2021 Mercedes-AMG E63S [First Drive & Full 4K Review]

2021 Mercedes-AMG E63S: First drive and full 4K review of this newly redesigned 2021 Mercedes Benz E63S AMG. I tested this luxury sedan for the past week and got to know it inside and out. This extensive Mercedes car review includes exterior shots, driving clips, exhaust noises, interior footage, launch control and POV driving scenes. The launch control was my favorite. (time stamped below)

Welcome to drive 605 let’s go for a drive this is the 2021 mercedes amg e63s i’ve been testing this luxury performance sedan for the past week daily driving it and getting to know it inside and out and experiencing all that it has to offer first we’re going to take a look at the exterior of the vehicle then we’ll hop inside take a look at some of the interior

Features then we’ll go out and take it for a drive the exterior color of this vehicle is the zeno selenite gray magno and it’s very distinctive and versatile color and in different lightings it gives you a whole different look so out here on kind of an overcast day it’s a more true gray color but out on a bright sunny day you actually get some brightness from the

Metallic flake on this matte finish and then at night it almost looks matte black let’s work our way to the front of the vehicle where we have our redesigned headlamps we have the optional exterior lighting package giving us the led intelligent light system and adaptive high beam assist these headlamps anchor in our vertical amg bar grille 13 vertical slats this

Is in a a wing design our predecessor e-class had a v-wing design we work our way down further you’ll notice the deep front apron and aggressive air intakes and also the first bit of carbon fiber on the amg carbon fiber package here on the front splitter and of course we’ve got our iconic twin power dome hood which looks very menacing let’s work our way around

To the side here take a moment to appreciate these absolutely gorgeous 20 inch forged cross spoke wheels as you work your way in a little bit closer on those you’ll see our amg carbon ceramic braking system with bronze painted calipers as we work our way up from there you’ll see this bit of carbon fiber detail through here over the v8 bi-turbo 4matic plus

Indication there is an option from the factory where you can remove that i personally would want everyone to know what i have underneath the hood so i would opt to keep that as we work our way up the side of the vehicle you’ll notice we have a high gloss black housing on the mirror cap as well as to the window trim that’s part of the amg night package i think

That is a crucial option on this vehicle given the color and spec of it really ties in nicely and doesn’t interrupt the lines of it at all interesting feature here on the gas cap you push it in there that’ll open up automatically all the way doesn’t just pop open fully opens out now we’ll work our way to the back of the vehicle so here the back you’ll see it’s

Been dramatically reshaped we now have horizontal oriented led tail lamps that extend out onto the rear boot above that we have our e63 s badging as well as our amg badging here on the left as far as cargo space goes we’ve got 13.1 cubic feet of cargo space you’ve got a 40 20 40 split on the rear seats and pulling back on these levers will release those seats

You’ll have to manually push them down accordingly nice feature here pull this down you can put your grocery bags here keep things from sloshing around in the back of the vehicle up under here you’ve got your compartment where you can store different accessories and storage through there as we work our way down you’ll see we have our rear apron and functional

Diffuser more carbon fiber through there and also a great feature in my opinion is going to be these new tail pipes they have textured grooves on the inside and the outside they’re finished off in black chrome let’s go ahead and take a listen to these in a couple different scenarios i really feel like this amg performance exhaust really complements this v8 so now

You take a look at the exterior of the vehicle let’s go and hop inside take a look at the interior starting in the door panel great touch here is the diamond knurling design on the door lock and unlock latch coming through here absolutely gorgeous carbon fiber interior package one of the 13 burmester speakers here on the burmester sound system memory controls and

Seat settings heated and ventilated seats absolutely gorgeous seats black nappa leather seats with contrasting silver stitching silver seat belts and amg embossments up on the headrest all of our window controls lock unlock and you can open and close the rear trunk through there you’ve got a little bit of a molded portion here for perfect for a bottle and some

Storage compartments through here as we enter the vehicle you’ve got an illuminated amg door sill the carbon fiber from the door panel extends out into the dash and center console the e-class now has mercedes-benz user experience or mbux which we will touch on later but let’s take a look at my favorite new update to the interior of this e63s and that is a new amg

Performance steering wheel with the twin spoke and flat bottom design you’ve got finger sensitive buttons through here you can change between different drive modes and customize different presets to these buttons to the left over here this creates a very hands-on experience because you can do everything you want with buttons on each of the twin spokes you’ve got

Substantial mounted paddle shifters to the rear of the steering wheel and it’s not in your typical curved shape they’re actually in an e shape design on the left and a reverse of that here on the right and this feels really good you’ve got up down indications instead of a plus and minus here in the center dash we’ve got plenty of carbon fiber that extends on

