feature i nasa front page generation this one is very massive and very upscale chrome platform kahiba young center badge nothing or center

Emblem lincoln you will know that this one shares a same platform but that is expedition dialogue functionalities starting appalachia is nothing we have 22 inches with the center cup it’s not an expedition it’s a navigator keyless entering a paleto once the nasa young same functionality open or deployable step boards once you open of course you can climb

Up pero again pascal once illumination so storage capacity or cargo space that is a navigator casual bay pack final download seats and third row seats a boot in kampala and 2925 liters of space compared to some ford expedition nahalo so let’s throw this away to submerge all the seats in rich in space and third row city you have that ventilation usb

Ports even if your third row seats handle my ventilation car my hook very nice material parachute bespoke i have here my own armrest i’m not sharing with other people wooden dreams and chrome kapala high i can see here the massive panoramic sunroof center console in front temperature settings power source anyway perfect okay usb ports 12 volts you have made the

Long oled cup holder anyway we are done why don’t we transfer dunsa business center this one is a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged ecoboost engine that gives 450 horsepower with is 13.7 seconds and 10-speed automatic transmission specs navigator because this one is a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged ecoboost engine that gives 450 horsepower with 510 pound-feet of

Torque 0-100 kasuabe i 5.2 seconds because this one is a heavy weight 5922 pounds and canyon curb weight pero and towing power swap is 8 700 pounds matching now 10 speed automatic transmission and at the same time plug that in quarter mile that’s at 13.7 seconds let’s transfer here we are now the driver rolls royce but this one is more affordable one of the

King among full-size suv same arrangements at orientation mercedes-benz g63 aluminum finishes power adjuster casuabe 3-0 not one three nandito lats infotainment system casuabe my plus minus dito nagala an engine start and stop nathan nasa dashboard napala at the center of the dashboard center console same program ford explorer bar handle switches you have

Paddle shifters pero what happened at engage clusters you will see it’s very dark tachometer and speedometer you need white pero hindi illuminati numbers and brake pedals and it on switch panoramic sunroof for you to able to see here indeed this one is more affordable wireless charger detail make up holders my extra space drive mode i’m loving this maipang

Slippery tayo magazuabe sleek icy or loose surfaces deep conditions deep snow and mud assist may conserve efficient driving and summon i like this excite it’s responsive and more engaging andito angbanga configuration at end heated and ventilated navigator gear shift neutral or drive outside temperature and even young time if you’re driving this you don’t have

To give attention to infotainment system nothing heads advanced material please check the playlist nothing supercars jdm muscle car and yuma meet up nothing always remember nation i’ll see you soon hmm

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