2021 Mazda MX 5 Miata review

In this review, I look at the tiny little MX-5 from Mazda. The Miata is one of the most well-known cars on the road and it’s loved by many. Here’s the latest version and its quirks.

Hey this is aaron and today i’m with the 2021 mazda mx-5 better known as the miata so a really fun little car let me move around a little bit so you can kind of get that side angle profile there really great car so under the hood here you’ve got a 181 horsepower coming from a little two liter four-cylinder engine that runs to the rear wheels so this is rear-wheel

Drive like miatas have always been and it is lots of fun because of it so uh it is a very tiny car two seats the white weather in here is new this year we’ll do a walk around in a minute but i just want to talk about how it looks and how it drives it hasn’t changed very much uh the new version of the miata came out in i believe it was 2016. could be a little wrong

On that but somewhere in there i’ll fix it somewhere on the screen if i’m wrong uh but it hasn’t changed a whole ton since but this car doesn’t need to change much this is fun out of the box that’s what it’s for and it’s really good at it so let’s talk about the side profile a little bit and then i’ll talk about some more details of this particular here

It is from the side you can see it is a convertible this is the hard top convertible so the top does its own does its own thing i’ll show you a video of how that looks but yeah it goes up and down you can also probably see that white leather interior a little bit better from here and the 17-inch wheels which are beautiful wheels very airy and light looking and

Those are high performance tires on this you can also get it with all season tires if you want to it has just a great profile so this is pretty classic let me walk in and give you some perspective so you see how tiny it is compared to me i’m six foot three i most likely outweigh this car anyway look at the lines on this uh just follow them it’s got the the kind

Of shark nose that uh the mx-5 has had most of its lifespan and then you can see these are very accentuated haunches up front to accentuate that steering and it dips a little bit and then crowns slightly in the middle but mostly it dips which is is unusual for a sports car because most sports cars they want to emphasize the engine this car wants to emphasize

The short wheelbase and those rear tires so you see how it flows along and it kind of dips a little bit classic coke bottle going on right there and then it flares a lot right here that huge flare and then these little mud guard things those really accentuate the rear wheel drive for this car so you end up with that going on and then this roof tilt coming down

It’s a pretty classic pretty classic coupe shape so pretty classic uh sporting coupe shape so that you end up with this well-defined trunk which almost but not quite indicates it could be mid-engine it’s not but this is kind of this is a common thing roofline and stuff in lotus you’ll see it in who else does that the let’s see alfa romeo 4c you’ll also see it

In some of the older and smaller lamborghinis things like that so it’s a very classic look you see this same sort of thing on most iterations of the corvette in the last two or three generations so really nicely done you can see there’s very little overhang in the back almost none in the front um there’s more than it looks like there is but that’s because of the

Shape it’s that shark nose that kind of con cave curves like this i can’t find words so a wonderful shape for this car now drive quality is really good so one of the things that miata has always been known for is the ability to just feel fun every time you drive it and this always feels fun a six-speed manual transmission in this one you can get an automatic

Not sure why you would but you can uh rear-wheel drive is the only option there is no all-wheel drive for this and again don’t know why you’d want that it might make you feel better in bad weather but if it’s bad weather and you can’t drive this rear wheel drive rear wheel car in it you don’t need to be driving that’s that’s kind of the spirit of this this is

Nobody’s primary car most people are going to have this as a secondary fun car and they’ll have something else that is their primary car that’s what you take out you know in the bad weather and potentially ding it up so a wonderful wonderful setup i really like this car so i’m not going to show you the trunk because the trunk is kind of irrelevant it’s tiny tiny

It’s i don’t remember the number but i i think it’s slightly over two cubic feet it’s puny you can get a carry-on in there how’s that maybe two of them if you really stuff them you know act like you’re in uh act like you’re in the back rows of the airplane and just shove it in there that’s the only way it’s gonna work so let’s talk about the interior a little bit

So before i get in the car and completely block the view i want you to get a load of this white leather this is new this year this is something that mazda added just for 2021 it’ll probably stick around for a few years but it’s really really pretty this white leather is really nicely done you can see it’s ventilated this does not have vented seating in in that

There’s no air conditioning coming through it but it is ventilated so that you don’t get swamped while you’re sitting in it there are perforations in the back of the headrest there are speakers in those headrests this is the grand touring model so i’m going to try to move it a little bit you can just see those vents right there so those are speakers in the headdress

There you can see the drink holders right there in the middle you can see the shifter right over there and the hand brake which is set of course because it’s me uh nice interior kind of cramped if you’re a big dude like me i’ll show you what i mean hopefully i’m not jerking the camera around too much so when i get in i do like to do with most sports cars put the

Right foot in aim your butt fall into place really nice interior though once i’m in it it feels really good i am a little slightly too tall for this uh by probably half an inch maybe an inch when the roof is all the way up i do it does press my head i do have to hunch uh but again i’m tall this is a tiny tiny car um otherwise i get in and out of it just fine the

Door swings pretty close to 90 degrees and the seating is nice and comfortable and uh as long as you don’t have serious mobility issues you should be able to get in and out of this car fairly easily shifting is wonderful in this car the clutch requires a little bit of learning um only probably only for me i’m kind of used to like subaru clutches that are very very

Stiff and positive this is a little looser more like maybe ford mazda knows how to make a really good manual transmission though and this one is nice and smooth i just am having i had to spend a little time to learn uh the release especially in first gear to just get started i had to learn the release you can be much softer on this one than you can be in other car

So you a little slower release instead of that plop like you would have in a in a serious sports car nobody in their right mind would ever call a mx-5 miata a serious sports car it’s a fun sports car there are people that race these i think they’re crazy but whatever i think this car is lots of fun to drive the name of this particular package grand touring kind

Of names what this is for this is a fun driving long distance even car this is a car that is fun to drive at all times it’s not meant to take checkered flags it’s not meant to smoke people with a light or whatever you can do that but it’s not really meant for that it is meant for having a good time on a long nice drive it’s good at country roads it feels really

Nice you get lots of steering response you get lots of return and engagement so you feel the pedals you feel the steering you feel the car moving but not so much that it jostles you constantly so you don’t end up on you don’t end up in like a wrx where you’re gonna have to get out every couple hundred miles because you might suffer kidney failure otherwise it’s

Not that kind of jostle it feels really good so great job and again spirit of miata it’s all about the drive so i never showed you the rear of the car figured i would do it now uh again this is the mazda mx-5 miata uh the 2021 model in grand touring this is a great little car so that’s about all i got i think i’ve i’ve gone over everything i need to go over uh

2021 model that’s it it’s been aaron thanks again soon you

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2021 Mazda MX 5 Miata review By Aaron On Autos