All the way throughout down the center console we’ve got aluminum ringed air vents we’ve got all of our temperature controls these have a really really nice feel to them they’ve got that diamond knurling on the top part of it as well hard buttons through here for some of your favorites and presets we’ve got an amg badging on the top of this console that pops open

Giving you access to your two cup holders nfc inductive wireless charging for your smartphone and a usbc plug and nc outlet here is the key fob got the amg indication on the back another logo through there trunk unlock lock and alarm we’ve got some hard keys and these hard keys are essentially mirrored up here on the steering wheel so you’ve got your exhaust

Automatic start stop some suspension settings traction control your dynamic mode selector and your volume adjustments but again this is like a haptic feedback you can hear and feel it as you slide through to open up this leather wrapped center console you’re pressing this button here it’ll open up good amount of space in there i’ve got some camera gear wallet

Sunglasses hand sanitizer and usb connectivity if you got two ports through there so let’s go ahead and hop in and take a look at both of these 12.3 inch display screens let’s go and start this vehicle up love the detail around the start stop engine button kind of pull sitting through there reminds me of something like out of a james bond movie we could honestly

Spend hours between these two different screens we’re just going to spend a minute here and i’m going to highlight some of the features i’ve been using over the past week we’ll start here with this 12.3 inch display screen touch screen i’ve been utilizing navigation of course this does have mbu x in it so you get the augmented reality navigation turn by turn and

You can pinch to zoom in there or double tap just like that on a smartphone you can also do those same adjustments here pinch to zoom and scroll on this touch pad with haptic feedback super crisp and clean on the navigation of course i’ve been utilizing the burmester sound system listening to the radio quite a bit and i just love how responsive this is and just

How crisp and clean these graphics are we’ll back out through here i’ve been hooking up my phone listening to some songs through there as far as comfort goes gotta love the ambient lighting you can change the brightness for the different zones in the vehicle and of course you get a whole slew of different colors multi-color animation and different effects as well

Looks really really awesome out at night you got the track pace app that you can look through at you when you’re out on the track you got drag racing telemetry and some other different vehicle options where you can link it up to the track pace app and i’ve been utilizing the amg performance tab so you can see the different statistics of the vehicle you got the

G meter a few other statistics and my favorite has got to be the engines you can see the horsepower pamphlet of torque engine oil temp and transoil temp also see the consumption of the vehicle and then configure some of your dynamic selection options get your mercedes me apps as well and then some settings and as you go back here you can kind of see where i’m

Starting to point it’ll actually sense where i’m going to point next which is a pretty sweet function as well so let me show you this hey mercedes how may i help you what is the weather here in nashville the weather is 61 degrees and overcast in nashville take a look at that guy so not only does she tell me what the weather is he pulls it up just like it would

On a phone and there you go you just see all the statistics everything i need to know also been loving this camera system here on the parking sensors over here on the left you got a blue outline around the vehicle i’ve been calling that my safety zone as you can see there’s dipping in in some areas and different colors and that is depending on how close you are

To things so i’m going to drive through right now the perfect opportunity to utilize this and it’s just so crisp and clean and gives me a bunch of different views to keep me safe out on the road the touch buttons to the right will control this screen while the touch buttons to the left will control our 12.3 inch instrument cluster if i press home on that i can

Swipe through just left or right and go through pretty much every option that we had in the center screen you can configure everything that you want just in a way that makes sense for you i’ve had it in sport but if you go to understated for example that’s going to turn off this screen practically and just make it very minimalistic and simple and this dash is

Just so crisp and clean and extremely responsive so we’ll back out here and i’ll just show you guys what the revs look like on the and i could just if i want to make that right screen something other there can show my boost my horsepower pound foot of torque tire pressure i can literally configure this in any way that i want to make sense for me now that you had a

Chance to see the display screens let’s go and hop in the back seat take a look at that then we’ll go out take it for a drive take a look at the headroom and leg room i’m six foot five inches tall for point of reference driver’s seat is in my normal driving position got an alright amount of leg room good amount of headroom as well carbon fiber extends back through

Here to the door panel burmester speakers absolutely love the silver seat belts that are also on the back seat you’ve got a storage compartment here behind the front driver seat and passenger seat got a little bit of a tray through here as well as another nc plug two vents and then a center console that extends down with your cup holders and also a little bit of a

Storage compartment here pretty thick carpet type fill on this so that’s really nice you can put your phone or wallet in there so now you’ve taken a look at the exterior of the vehicle you’ve taken a look at some of the interior features now it’s time to go out and take it for a drive behind the wheel and on the road in the 2021 mercedes amg e63 s let’s first start

