2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 Coupe: Test Drive Review

We test the 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe on our favorite back roads in Arizona to see how it accelerates, handles and what it’s really like to live with.

Hey my good friend sam haymart for test driven tv today we are looking at the 2021 mercedes amg gle 53 coupe this is a sporty version of the middle of the range for the mercedes-benz suv line from the gla all the way up to the massive expensive g-wagon this is right in the middle at just under a hundred thousand dollars so i’m going to show it to you inside and

Out we’re going to take it for a drive and i’m going to tell you what i really think when it comes to styling i have to say that just like the gle 63s i tested last week this generation of the gle is one of the best looking in terms of styling execution artistic flair and athleticism it just looks right to me it’s not too bulky it’s not too stodgy it’s not

Too well it just looks good so we’ll just go there i’m not going to try to opine much more than that a nice sharp front end very bold big giant grill this has the amg vertical slack grille amg logo on the front headlights on this of course they’re led and they’re fully adjustable and self-leveling as you drive along they have a great looking signature at night

And they work very well the lower fascia amg goes along with the sport packaging we have here on one side just behind that fascia is the intercooler for the turbocharged engine we have here wheels on this are optional these are 21 inch amg wheels and along with those wheels the body cladding on this is body color it wraps around the fender lips down the side

And just gives us a nice monochromatic look that goes with the sporty nature of this particular model when you choose the gle coupe over the standard gle suv this is really where the difference comes in you get the coop roof line look at that this is a very sporting fast back roof line that you expect on well a coupe and mercedes-benz was one of the first brands

Out there to make a four-door sedan into a coupe and also one of the first to really go down the road of making suvs into coupes but this is really a look that while one might say this isn’t a practical suv this is a really nice big tall car i love the rear rump the roast the fanny it’s very planted it’s got a nice proportion to it i think and with the design

Of the taillights and the little lip spoiler at the back i think it works i like it i think it’s sexy frankly lower fascia you can see this has the amg exhaust system that is a very loud adjustable exhaust system it looks good too led tail lights as you’d expect here in this price range overall i think it’s just a nice planted well executed look the cabin of

The gle is one that i really think underscores what you spend the money for here when you move up to mercedes-benz as well as any luxury vehicle now we’ve got a lot of optional items here namely the nappa leather seats very comfortable these are fully adjustable power adjustable they also have the package that gives us the massaging functions full heating and

Ventilation you’ll also notice on the dash that we’ve got napa stitched leather on the dash as well as some beautiful brushed aluminum trim the dash design is something that i’ve talked about in mercedes vehicles before there are two wide screen displays behind a single pane of glass one is the infotainment center and nav the other the instrument cluster and in

This particular vehicle the way this dash is designed i find that it looks very integrated and it’s pleasing to look at some of the vehicles mercedes builds it looks like they just sort of pasted this extra piece of glass in this is a vehicle where i think it fits although i do wish there was some shrouding here to keep the sun from glaring that during the day

In certain instances but as i sit here and look forward the steering wheel an optional steering wheel with the sport controls thumb wheels here allow me to change all of the drive mode settings as well as down here on the console so there are a variety of ways to do it but they have light up displays which are very cool there are three different themes infinite

Ways to set that instrument cluster up the way you want it and i’ve got sort of a traditional layout as you can see with attack and the speedometer fuel economy in the center the center console is well laid out i love the handles even though i really like to have a traditional shift lever here these handles give me something to hold on to in the center a nice

Roll top that allows you to reveal your cup holders there is a wireless charger down there a nice place to put your phone as well as ports for all of your connectivity in here a nicely sized spot a number of water bottles can fit in here for storage it’s just very nice and in the package that i’ve got right now not only do i have the heated seats but the center

Console is heated too that’s very nice for the winter time having just reviewed the standard gle a couple weeks ago one of the first questions i had when i sat back here in the coop was am i going to lose any headroom and the fact of the matter is is while there may be less i still have about three to four inches above my head and i’m about five eight and so as

I sit back here since i’m speaking of my height these seats are set from my height and as you can see that gives me plenty of leg room back here one thing i will note as you look at the seating position here this is a bit of a lower seating position you can see my knees are sort of perched up just a little bit but for some reason in this vehicle that doesn’t

Seem like an uncomfortable or unnatural position i’m actually quite comfortable back here as i sit the seat does fold down in a 40 20 40 split and it allows for an almost flat load floor in that cargo area and even with that sloping roof line there is plenty of space back here i think the big difference between this and the gle is if you had big boxes from the

Big box store you might find that that roof line can be a little bit low but the floor space is virtually identical under the floor a spare tire very important to me in a vehicle like this that might take you on a road trip someplace far away where there are no bars you don’t want to have to call a tow truck if you cut a tire open overall i think the main thing to

