2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 review with Will Buie Jr

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Hi guys i’m bowie and i’m samuhi and today we’re going to be reviewing the 2021 mercedes amg glb35 okay guys starting with a look around the car we’re gonna start with the front and i just want to say i think this suv looks pretty good um it doesn’t really stand out in any way shape or form in my opinion but i do really love the pinstripe grille design i

Think that looks super cool um i’m not a big fan of the headlight design i think it looks a little cheap in my opinion but it’s not the worst thing in the world i love this front splitter just makes the car look that much more aggressive and it’s just fantastic but probably my least favorite thing of the bunch about the front is all of the fake grills like all

Of this right here this is fake this is fake right here that’s fake up there that’s fake on these sides that’s fake on this side that’s vague on this side too that’s also fake there’s just a lot of fake vintage and i feel like mercedes needs to keep it real moving on to the side of the car actually not the side of the car really fast i want to mention one more

Thing that i think is so silly so on most mercedes models you can option a surround view camera system so you can have 360 parking aid well this car doesn’t have that equipped but it really makes sure that you know that you don’t have it equipped look right here this is where the camera would go but here it’s just a dummy it’s fake it’s just there truly just

To be there i think that’s really not okay i think that’s just crazy and moving to the side profile um this is probably my least favorite part of the car the side profile is not my favorite i don’t think it looks bad it just doesn’t look amazing i really like i really don’t like these wheels i despise these wheels i think they’re just they just don’t look that

Good they’re really small i i mean i think if they didn’t have this little this black like trim surrounding thing i don’t even know why that’s there but if that wasn’t there i think would look a little bit better but it isn’t it’s there here we have because this technically isn’t a real amg we just have the turbo badge this would say v8 bi turbo or just buy turbo

But this is a single turbo um there really isn’t much to say else about the side i do like how low the windows go it’s not very appealing to look at but it’s great when you’re sitting in the seat um one thing that i did find a little interesting because this car isn’t made in germany the fuel filler cap is on the left side all german cars are on the right side

But not here alright moving to the back end of the car as you can see we have this beautiful amg badge in all of its glory um we have these great tail lights these geometrical tail lights that to fit the glbn with the rest of the suv lineup i really like these lights they’re classy they’re sporty and they’re futuristic it’s very flat here not to my appealing

The exhausts are very nice very sporty and the diffuser is really good great for aerodynamics and yeah not too much to see here in the back but overall it’s pretty good all right moving to the driver’s seat of the amg glb-35 it’s a great atmosphere in here the sport steering wheel with the flat bottom is very nice feels great in your hand and it has the awesome

Infotainment controls um i love this amg glaze gauge cluster um shows the miles per hour and the rpm and it goes towards the center towards the circle but yeah i really do love the amg infotainment with the black the sort of bluish gray and the yellow i just think this gauge clusters design is just it’s really nice it’s very smooth and the petals feel great the

Brake feels stiff and the gas pedal whoa little rev there and yeah the driver’s seat is really nice in the amg glb okay guys moving on to the back seat i would love to mention this beautiful white design i think it looks fantastic it’s white on black i think it looks fantastic the two colors perfectly complement each other and this is this color is technically

Called neva gray but it looks just like white so i’m going to call it a white interior i love this small little sunroof it’s it’s just so cute and so small but it really adds a lot of light to this cabin and it makes it feel a lot bigger than it really is um speaking of size this back seat is very spacious like i’ve been a i have the passenger seat in a seat

Where i would sit and even if i even if i move it all the way up i still have perfect amount of room and when i put it all the way back i can just relax and i can recline my seat too i don’t know if i love the control for it um in the land rover discovery sport it’s power operated but here just this little jaw string i don’t know if i like that very much it looks

Kind of cheap and now i have to talk about the cheapness it doesn’t feel that great nothing in here feels fantastic especially in the back seat um this is all just cheap plastic here cheap plastic down here cheap plastic down here cheap cheap yes it is soft up here but that’s very minimal cheap very cheap right there and i can see the paint on the windowsill

That’s unacceptable for a 55 000 car in my opinion i do like this armrest i do like how mercedes integrates them on each side so you can have one out but not the other i don’t know what this could really hold it looks very gimmicky and flimsy but we don’t talk about that i can also fold down the middle c and that brings us on to the trunk okay guys moving on to

The trunk of this car power tailgate of course it comes standard as it should it is very spacious back here i am happily surprised and this one doesn’t have it but you can even option a third row of seats in this tiny little suv i think it really is just it’s crazy and i think the packaging of this car is absolutely fantastic um i mean you could fit like you

Could fit two little buoys and like you could fit three you did three of me back here and i think that’s just i think that’s great honestly and this is kind of basic but it’s a cargo cover what do you want it to be incredibly special no it gets the job done when i lift this thing up not this thing the floorboard it comes with this little hook so i can lift it up

And i can get all my tire repair information i do think that it’s a little crazy that this car doesn’t have an actual spare tire mercedes would probably say oh it’s because the amg wheels are bigger these are 19 inch wheels buddy i think you can fit a tire that small in here but overall i think it’s great one thing that i don’t really like my least favorite thing

About the back of this is that i can’t pull the seats down from the trunk i think that that’s kind of a pain and they should just integrate it all right guys let’s see what’s under the hood of this baby it’s very hot i’ll just deal with it okay sorry about that so in this amg glb 35 we have an in-line 4-cylinder single turbo engine that produces 302 horsepower

And 295 pound-feet of torque with a dual clutch 8-speed transmission look when we pop the hood up i was like man where’s the where’s the like the name of the guy who inspected it where’s the where’s the handcrafted amg specialness honestly this looks like the a-class you know nothing really special i mean i can appreciate the amg detailing and the black and red

But it’s really nothing too special um but this card does have a good kick so let’s go to will for the startup and the road uh if you guys are wondering how it sounded so good at the startup here’s a little trick um mercedes doesn’t really want you to know this but it is a hidden easter egg that they implanted in this car if you just normally turn on the

Car it’s quiet it sounds just like a regular four-cylinder and a base a-class but if i turn off the car push it once hold the up shift paddle and then turn on that’s called emotion start it makes it sound a lot better and a lot sportier okay guys now it’s time for driving impressions and it’s really a mixed bag honestly for the most part it’s great i think it

Handles really well for the price it’s pretty quick it’s not incredibly fast but um i do not like the pumped in audio but i hate to say it it does sound pretty good with the pumped in audio um but that’s the sporty aspect to it um for the luxury aspect truly it’s not bad but as you guys see right here there are certain levels of chassis stiffness in this car

And we recently drove a porsche cayenne e hybrid this car doesn’t compete with that car at all it’s much more expensive but still i don’t feel any change in this car when we put it in sport and sport plus for the suspension i mean really just feels the exact same and it’s not saying that it’s bad it’s just kind of upsetting for an suv horn test really loud it’s

A it’s a very good horn now for the verdict of the amg glb 35 look i’m not a huge fan of the exterior design i think the interior is really nice the driver’s seat is awesome it’s a great atmosphere the passenger seat as well it’s just a great atmosphere all around i wish there was more ambient lighting in the back it’s a little neglected back there as am as um

Ambient lighting is one of my favorite features but the interior is overall nice the performance is great you feel it’s fun you know it’s not like you don’t feel scared driving it like it’s fun and it moves it moves for this for this glb suv and i think this is an overall great car it is very practical it is a suv with the trunk space with the family rooms and

You could get a third row seat and i think like it’s a it’s an all-around great vehicle um it’s just i wouldn’t buy it but i think little wood oh yes sir me

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2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 review with Will Buie Jr By Elie Samouhi