And talk about what’s underneath the hood we’ve got a handcrafted amg bi-turbo 4 liter v8 producing 603 horsepower and 627 pound foot of torque this is paired to a amg speed shift nine speed multi-clutch transmission we’ve also got the amg sport suspension as well as the amg 4matic plus with drift mode and also the amg drive unit dynamic selector this car is just

An absolute beast out on the road to me it’s a perfect blend of everything you can want in a vehicle it’s luxurious and elegant yet beastly and fast as far as drivability goes and comfortability with the sunroof visor pulled all the way back i’ve got about this much room plenty of headroom with this clothes you know you lose a couple inches but even at that rate

I’ve still got quite a bit you know looking out the side hardly any blind spot there’s actually no blind spot in this vehicle you can really see how perfectly out these back windows you’ve got this b pillar here you’re going to have that in most every car though but as far as the typical blind spot that you get in a sedan it’s eliminated in this vehicle really

Love how wide and stretched out this front windshield is and again just extremely comfortable plenty of headroom plenty of leg room at my height visibility is incredible out the back windshield great visibility out the back windshield love the rear view mirror frameless i think that’s always a really classy touch when manufacturers do that so as far as actual

Drivability goes and comfortability when driving extremely comfortable as far as cabin noise goes when you’re out on the road not accelerating this vehicle is so quiet and that’s thanks to the acoustic comfort package which provides noise insulating and as far as the temperature and exterior heat this has heat insulating as well as infrared reflecting laminated

Glass which not only looks really cool it also provides a functional purpose to keep the heat out of the vehicle we do have the driver assistance package which provides a whole slew of different options including active emergency stop active lane keeping route based speed adaption active lane change assist and active steering assist so plenty of options and

That’s just to name a few there’s just so much technology that goes into this vehicle and it’s just so technologically advanced that you feel so safe when you’re out in it because you just know this car has got your back let’s talk about the performance of it we’ll go ahead and get an acceleration so i’m going to use the dynamic selector mode here on the steering

Wheel i’m in comfort now switch it over into sport instantly doing that changes my display cluster here in the center and you can hear a little bit of that amg performance exhaust starting to waken up put in sport plus go ahead and use the power shifters mount to the rear of the steering wheel to get the downshift one two oh my goodness this thing is the sahas

This car just gets up and moves and puts the power down quick and you feel so planted because you’re in a four-door sedan that’s the thing i love about it’s a practical card you can fit five people in here put your groceries in the back and then also get on the track and just smoke people in this thing because it’s so so quick i’m gonna do a downshift here coming

Into a little roundabout corner we’ll accelerate on the outside i am in second gear and we’re on the throttle okay this this it just moves like it just just goes and it does these little exhaust does this little like back pop and i envision it’s like someone’s back there with a cannon they’re just like shooting the cannon off every time it does that down pop

Because this is wild okay d3 d2 these are all genuine reactions too uh i haven’t really accelerated a whole lot in this car i’ve driven plenty of amgs uh over the course of the past few years but never more than a few hours and also never outside the braking period so this car is brand new but it’s broken in it’s past the mileage they’re supposed to be broken

In at and you can actually get out and you know experience all this vehicle has to offer and ah i’ve really really enjoyed it it’s just it’s just so much fun my only flaw and i mean my only flaw or i guess downside would be this car does not get a ton of attention i think it looks absolutely incredible i noticed it instantly i noticed that it’s an e63s and

The changes and i can tell that but the average non-car person probably would just say hey look i said that’s a nice mercedes you got they wouldn’t realize that you’ve got the cream of the crop the best you know the 2021 e63 s so if you’re going for attention this one may not be the car for you but if you’re looking for a car that will put a smile on your face

You know provide you luxury and elegance it comes from a great brand name gives you practicality speed and if you want to take it out on the track and have a good time with you there i mean this is the perfect package so before we go i’m going to do a launch control for you guys on board you’re going to put your foot all the way down to the floor with the brake

Pedal i am in race mode i’m going to put the accelerator all the way all the way down okay okay that was that was launch control it said race mode on the screen it was flashing i mean i knew exactly what to do i pre-planned this out i researched everything i was ready to go but i still just like yeah that was incredible launch control on this car is brutally fast

Brutally fast wow good job mercedes wow that is insane okay there you guys have it i mean wow that was my first launch control so anytime i filmed the launch control in the vehicle i always train to the first time so i can get my genuine reaction that was my genuine reaction to doing the launch control of this vehicle hope you guys enjoyed this video i know i

Really really enjoyed having this car for the past week if you did be sure to leave a like if you have any questions comments or concerns leave them down in the comments section below and we’ll see you guys in the next video

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