2021 Mazda MX-30 First Edition EV | In-Depth Look

From the outset, the development team behind the 2021 Mazda MX 30 wanted to create a car that would become a partner to its owner. It should appeal to be driven daily, and every time a customer gets behind the wheel, their affection for it should grow, and they can be more true to themselves. Everything about the model, from the styling that breeds a sense of familiarity, to the open-feeling cabin that sets the mind free, is uncompromisingly designed around the user.

Master hi my name is yo stan you it i’m the design director of matsumoto europe and i’m happy today to give you a brief introduction of the design of the mx 30 our very first full electric vehicle of course the design of the mx 30 is based on our design philosophy which we call caudal and for the amex 30 we wanted to explore the boundaries of corridor and therefore

We call the design concept of the mx 30 model so very modern a very pure expression but with a human touch and a link to the lifestyle of our customers if you look at the basic design of the car you will see the bottom area is dark suv like and it will protect your car in the city environment then you have on top of course beautifully honed surfaces of our bodywork

And then we have a very lightweight glass house on top with a coupe a like feeling but don’t worry it has ample space on the inside going to the front you can see the typical masa integration of headlamp and grille but for the amx 30 we wants them to have a more sympathetic and more friendly expression so we reduced the size of the 3-dimensional grille and through

Led technology we were able to reduce the size of the headlamps as well talking about lamps if you look at the rear lamps you will see an identical light design with a circular elements and a horizontal elements so that when you follow the mx 30 at night you will recognize it as a true master let me open the freestyle door so you can see my favorite view into

The cup as you can see with a with the doors open you have an unrestricted view into the interior unrestricted because there is no fixed b-pillar and it also allows you to see what we mean with our interior design philosophy which we call ma and ma is a japanese word which you can roughly translate as a pure positive empty space so we always start from this pure

Architecture for the interior and what we then did is adds all the driver elements in the perfectly economical position so you have the cockpits you have the center display and the center console as you can see the center console has this floating image that was possible because of the evie platform and also underneath you can see we managed to create extra storage

Space the freestyle doors also allowed us to create a sofa like rear bench a bit like a sofa at home to emphasize this inviting feeling that we wanted for the into it we will offer the car in two interior themes first of all the modern confidence that you can see here combining the light gray with a white material but will also have a theme called industrial vintage

Which combines a dark gray seat material with a leather like dark brown material now matzoh is known for really beautiful interiors and beautiful materials and of course with the mx 30 we continue to do this but we took it one step further and we developed in line with the ecological image of the car some really beautiful ecological materials one of them is the 100%

Recycled pt material in the door panel that’s the light gray material here it sounds hard and technical but actually it has a beautiful texture and a soft touch and then secondly and that’s my favorite is the fact that we introduced cork into the interior of the amyx 30 under the center console but also in the door grip and with the coke we’re introducing of course

A functional element in the center console but also we’re bringing the nature into the cup because we’re using real coke and you can actually still feel the texture of the cork and then last but not least with the cork were actually introducing the history of our company into the car because as you might know 100 years ago we started mazda as a cork manufacturing

Company for me the combination of our ma interior design philosophy and the creation of these really beautiful ecological materials is why i love this interior so much matt star committed itself to the joy of driving we call it jinba ittai a japanese term which expresses the unity between horse and rider for us it’s more as a harmonious relationship between car and

Driver we want to deliver our unique joy of driving but now with an electric powertrain we have decided to use the thirty five point five kilowatt horse battery with this lighter weight of the battery we support the agility of the vehicle and of course with a lighter vehicle we have less electricity consumption for driving with this thirty five point five kilowatt

Hours battery we are sure many customers can enjoy their daily mobility with two hundred kilometers range on a single charge our electric vehicle system and its battery is fully protected by a double safety system this consists of a very strong protective structure and an automatic high voltage shutoff mechanism and overall electrical control system instantly cuts

Off the high voltage system as soon as abnormalities are detected physically our battery pack is well integrated into the floor frame consisting of high strength material and by this it is well protected this additional frame gives the vehicle superb ruggedness and supports the agile behavior of the vehicle as well as giving additional protection to the passengers

Our matza emic 30 electric vehicle comes with two charging options the standard ac power charging and the rapid dc power charging we can charge the vehicle to 100% in around 4.5 hours using the ac standard charging but we can charge for 80% within 40 minutes using the rapid dc power charging charging itself is made easy the charging port is located at the rear end

Of the vehicle and the necessary charging cables can be stored in the trunk they are delivered with two different connectors for standard and ccs high speed charging on this connector we can also see the charging status similar to the vehicle displays inside of the vehicle and on our my master app on our smart phone let me now invite you to a video test drive

And the car behind me is one of our mixer t prototype vehicles and normally those vehicles are strictly confidential and we are showing this car today exclusively to you when you are talking about prototype vehicles you have to understand that we have many areas which will be not finalized so far for example the door panel and the fit and finish is not finalized

And also some warning lines will be honored nevertheless this is a dynamic prototype and we can already evaluate today they are outstanding good performance in the dynamic area of the nx 30 let me show you the trunk before we start the test-drive and as you can easily see there is enough space for your daily life and for vacation trip as well so let me first

Of all adjust the seat the mx 30 offers a really natural and supportive driving position and in addition to this i will find here a cockpit which places me the driver directly in the center of the vehicle and that’s really important for our human centric philosophy because i can operate everything while i maintain in my ideal driving position here we have the

New developed electrical gear shift system as they mix ready and be decided by intention to have the gear shift system here in this position because this is the most easiest way to operate the gear shift system so you can see my smiling face because now i’m driving the mixer t this car feels so natural and on reason of this is that we have a complete new developed

Electric motor pedal and this way acts directly to drivers intention by monitoring the pedal speed and pedal stroke to provide always the expected amount of torque and that’s why this car fleets so natural you might recognize that in the mixer t we have shift paddles on the steering wheel and you ask yourself why because enemy doesn’t have gears to shift you are

Right but we add new functions here and by these paddles you can adjust the acceleration and deceleration behavior of the mx 30 in five steps i think you’re recognized already that it’s quite easy for me to talk in this video and one reason for this is that the mx 30 has a really silent cabin we have here a perfect nvh performance and this makes it easy for me to

Talk to you in this video and it will be really easy for you in your own mx 30 to talk to your passengers or to enjoy the bose sound system what you know here is our completely new developed unique electric vehicle hd sound which mirrors the delivered torque and intensity through the audio system and that’s really important because by this the driver but also the

Passengers gets a feedback about the acceleration and deceleration behavior of the vehicle our range of ai actives and systems helps us to create a stress-free and safe environment to experience joyful driving i think you got a lot of really nice impressions today about the mx 30 about my own impression and i wish you a lot of fun with your own a mix 30

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2021 Mazda MX-30 First Edition EV | In-Depth Look By AutoCorp