2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 S Main Dashboard Inforainment System New Features and Options Part 1

2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 S Main Dashboard Inforainment System New Features and Options Part 1

Hey everyone i hope you’re doing well uh i just want to do a quick review overview of the main new dashboard for mercedes amg 2021 uh 53 s um so i’ll go through not sure if i’m going to be able to go through all the options but i’m not going to go through the phone one right now um because they have all the standard ones uh um you can jump in navigation uh

It’s pretty straightforward so basically you um you get your all the options like similar to what you have in your uh in your phone i can choose between 3d 3d and 3d view you can have your parking options available in the nearby area uh your compass uh uh traffic you can do have different layers um for traffic parking highway information and some of the advanced

Options for the orientation map elements uh and everything so you can like see how like um the traffic controls and uh on the green lines and all etc and uh you can uh you can type in your destination here where you wanna go to um i use a voice control uh mercedes assist uh voice control so basically um this way you um don’t have to type it all in because it takes

A minute to type in a new address so i would just um i just recommend or at least that’s what i use uh just just asking mercedes me uh assistant to basically just get you to the destination um radio straightforward serious exam uh that’s uh that’s a subscription that you can get you can connect obviously you can connect all your options uh anything that you like

Let me see where is it in the media one so this is where you connect your bluetooth usb wherever for your device and uh you are i mean you have all your all your options for the music you can search for the music and usually like spotify youtube stuff like that so you can connect it here you can get your equalizers uh controllers here which is pretty cool look

Pretty futuristic and the uh this is burmeister uh sound uh and this goes by uh standard in these models and the device manager uh so you can control your devices you can have your video settings uh connect new devices uh let’s see what else okay so you can balance in fader so you can see visually the balance of the sound the focus of the sound and the profile

Pure surround automatic adjustment i’ll do that i don’t have it selected i don’t know why um uh so that’s that’s it for media comfort it’s cool uh the massage one oh you have to switch on the ignition uh okay i have to do this one separately uh amg performance okay this one i’m not going to run the car right now but i’ll have to go through the options when it’s

Available when i’m going to be able to turn on the car uh quick access so you get your uh function and available okay so the ignition one for some of them this is parking assistance so basically park automatically parks itself when you’re in a parking lot uh and uh you can do it actually do parallel and the back parking uh so like standard parking and the parallel

In the city parking so that’s cool uh functional okay a lot of functions oh yeah this is a line assistant uh so basically uh when you drive uh on whatever highway road when with the line so it basically helps you stay within your lane um and don’t cross that so it basically bounces off the car back to the lane when you cross it so this is uh the option to you can

Turn on and off but this is the distance uh for the sale of assist uh who basically informs you about it when you’re too close to the vehicle and uh interior motion sensor primed uh i’m not sure exactly what this one actually is because it just it’s like a sensor you know the senses that your people are inside of it or i’m not sure if you couldn’t figure it out

Yet throw away protection um it’s on by default uh vehicles okay uh so there’s a couple of other options uh there’s cool options for the car wash uh this is basically if you’re uh about to enter a car wash so you would uh select this option and the car would prepare itself for an automatic car wash it’s pretty cool uh parking so this is the camera from parkins

Uh traffic sign assist so you you get all the uh all the uh basically notifications in your dashboard that would inform you about uh the speed limit on the road so then you don’t drive um much higher than it active lane keeping assist uh so that’s the one i was talking about the active brake assist uh that’s the one if basically if you’re about to crush another

Car so it would basically assist you in breaking the car and stopping the car so to avoid the collision attention assist i’m not sure what that one is active blind spot assist that most car use have now traffic light information uh i haven’t been able to use this so i actually would be curious to actually drive it and explore this option traffic light information

Uh oh i think that’s what it’s um i saw this in uh okay so i think this is basically what would tell you i have to turn it on uh but no service but it looks like you might need a subscription for this so yeah it would tell you uh the traffic light like how much time remaining from red to green light uh and vice versa so then you can uh go when it’s uh just before

The green light you can just start and go and be host or whatever route base speed okay i’m not sure what that one is uh for the vehicle one uh you get the automatic seat adjustment um so based on your respirators and your seat positioning and your height based on your height uh centimeters inches start positioning so it basically does it automatically adjusts

Your car for a seat adjustment uh panel spannel heating so you can do the driver passenger panel heating you can see how it changes it’s pretty cool belt adjustment it when you put on the belt it kind of like hugs you and make sure it’s all buckled up and acoustic lock so you can hear the acoustic uh when you you can turn it on and off so it basically creates

The sound when you lock the car um honestly i turn it off um not to annoy like it’s just like annoying to hear that sound but i haven’t heard that sound yet so i have to check it out too automatic door lock uh obvious self-explanatory automatic folding uh so this is uh when it folds the uh the side mirrors yeah so it’s pretty cool gas station search okay uh we

Have light um ambient lighting you can choose by default what lighting you like you have colors uh you can choose a bunch of different colors welcome climate orange okay so those are predefined different colors uh so whatever you want you like right um and uh brightness zones okay you can adjust the brightness zones uh it’s pretty cool they have this cool like

Futuristic uh widgets and gadgets right it’s like and where else do you see those color uh in color um in the multi-color so you can for the colleges to be clear it’s like you can choose like basically get the color wheel and you can choose any colors you like um uh from the dashboard uh like basically like millions of callers uh and uh what is this energizing

Comfort i have to go through it when the car is gonna be on um okay uh this is all i’m not gonna go through like there’s a bunch of more features i probably just covered 10 of it and this is already like almost a 10 minute video and i don’t want to go too much over it um but you can go through like we’re going to go through themes favorites uh and a couple of

Other stuff and there’s more there’s basically a lot more of it like uh when you actually turn on the car uh so i just wanted to go through all of the ones that like you have access to without turning on the car but then once we turn on the car you get a lot more different options and you can actually play with that we can change the settings in the dashboard

And the look of it and with amg performance it’s pretty cool too so there’s a lot lot more to cover and uh thanks a lot and uh yeah feel free to follow up and subscribe to the channel i will be posting uh those videos daily by daily or weekly uh to to get like small peaks and previews and some of the features uh well most of the features for the car that’s

The goal thanks a lot and have a great day and holidays bye

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2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 S Main Dashboard Inforainment System New Features and Options Part 1 By Vlad Bee