Bring home about this interior is workmanship materials and quality this is what you spend the money for this interior gets 5 out of 5 stars the infotainment system in this vehicle is the top of the line i’ve got the burmester sound system which sounds absolutely wonderful i can’t tell you how worth the money this is it’s right up there with the mark levinson if

Not better that’s from lexus and it really just it makes you feel like if you spent the money for it you got your money’s worth there are a variety of different menus and ways that you can get what you’re looking for you can set your stations in different ways there are touch swipe controls that really allow you to get creative with that i think lots of different

Menus the graphics are absolutely beautiful the only thing i’m really missing here is a traditional volume knob and a tuning knob that i just find more intuitive than trying to find all the other various ways of handling those very simple tasks but this system really one of the best in the business i’m very pleased with it four and a half out of five stars all

Right my friends let’s go for a quick test drive one of the first things i like to talk about is what’s under the hood now the gle has a lot of different engines available this is the inline six three liter turbocharged engine the more powerful of the two the amg version 429 horsepower 384 pound-feet of torque and this is actually a mild hybrid there’s an electric

Motor generator built into the engine that offers up an additional 21 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque that can be used occasionally on demand when it’s needed but it also acts as a mild hybrid which offers a lot of different benefits to the overall operation of this engine and i’ve got a separate video at the end that goes deep into a technical dive about

All of those things it’s definitely worth a watch and a lot more than i can talk about here because the big question i really like to always ask when it comes to a vehicle is how does it go ah listen to that oh yes did you hear that this engine has such a beautiful sound just a beautiful sound and that’s an inline six for you listen to that ah and a hundred we

Didn’t do zero to sixty but we’re up to a hundred here on the back row this absolutely sounds beautiful i could do this all day long but i can’t do this all day long so this has plenty of power this nine-speed automatic transmission works absolutely phenomenal it’s always right where you want it its shifts are crisp they work well and the fact that this has an

Idle start stop system and i haven’t complained about it should tell you something because of the isg the integrated starter generator motor this has an idle start stop that’s lightning quick it also offers mode of power right off stop and it’s almost like it’s not even there so i’m not complaining about it that with the refinement of this engine and the power

And the sound and all the things has me very impressed and efficiency too 18 mpg city 23 highway and 20 mpg combined kettle guard in my week with it i’ve actually achieved 21. so a little over what was promised so i’m very impressed so powertrain gets four and a half out of five stars we’re out here in one of my favorite back roads and the reason i like to test

Vehicles on it is because this pavement is actually pretty rough which means it’s noisy it gives me a good idea of how well isolated this cabin is from road noise and wind noise when i’m at speed and what i’m finding here is even though this is noisy pavement the acoustic package here in the gle has made this a very quiet environment and wind noise even with this

Glass roof is very low but more important than any of those things is the quality feel that i’ve got here this is a very tight chassis and with the airmatic mercedes amg ride control suspension that i’ve got here this is a vehicle that you can tune to a nice comfort setting and you can dial it all the way up with the drive modes to sport plus i have it on sport

Which is a nice sort of almost middle of the road feel for this but it’s completely adjustable and it also has roll control so when you toss it into a corner it can counteract body roll quite a bit i really like it it’s got a high quality feel you expect it in german vehicle and when you toss it into a corner it just works this gives you a level of confidence and

It has reflexes that belie it’s tall stature and it’s very heavy curb weight the steering has a great feel and again when you put it into a corner this thing just really rewards you kettle guard so i’m very impressed with the chassis it gets 5 out of 5 stars now’s the time when we try to put a value score on the vehicle we’re testing here test driven tv here we

Have a base price of 76 000 and some change with a as tested price of 95 000 and a little bit of change about twenty four thousand dollars in options which is a pretty good stack in my opinion but that said looking at all the metrics we have here i think this scores very well it’s well made it’s well designed well engineered it drives well it’s got all of the

Reasons you spend the money yes they’re sticking it to you just a little bit on the pricing but so does bmw so does range rover anyone in this arena is going to do that you’re probably not greatly worried about money if you’re buying this thing in the sense that somebody looking at a honda civic or a toyota corolla might be measuring every cent you’re probably

Not doing that here right nonetheless i think value comes in at a pretty good score when you put that in with everything else we’ve already talked about we’re in a four and a half star out of five review excellent and best yet this goes on my buy list i like it i like it that much if i were buying right around 100 000 suv i would choose this because it’s just

A nice package it drives nice and comfortably yet you can have a fast fun time in it and well it’s just it’s just nice it’s just nice how can i say it any better than i’ve already said it so there you are now if you want more information on this wonderful little gem of an engine that’s in this the m256 there’s a video right here that goes into a full technical

Outline or if you want to know about the gle 63 s the faster version click down there and see the video on that review either way stay tuned

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